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Best Streaming Software in 2021 – App Sofa
Best Streaming Software in 2021

Best Streaming Software in 2021

The video landscape is developing. We’re moving to dynamic live streaming from an age of static video content.

As attention periods grow shorter, fans want immersive features to connect with content.

The answer is streaming apps. These tools allow you to watch live footage, talk, embed interactive material, receive payments, and more with your fans.

But on the market, there are a number of choices.

I ranked and tested the best streaming apps in this ultimate guide, so you don’t have to try any of them yourself. These reviews are focused on capabilities for uploading, content efficiency, integrations, capabilities for video processing, pricing, assistance, and more.

Let ‘s start off.

What’s the Right App for Streaming?

Here’s my compilation of the best apps for YouTube and Twitch streaming.

1. XSplit Broadcaster.

Gameplay Better For Live Broadcasting & Recording Console ($2.50 a month).

XSplit-program for video broadcasting

XSplit is a framework for live broadcasting used to catch live streaming or capturing gameplay. Within a few seconds, it lets you launch your live stream or video.

You even get a Stream Management HUD in-game that supports you:

  • Talk to communicate with
  • Stop and resume broadcasting.
  • Keep an eye on recent cases,
  • Monitoring stats to improve interaction

There’s also a Projector Mode that requires several scenes to be displayed to devices attached to the GPU of your machine.

XSplit also manages any of the encoding settings that are needed. What’s more, it guides you to build the best possible output of up to 4k60fps with the right setup and stream. And the best thing is that, from a single computer, you can manage all of the stream functions.

Xsplit Features

It also offers a high-end sub-product for free and fast streaming for gamers named XSplit Gamecaster.

Main Functionalities:

  • Scene Preview Editor-Edit scenes of images before streaming them online.
  • NVIDIA NVENC- To configure your settings for optimum consistency and efficiency, use NVENC choices.
  • Intuitive Editor-To make the live stream stand out, incorporate subscriber targets, contribution trains, event queues, updates for fans, tips cups, etc. quickly.


  • With 60fps, you can stream and film in 4k.
  • Simultaneously transmitted to various streaming devices.
  • Twitch Talk, Facebook Talk, and YouTube Chat Widgets are supported by XSplit.
  • Add custom stinger transitions or use several transformation types that are preloaded.
  • For diagrams and live research, use the Whiteboard and Stream Annotations.
  • To gauge the number of users, new fans, pieces, mega talks, cheers, and more, use the live status show.


The pro edition begins at a monthly cost of $2.50. For restricted functionality, there’s even a free package.

2. Streamlabs OBS.

Perfect for live streamers and organizations searching for a (free) open-source solution.

Cloud-based video network Streamlabs OBS-

Streamlabs OBS is a Twitch, Twitter, & Facebook cloud enabled video network. To configure the live streams professionally, it provides hundreds of stream overlays, models, and assets. You may use “Be Right Back” and “Starting Fast” screens for your live streaming event , for example.

It also comes with an app store providing 46 applications to support you with:

  • Attaining further automation
  • In-depth and efficient analytics
  • Many means of contact for audiences
  • Streaming concurrently on different channels
  • And more, and more,

Streamlabs OBS Features

You can also conveniently embed several items directly from the Streamlabs website, like your priorities, alarm box, and others. To quickly filter out unwanted/ background noise from the live stream, it also includes noise gain and suppression functionality.

Main Functionalities:

  • Streamlabs Dashboard-The dashboard may be used to allow changes to the warning box in a few taps. Without needing to open the tab, you can handle any of the components.
  • Themes for widgets-Choose unique widgets for multiple broadcasts. Also, to help you quickly move from one theme to another, each theme’s settings are saved separately.
  • Themed Graphic Layouts-It offers unique games and genres of themes. Themes also support you by effects, animations, and visuals to deliver a more interactive experience.


  • Usable without fee.
  • Live stream or archive instantly with the “Go Live” and “Archive” buttons.
  • Break, combine, or stream for multi-screen ease.
  • To help you achieve passive income, it offers valuable monetization methods.
  • To monitor the output of your transmission, you may use speed modulation and video stabilization.
  • Via main success indicators including viewer count and new subscribers, track the output of your live streams.


A free and open-source streaming solution is Streamlabs OBS. However, for $12 a month (billed annually), it offers a luxury toolkit for practitioners.

Premium features include free software, templates & widgets that are highly built, mobile streaming, personalized domains, and more.

3. OBS Studio.

(Free) Best for entrepreneurs and freelancers.

Cross-channel streaming platform OBS Studio

Another open-source, cross-platform streaming and recording platform is OBS Studio (Open Broadcaster Software). It enables you to do real-time, high-quality video or audio processing, record, and blend.

Via several outlets, you can create highly personalized scenes, including text, window captures, videos, webcams, capture cards, and browser windows.

The open-source program also helps you to turn by utilizing custom switches between an infinite amount of scenes during the show. On top of that, with pre-source filters such as noise reduction, noise barrier, and gain, you can use the capable audio mixer. It also includes support for the VST plugin to make sure you have complete power of your audio.

Main Functionalities:

  • Modular ‘Dock’ UI- Rearrange the interface quickly to comply with the specifications for branding. For greater customization, you can also pop out all the different Dock frames.
  • Hotkeys-Set up hotkeys for nearly any operation, such as streams or recordings starting / stopping, flipping between scenes, mutating audio sources, etc.
  • Studio Mode- Display the scenes and sources for last-minute changes instantly. Right prior to having your content live, you can also build a new scene.


  • Use the function ‘Multiview’ to simultaneously track 8 separate scenes. Via a single or double press, you may also transition or send them signals.
  • With various plugins and scripts, it provides a versatile API for integration. It also guarantees strong functionality and customization.
  • To move between various scenes swiftly, use adjustable transitions. You should embed the footage of the stinger as well.
  • Windows, Mac , and Linux are compliant with it.
  • To explore an infinite range of extra functions, you get a resource section.
  • Adjust the streaming video bitrate automatically depending on the upload level.


The free streaming platform is OBS Studio.

4. Twitch Studio.

Best for gamers who want Twitch (Free) live streaming.

Twitch Studio-free software for viewing

Twitch Studio is a free streaming software that specifically enables you to watch live on Twitch. It was founded by Twitch to let its users watch video games live from the same site.

And if you’re using complicated configurations, it provides a simplified system to support you relay live streams. Plus, step-by – step onboarding, automated identification of hardware, and recommended configurations are accessible to make the streams appear professional with minimal effort.

You may also configure the streams to suit the criteria for personal branding.

Personalize Function in Twitch Studio

You can personalize all you like with Twitch Studio, including:

  • Layouts for Starters
  • Superpositions
  • Help for various sources of audio
  • And more, and more,

In addition, to share the audio from your device to the stream, you can use its built-in ‘desktop audio capture’ function.

Main Functionalities:

  • Extensive Personalization-You can configure all facets of your video stream to represent your organization or personality.
  • Content Mixing-Simply attach your iPhone or iPad to blend your content and automatically share the device with your live feed.
  • Extensive Integration-Twitch offers feeds, talk, warnings and more for built-in operation. This protects you from the inconvenience of an additional plugin being mounted.


  • It provides different layouts for streams.
  • Dedicated streams for operation and chat widgets to gauge reactions and respond to your live stream comments.
  • You can change the mic’s tone.
  • To support you sort out some dilemma of your own, it includes a huge list of FAQs.
  • It’s all Mac and Windows compliant.


Twitch Studio is Twitch’s free streaming app.

5. vMix.

Better ($60 / one-time payment) for a big-budget live production.

VMix-machine vision blending

VMix is a program for vision blending that enables live broadcasting of images , music, cameras, and more. This enables you to do high-quality live HD video mixing and directly stream live videos to the public.

In SD, Complete HD, and 4 K, you can turn, capture, and LIVE stream videos as well. The good news is that numerous channels, such as cameras, DVDs, pictures , video clips, Powerpoint, and more, will do so.

Here’s a rundown of certain famous characteristics:

  • All formats, including AVI , MP4, H264, MPEG-2, WMV, MOV, and MXF, are allowed.
  • For simultaneous recording, streaming, and production, you may use vMix.
  • It offers 13 attractive effects for change, including Break, Fade, Zoom, Wash, Move, Travel, CrossZoom, FlyRotate, Square, CubeZoom, etc.
  • VMix comes with complete 3D acceleration, so that even on a basic PC you can make professional HD images.
  • You get over 100 animated titles, stickers, and other graphics that are in-built.
  • It enables up to 8 remote guests to be connected to your live broadcast.

Function of vMix Call

What’s more, it lets you create a big-budget live concert performance or sports events with the hardware. You may also use vMix ‘Reference Structures’ to cost-efficiently create a vMix PC instantly with the necessary requirements.

Main Functionalities:

  • YouTube Live, Twitch, Facebook, and Twitter content are conveniently incorporated into your live stream output with vMix Social.
  • Live Chat-View and address questions from social networking accounts such as YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook on your live stream.
  • Using up to 4 cameras set up, vMix Replay helps you to screen instant replays in HD slow motion. To maximize interaction, you can also simultaneously view the replay at 2 angles.


  • Via a simple click, catch activities like targets. For improved segregation, you should apply tags to activities as well.
  • To play between periods, build highlight reels of the case instantly.
  • To remove echo from the audio, use the ‘Automatic Mix Minus’ feature.
  • Multiple virtual collections, overlay networks, and templates boost your output.
  • With just a webcam and browser, launch your live stream.
  • It gives a 60-day free trial that is entirely functional.


Five editions are provided by vMix:

  • Free. Basic: Free
  • HD Basic: $60
  • HD: 350 dollars
  • 4 K: $700 4 K: $700
  • Pro: $1200 USD

A one-time invoice arrives in all editions. Both models provide upgrades to the free versions for one year. You also get a free trial for 60 days to guarantee that the app is fully compliant with the device.

6. Wirecast.

(Starting at $599) Best live broadcasting apps for major media houses.

Wirecast-development for live video streaming

Wirecast is a production tool for live video streaming established by Telestream. It lets you create TV-like online output with live streams and on-demand broadcasts.

To configure your live feed quickly, you can use its powerful and intuitive UI. Everything you’ve got to do is just plug the mic and the video in. It manages all the encoding automatically to offer your live stream at scale to every geography.

This includes all sorts of live stream activities, from live athletics, religious services , entertainment, streams of radio and news, etc.

Events via Wirecast Video Broadcast

Wirecast is now delivering a free iOS camera software to support you record your video content on the go. You can stream to more than one destination, ANY RTMP destination included. It also helps you to embed live captions in order to render the videos more available to audiences of various skills.

Main Functionalities:

  • ISO Recording-All live video inputs are archived without any alteration. These video samples are different from your recording of the composite software.
  • Multiviewer- To quickly track and have a fast glance at each source, submit single sources to up to 17 source grids.
  • Stock Media Library- Over 500,000 digital properties, including films, audio , images, lower thirds, etc., are free of charge.


  • It offers multi-channel audio absorption, and support for devices compliant with WASAPI, ASIO, and CoreAudio.
  • For your live sports activities, utilizing software like replay, clocks, scoreboards, and timers.
  • Get links to over 100 titles and graphics that are built-in.
  • To present your live stream professionally, use QR Codes, Chroma Key, and Playlists.
  • Record videos into MP4 or MOV files quickly.
  • Mixing up to 8 audio tracks effectively. Also, you should incorporate FX and processing.


Two variants are supported by Wirecast:

  • Wirecast Studio: $599 for better viewing and live output
  • Wirecast Pro: $799 for professional live and streaming output

One of the most expensive live broadcasting resources is Wirecast. It is also more appropriate than small companies for large manufacturing houses.

7. Lightstream.

Good for consumers ($99 a month) searching for a cloud-based option.

Lightstream-web-based studio for video streaming

Lightstream is a live streaming studio based on the internet that enables you to produce competent and impactful live streams in minutes.

It comes fitted with a drag-and – drop editor that offers limitless scenes, tasks, and artistic commands. To support you accelerate interaction, it also features comprehensive third-party functionality for motion graphics, on-stream updates, and social network displays.

You may also welcome visitors to your case for live streaming. A variety of activities, such as panel meetings , conferences, podcasts, product releases, and more, may be held. And even your visitors will share with their own group their screens, helping you improve your outreach.

Lightstream Features

It comes with an architecture based on the cloud, which ensures you don’t need to update the app. To build and create your live stream quickly, you can open your window.

Three sub-products are given by Lightstream:

  • Lightstream Studio helps you to stream live streams from your browser. You may also render your live stream customized and invite several visitors.
  • Lightstream Arsenal- To expand your channel, track all the necessary analytics.
  • Lightstream Cloud-A development API for cloud-native live streaming.

Main Functionalities:

  • Zero Setup: An internet link and a device are what you need. To use Lightstream, you do not require costly hardware and go through a tedious download process.
  • Remote Control: Start and stop the stream by using your mobile. You can also use it to turn scenes while you create remotely, a nice function.
  • Live Support-to aid you with any issue, it provides live one-on-one talk support.


  • Make a live stream with different video characteristics, including 720p30, 720p60, and 1080p30.
  • For an infinite amount of hours, stream.
  • It provides Twitter, Twitch, Livestream, Mixer, and custom software that is secure.
  • Leverage the ‘Green Space’ role to remotely welcome guests by simply sharing a connection.
  • Speak with visitors in the green room individually during the live stream.
  • If you get disconnected, you do not have to fret. Until you get back live again, Lightstream holds you alive and alerts your customers.


Three models are supported by Lightstream:

  • Free: $0 USD
  • IRL: 99 bucks a month

The free package offers up to 3 hours of maximum streaming time and 720p 30 fps maximum performance rate. The premium package comes with a streaming time of up to 12 hours and a 720p 60 fps maximum output rate.

What is Software for Live Streaming?

Live broadcasting tech lets the viewers broadcast live event streams. You may also communicate with your viewers, inviting them directly on your live stream to share, respond, and speak.

Many of these live streaming services also let you share your website, smartphone app, and social network pages for your live streams.

Moreover, most applications for live streaming consists of a hardware encoder. It requires RAW video input to be transferred to digital format to be played on different platforms.

You may also use broadcasting applications on different channels, such as social media, OTT platforms, smartphone apps, and websites, to transmit simultaneously. On top of that, it helps you to edit, edit, and modify live streams according to your requirements.

In Live Streaming Applications, what features do you search for?

There are more sophisticated digital live broadcasting tools than ever before. To satisfy the different specifications of the virtual environment, most of them have intuitive and user-friendly interfaces.

Any of the alternatives have lots of functionality you do not really use. There are certain essential criteria, however, that you need to take into account.

Here are a few things you ought to search for in a streaming application:

  • Live Chat- Live Chat is a wonderful function that can improve the live stream ‘s interaction. You will communicate with the viewer via the live chat feature and address their questions. Most notably, the response of your audience can even be assessed, all in real-time.
  • Preview Viewer-The Preview Viewer can let you look through your video clips easily. Before having it live, you can even make last-minute edits or create a fresh clip entirely.
  • Extensive themes / templates- A more customized and interactive live streaming environment can be conveniently generated through customizable themes. The inclusion of a welcome screen and interval filler, for example, will make your live stream appear more customizable.
  • Multiview Feature-The multiview feature allows both the cams to maintain a good watch on them. You may also switch / transition with a few clicks between multiple cams.
  • Real-Time Analytics-In order to evaluate the quality and interaction of the live stream, it is important to provide access to stats in real-time. To make your live stream user-centered, you will monitor all the indicators, such as the amount of visitors, current users, geography-based interaction and demographics.
  • API and SDK-You can incorporate the live stream into servers, cloud content apps, and streaming media workflows with the developer-friendly web SDK and API framework.
  • Integration of Social Media-Extensive integration of social media can allow you to live stream simultaneously on various channels such as YouTube and Twitch.

How to Use Apps for Streaming?

The usage of streaming apps, regardless of the varying features of different software providers, is more or less the same. Here, to show how to use streaming apps, I ‘m taking the XSplit illustration.


On various channels, including YouTube and Twitch, Xsplit facilitates live streaming.

Here is a quick step-by – step guide that will assist you with XSplit to launch your live stream on Twitch.

Allow 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) on Twitch before setting up your broadcast performance. Without 2FA, you can’t begin your show.

Only go to the protection settings page of Twitch and click on the choice ‘Set up Two-Factor Authentication.’

Two-Factor Protection for Xsplit Twitch Video Streaming

You will have to generate a password and share your mobile number after you click on the ‘Set Up Two-Factor Authentication’ icon. You will get a confirmation message after filling in all the information.

You now need to customize the Twitch streaming performance after setting up Two-Factor Authentication.

The measures to take are here:

The # 1 move. Select Transmit > Set up a new option for production. Tap on the ‘Twitch’ icon then.

Twitch Set Up Account

Yeah. Move # 2. Then, click on the button ‘Authorize’ and sign up with the Twitch account you want to use. Tap on the ‘Next’ button after that.

The # 3 stage. Browse the configuration wizard carefully after checking the Twitch credentials to identify the link speed, best server intake and resolution for your live stream. Click on the ‘Finish’ button when you are finished with the settings.

Finishing Twitch Video Broadcasting

Finally, it’s time to resume the broadcast on Twitch.

Here’s the way:

The # 1 move. Tap on the button ‘Broadcast,’ then pick the output you want to set.

Twitch the Transmitted Click

Yeah. Move # 2. This is what it will look like on the Twitch Assets screen.

Assets on Twitch

Other than this, having the settings correct is critical.

This is how it can be done:

  • Credentials: Pick the Online Authentication method that saves your credentials for Twitch. This occurs after the permission is automated or manual. You can authorize your account via Twitch login if you choose the Web Authentication credentials.
  • Username of Twitch: Pick the username of Twitch for the account you wish to stream to.
  • Stream Key: Stream Key is a special feature you’ll find on the Twitch Dashboard under Stream Preferences.
  • Host: Can use Auto or pick the lowest ping time server. Any time before you launch your live stream transmission, you may also select the ingested server.

Executive summary.

That was all about the 7 best apps for downloading. These app options all have the same function as live video streaming. That said, with a few special USPs each of them comes with. And some of them are also cost-free to use.

For starters, if you are searching for an open-source solution, OBS Studio and Streamlabs OBS are excellent choices. Although both instruments are free, they come with all the functionality required for live streaming and robust integration capabilities.

For major media houses that want to create live events on a scale, Wirecast and vMix are most fitting. For major companies, they are a better match, mainly because of their hefty price policies and innovative features.

XSplit, on the other side, is a successful option for gamers who need to live streams on a limited budget effectively.

Before making the final decision, review the specifications and budget carefully.