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WHUK WebHosting UK Review

WHUK WebHosting UK Review

Webhosting UK (which refers to itself as WHUK for short), founded in 2001, is an experienced web hosting company with a broad and highly priced product portfolio.

Shared hosting, for example, with cPanel, Windows, managed WordPress hosting and Magento ecommerce hosting options, and a website creator, starts at £ 2.49 ($3.10) a month.

With a 99.9 percent uptime SLA, unrestricted bandwidth, emails and directories, support for hosting two websites (most budget plans restrict you to one) and a free domain for the annual contract, the contract specification is generally very impressive.

A 5 GB capacity cap that seems poor is the only real challenge, but it is important to bear in mind that this number is always only for your website-web sites, details and any application code (WordPress or something else you might use). It’s unlikely to be a concern unless you’re trying to run a few big WordPress blogs that are going to attract several thousands of users a day.

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Help is well specified, especially if you’re in the UK as well. On a free 0800 line, there is 24/7 mobile service, you can set up a call-back to discourage waiting, and there is live chat available anytime you need it. Customers may also choose to use the communication form from Webhosting UK.

For 10 TB of monthly bandwidth, power users can opt for operated VPS servers from £12.99 ($16.30) a month, cloud servers from £ 25 ($31.30) and dedicated servers from £69.99 ($87.70). These aren’t the cheapest rates we’ve seen, but they’re affordable, the specs aren’t bad, and if you’re a UK-based consumer searching for a host closer to home, the selection may be appealing.

We have outlined the best hosting options for websites.

Account Setup

For each of its joint web hosting arrangements, WHUK makes it easy to access and appreciate what you get. Any proposal can be conveniently matched by consumers as they are conveniently set out on the platform side-by – side.

Any people may think that billing is overwhelming. This is due to a ‘per month’ price being listed on the main price plan tab, but then displaying a quarterly billing cycle until you go to checkout.

Luckily, WHUK doesn’t seem to be trying to cover something dubious, quite the contrary in fact. The regular £2.49 ($3.10) shared hosting contract would not entail three years of signed up or pulling such tricks like tripling the redemption fee-it is the regular amount, which allows you a £8.97 ($11.20) bill to be charged per fifth. We’re shocked that the business doesn’t boast about it on the front page. That’s so much more than the competition.

Choose to pay and, as usual, to build an account, you are asked to include your personal details: email address, physical address , phone number and more. You are often asked if you would like to ensure that you are ‘compliant with PCI requirements’ for an additional $10 (£ 8) a year, just in case you end up managing sensitive data such as credit cards at some point.

In the plus side, if you want to retain charge of account renewals, the company has an explicit option to ‘Disable Automated CC Processing,’ which is welcome. Webhosting UK accepts the regular credit cards, but through PayPal, users can also opt to pay.

We were able to log in to our hosting panel until we were comfortable with our information and payment collection.

Site creation

Initially, signing in to WHUK brought us to a cluttered and mostly meaningless client portal. We were expecting to see our hosting product listed with a Manage button on the front, instead of a silhouette, a ‘avatar’ upload button, and an email icon showing some unread messages.

We missed all of that and signed in to the familiar X3-themed cPanel from WHUK. Experienced users will know where it is instantly, so for a more up-to – date, less daunting and better structured view, hosting novices should turn to the Paper Lantern theme.

Scrolling to the bottom of the screen exposes the one-click installer for Softaculous. In the excellent Softaculous interface, icons for WordPress , Joomla, Drupal, PrestaShop, Magento and others are seen upfront, and clicking on each of these reveals the info. It organizes hundreds of applications, shows overviews, feature lists and screenshots, sample ties, and user feedback into various categories.

Softaculous helps it to be installed with a minimum of difficulty until you’ve discovered what you need. You can input a good password, a blog title and a few other simple info, but there is no database or other complexities and even hosting newbies can get it done in a few minutes. It’s not just ‘one-click.’

If a simple one-page platform for now is appropriate, the basics are done by cPanel ‘s Site Publisher. It’s very small, providing just 12 templates, and mostly all you do is customize your contact data and an image, but before you can come up with something else, it will give you a fast and simple placeholder.

WHUK offers you speedy access to the File Manager, FTP setup and other main features if you only need to upload a site you’ve already developed. They are not as novice-friendly as certain custom host manager consoles, but there is more flexibility, and there is a huge amount of support out there online because cPanel is such a normal. To see what’s open, type something like ‘cPanel File Manager’ on Google.


By testing out the online support framework, we started our WHUK checks. Via live chat, which is par for the course, we find the best way to solve problems. In less than a minute, an agent was with us and was more than willing to answer all of our many questions, such as whether the theme of the Paper Lantern was given and how to lift a support ticket.

We made our own way to the information base of WHUK, which is not as remarkable as other rivals. While there were 218 papers in the Sales FAQ section, Shared Hosting had just 91, which perhaps suggests something about the goals of the organization. “And it’s hard to imagine that the titles of the top-listed article actually reflect what most consumers want to hear, such as” Using MySQLdump to backup single table in MySQL Database “and” Is there an alternative to transfer emails marked as spam to a particular folder directly.

We conducted various searches on core technology (MySQL, PHP, Apache, etc.) covering basic tasks (‘Import WordPress’) and single keyword tests. These contributed to some very helpful outcomes that left us confident that we had sought answers to our questions.

We were delighted to see WHUK promising support for the forum and a page for the blog. In the joint hosting forums, though, there did not appear to be a massive amount of interaction and the blog section was non-existent. This left us feeling so slightly let down every time.

We tried the 0800 number and a very friendly and helpful agent answered it in under a minute. We are less sure how they can deal with complicated problems, but the average shared hosting client can certainly not run into them too much, and the agents usually do a lot to compensate for the poor help website.

We ran Bitcatcha and other efficiency benchmarks on our assigned server to complete our tests. UK response times have been rapid, as is to be expected from a local server, but we have also seen reasonably rapid US connections. For most purposes, overall WHUK speeds were appropriate.

Ultimate decision

If you can deal with the 5 GB capacity cap, the simple package of Webhosting UK seems to be of decent value, but some customer service areas leave plenty to be desired. When you order, try the service in-depth.