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Best Translation Apps

Best Translation Apps

Language is a pretty daunting challenge to getting around when you fly to another world, whether it is for business or holidays. A helpful guide for you to have these days is a good translation app, whether you own an Android or Apple.

Yet on the market now, there are so many translation applications out there! From real-time speech translations to pulling text from a sign with your camera, each offers distinctive features. For the ten best free translation applications that you can use, read on.

iTranslate Translator

If you’re searching for one of Android and Apple’s most common translation applications, then iTranslate is the best option for you. The software has more than 100 languages that it can decode, and you can also change dialects. For searching words, meanings, and even verbs, the app even has a helpful dictionary and thesaurus.

You will use your camera for the paid edition to translate texts from signage, videos, and menus. For an extra 40 languages, you will have access to offline translations.

Both Android and Apple, as well as the Apple Watch, have iTranslate open.


If you still fly to various countries, then one of the best translation applications you can get is TripLingo. Having to prevent any miscommunications and misunderstanding when overseas is a helpful app. In 42 languages, the software translates voices, text, and pictures, and it can also understand formal and informal expressions.

The receipt translator feature for business travelers will make it a bit easier to fill out expense reports. Just take a receipt pic, and it will be converted into your language by the app and stored as a PDF file.

Google Translate

Google Translate is one of the best applications on the market for all-round translation. The software will recognise more than 100 languages and provide 59 languages with offline translations. You can translate text on the signs from 37 languages with their Word Lens functionality.

Google Translate is fully free and sets a high standard for correct translations from their machine translation engine, unlike the first two applications. The computer engine of the applications converts whole sentences or phrases instead of individual words.

Microsoft Translator

The translation app from Microsoft is their solution to Google Translate. Its capabilities are similar to Google Translate; it supports over 60 languages and converts speech, text and images using camera and voice translation.

Its key distinction is that Microsoft Translator may concurrently recognise several languages in the same conversation. Ideal for when you’re in a conference with multinational members.

Speak & Translate- Translator

This app is only available on Apple and includes some of the same features as the previous apps. In addition to the usual translation features, you can synchronize the app across various Apple devices through iCloud, because it is exclusive to iOS.

Text translations for over 117 languages and voice translations for 54 are offered by the app itself.

Easy Language Translator

This app is rated as one of the best translation apps on the Google Play Store if you are an Android user. Accurate and easy to use, it supports over 100 languages, including translations of speech and text. The ability to save translations as MP3s and share them with others is the one feature that stands out.


When you are out exploring, TextGrabber is one of the best apps to use. Point your camera at the text, whether it is street signs, menus or instructions, and TextGrabber will translate it instantly, even if you’re offline.

Its real-time recognition mode, with over 100 recognized languages, makes any address, phone number or email address instantly clickable.

Naver Papago Translate

Papago specializes in the translation of 13 languages, including Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, English, French, German, Vietnamese, Russian, Korean, Thai, Italian, and Indonesian. Papago provides both voice and text translation, real-time translation, recognizes texts on phones, and finds accurate meanings of words, like many of these translation applications.

In addition, by inserting the URL, Papago lets you pull translations from websites.

Translate All

There are three translation types supported by Translate All: text, speech and camera. The app is available on both Android and Apple and is ideal for visits abroad. With a user-friendly interface and an advanced search engine that can detect over 100 different languages automatically, if you’re looking for something simple, this app could be the perfect one.

Translate Now

Translate Now is another app exclusive to iOS devices. The app comes with the usual features and addons for translation, including a widget to simplify things, so you don’t need to open the app regularly.

The usual voice and camera translations are offered by Translate Now, so you can use speech to translate and pull translations from signage and menus. But one innovative feature they have is a translation feature for augmented reality that draws translations in real-time.

Final Thoughts

On the market, there are so many translation apps, but hopefully, I have given you a few options to help you download the right app for you. You can easily travel abroad and understand any language with these translation apps, no matter what they’re saying. However, I highly recommend you to try Timekettle M2 Offline Translator Earbuds with music and phone call features if you want to enjoy immersive communication and focus on the person not the mobile phone.