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CMMS Software in 2021 – App Sofa
CMMS Software in 2021

CMMS Software in 2021

A new AI-based framework used to modernize the maintenance processes of organisations is CMMS program.

CMMS is a computerized maintenance management system that provides companies with everything from deciding which machinery requires maintenance to which warehouse has the requisite replacement parts.

Summed up, it’s a single software bundle that provides a set of maintenance activities details for a business. It functions for servicing like ERP tools and supports you with:

  • Data Control of facilities.
  • Having a clear picture of all sections, scheduling of repairs, KPIs, and prices.
  • Organizing job instructions and coordinating them.
  • Having influence of material accounting and control of inventories.
  • Predictive and protective upkeep.
  • Purchasing, budgeting, and the monitoring of money.
  • Regulatory conformity.

It’s a technology that is evolving and there are a number of technical applications to pick from.

Based on ease of use, usability, pricing, integrations, help, implementation timelines, efficiency, and more, I rated and reviewed the 7 best CMMS apps to make your decision easier.

Let’s get to this page.

What’s the Right App for CMMS?

Here are my top choices for this year’s best CMMS apps to use.

1. CMMS Hippo.

Best tools for CMMS overall ($39 a month).

CMMS Hippo

Hippo CMMS is an all-in-one repair platform that offers user-friendly options, including monitoring of components, third-party manufacturers, inventory, and proactive maintenance.

This keeps the details current in real-time and makes it usable from everywhere and at any moment of time. This role lets you easily solve all the problems.

Six main facilities are provided by Hippo CMMS:

  • Facilities and Facilities Predictive Repair-Schedule and monitor the whole repair scheme to catch slight faults and eliminate them earlier.
  • Work Order Management: Assign and control the work order and guarantee that it is properly locked.
  • Vendor Management-It allows you to streamline contact with vendors and automatically submit purchasing orders.
  • Equipment Maintenance Management-Track the properties and equipment and make repair or replacement decisions based on results.
  • Facility Management-This includes all the required resources to maintain the facility up and running effectively.
  • Inventory and Products-This enables you to set and sustain minimum and maximum prices and helps to provide the necessary products at the appropriate time and expense.

HippoCMMS Features

To inspect your job to assess where your money is really headed, you even get repair reports.

It also provides a smartphone app that helps you to use an in-built camera to perform remote inspections. Tasks may also be applied and photographs posted to contract function.

In addition, there is an offline mode that lets you run at remote locations in offline mode.

Main Functionalities:

  • Reporting Tools-This helps managers to generate records, including maintenance background, in various categories. Through email, you can plan and submit automatic reports.
  • Work Order Management-Define and assign activities with the repair team for work order. To delegate, send, refresh, and complete all the job orders, you can also use the smartphone app.
  • Object Management-Track properties that are current in the system to determine the past of an object, such as upgrades, depreciation, PM records, and cost of maintenance.


  • Histories of repairs and restoration.
  • Interactive designs for locations and levels.
  • Links to tools for preparation.
  • A centralized network for real-time monitoring of materials , components, and other consumables.
  • Auto-generate Asset and Equipment QR codes or bar codes.
  • Data such as O&M guides, ID codes, and warranties details are kept.
  • Schedule proactive maintenance activities, both meter and calendar-based.


Three price plans are provided by Hippo CMMS, including:

  • Hippo Starter: Beginning at a monthly cost of $39
  • Hippo Plus: Beginning from 69 dollars a month
  • Hippo Pro: Beginning with 99 dollars a month

A price calculator is also supported by Hippo CMMS, which helps you to estimate the price depending on your specifications. You may also measure the future ROI dependent on particular criteria.

2. Fiix.

Best for importing ($40 a month) CSV files into the CMMS framework.

Fiix-CMMS cloud-based

Fiix is a CMMS app built on the cloud that lets you manage and sustain, among others, machinery, cars, inventory, houses. In addition, under a single dashboard, it combines teams, details, and resources to improve asset efficiency.

Fiix helps you primarily observe, monitor and optimize the following:

  • Regulation of job order
  • The management of assets
  • Control of inventories
  • Analytics and Monitoring
  • Remote repair Facilities

Current maintenance data may be inserted into the framework from an Excel or CSV format. In addition, you can also import data regarding equipment maintenance via mobile devices.

Fiix also offers ‘Parts Forecaster’ which enables you to evaluate details and anticipate the parts you would need for future work.

Other functions relevant to customer care include self-help by staff, the opportunity to handle the entire product lifecycle, and more.

Main Functionalities:

  • Fiix Foresight-It is a maintenance AI-engine that lets you evaluate data to find patterns and areas for change.
  • To support you collect real-time data from PLCs and other industrial equipment, Fiix Software Exchange- provides a pre-built IIoT integration.
  • Extensive Integration-Streamline workflows by communicating with applications for email or messaging. Real-time data may also be obtained from cameras, HMIs, PLCs, and more.


  • Customize, build, and connect the properties, job orders, or sections to QR codes and barcodes.
  • To build an asset hierarchy and establish an asset tree or list, drag and drop equipment.
  • In custom categories, placed related properties.
  • Organize by position of money, customers, transactions, product, and tasks.
  • Plan, prepare, and commence timezone-based job.


There are four price options provided by Fiix:

  • Business: Personalized pricing
  • Professional: $60 each month, one person,
  • Basic: $40 a month, one person,
  • Free: Open for a limit of 3 users

With yearly billing, you will get a month for free.

All the programs come with functionality such as resources control, preventative care, prioritization of job orders, etc.

3. MaintainX.

Best ($8.33 per user) for team contact and real-time asset monitoring.

MaintainX: a web-based strategy

MaintainX is a solution for web-based CMMS that helps you to track preventive and reactive maintenance. It also monitors routine processes via a automated audit record, such as protection or consistency assessments, along with running checklists.

Plus, the framework helps you to monitor asset downtime in real-time, build and merge custom procedures for each request, and monitor cost or product. To easily handle operations, it also provides automated visual audit trail and team scheduling functionality.

A more valuable feature is detailed documentation. MaintainX allows you to compile and analyze data through multiple departments and pages.

MaintainX-Functionality Monitoring

It also decides which asset requires your focus such that you can correctly distribute resources.

MaintainX helps you to build models, like checklists, that are personalized. To provide your colleagues with comprehensive perspectives, you may even submit images, protocols, and other important materials.

Centered on a particular sector, like production, hospitality, restaurants & shopping, schooling, etc., CMMS software is available.

Main Functionalities:

  • Corrective actions-MaintainX allows you to uncover a issue immediately to delegate assignments or a fresh job order immediately to address the problem.
  • Track Enforcement-To satisfy and control enforcement, it allows to archive all the past records on the server.
  • Quality of employees-Monitor worker efficiency in real-time and recognise high performers.


  • In the enterprise, illustrate bottlenecks.
  • Compare consistency through sites and departments.
  • Downtime of assets lets you measure which asset needs more attention.
  • It lowers operating costs and improves the lifecycle of buildings.
  • MaintainX lets you boost visibility to organizations.
  • Offered on a smartphone application.
  • Both iOS and Android are familiar with it.


Four pricing plans are offered by MaintainX:

  • Fundamental: $0 (for tiny teams)
  • Essential: $8.33 per consumer, per month (for small enterprises)
  • Premium: $32.50 per consumer, weekly (for single-site companies)
  • Enterprise: $115 per user, each month (for many sites / facilities)

4. eMaint CMMS.

Best for integrating (per month) with your existing ERP tools.

eMaint-CMMS SaaS-based

A SaaS-based CMMS tool that lets you handle job orders, preventive maintenance, and inventory of parts is eMaint, one of Fluke ‘s sub-products. Plus, you can use eMaint through numerous sections of your company to control risk, health, and efficiency.

In addition, the solution lets you produce comprehensive reports and offers dynamic dashboards for real-time analysis of your company properties.

Business owners can use it to store and display their assets by creating child assets and parent groupings in a hierarchical structure. For each commodity, you may also display job expenses, background, faults, and warranty records.

With eMaint, to perform scheduled maintenance, you can create a calendar or meter-based proactive maintenance framework. On top of that, through Ranking Index Maintenance Expenditure (RIME), you can prioritize critical business assets.

All in all, you are helped by eMaint with:

  • Control of the work
  • Preventive preventive activities
  • Reporting with
  • Scheduling the job order and granting it
  • Predictive servicing
  • Remote repair Facilities
  • Control of inventories
  • The protection of properties
  • Toolkit for Multi-site
  • Interactive calendars

An in-built ROI calculator is also available to help you explore how much you can save along with your future investment return.

PCs, smartphones, computers , and other electronic devices are compatible with the app.

Main Functionalities:

  • Integration of ERP and IoT-Share financial details to simplify production, resources control, and parts resource management across third-party organizational networks (including SAP and Oracle).
  • Multi-Site Toolkit-Use the multi-site toolkit on a divisional, provincial, national , or global level to evaluate and verify results.
  • Asset Hierarchies-This enables you to build asset parent groups and child assets to increase asset efficiency, minimize downtime, and consider ownership costs.


  • For fast monitoring and repair, build barcode labels for your properties.
  • Derive, for regulatory purposes, comprehensive reports during each repair.
  • Allow data-driven choices by examining each asset’s job history, faults, costs, and warranty records.
  • In order to measure accurate operating costs, add in labour and inventory expenses.
  • To foresee deficiencies at an early level, determine the lower and upper limits of all the assets’ operations.


Three payment plans are provided by eMaint:

  • Team: $33 per member, per month (pack of 3 users)
  • Professional: $85 per device, weekly (3 users or more)
  • Enterprise: $120 per device, daily (5 users or more)

5. UpKeep.

Good for small to mid-sized ($35 a month) firms.

UpKeep is a mobile-first CMMS app that assists you in asset control and line maintenance. Plus, it offers facilities administration, land management, and material management strategies.

UpKeep lets you quickly grab photos of completed assignments and share them with your team with a smartphone. This way, you can also exchange all the job order information. In addition , it helps you to search items for paperwork and close the job order.

Another special function is email alerts in real-time. This function allows you to hold your job in the order listed or to quickly execute an urgent mission.

To log wrench time, equipment maintenance times, and prices, you can also use Maintenance. It will run files with a simple click to assist you with financial and safety audits. Plus, by analyzing comprehensive maintenance track reports of company products, you can make data-driven decisions.

Main Functionalities:

  • Inventory Monitoring- To support you control products with barcodes, it comes with an advanced products monitoring program. In your warehouse, you will even monitor the stock of vital supplies.
  • Preventive Maintenance-Various forms of preventive maintenance, including runtime and preventive maintenance dependent on year, may be handled.
  • QR Code-Scan the QR code of every commodity in any unique area to control properties and inventory. You may also watch by QR the cost and quantity of components.


  • Monitor the background of repairs, including the background of downtime, active / past task orders and asset depreciation.
  • Create job demands, and the appropriate asset is allocated to the individual concerned immediately.
  • Update by attaching the portion from the job order to the stock count.
  • Build personalized answers for technicians or incorporate pre-made ones.
  • To support you make data-driven choices, it tracks downtime data automatically.


Three plans are given through UpKeep:

  • Starter: $35 a month per consumer
  • Professional: $60 a month per consumer
  • Company Plus: $100 monthly per device

All the plans have main features such as importing info, things from the checklist, photo collection, description, mobile app, etc.

6. Asset Essentials.

Best for job order automation and process monitoring ($2500 a year).

Asset Necessities cover photo

Asset Essentials is a CMMS program focused in the cloud that assists you in assigning and monitoring repair tasks and controlling uptime and durability of equipment. For warehouses, suppliers, and fulfillment centers, the platform is most fitting.

You will use it to build and automate job requests, plans for repairs, and to handle repetitive activities.

The interactive dashboard provides you with a short rundown of your products’ status. Then there is an advanced method for the planner that lets you handle the workload. You may also use the calendar on either a regular, weekly , or monthly basis to plan your jobs.

Additionally, on your dashboard, you will access files, maps, and big KPIs relevant to things essential to you.

Essentials of the Resources-Dashboard

The mobile app from Asset Essentials enables you to reach inventory by scanning QR code, monitoring working hours, and taking photographs from the device.

Main Functionalities:

  • Cloud-based Dashboard-manage the support functions of all work orders and materials from the unified dashboard.
  • Automated workflow-An integrated calendar display of all the activities is given, while manual processes, document trails and obsolete structures are removed.
  • Analytics and IoT- By using computer info, forecast faults and issues in advance.


  • Like all the other software built in your framework, you will add Asset Basics.
  • Real-time path job to the correct technician.
  • Implement, through proactive and scheduled maintenance, total productive maintenance (TPM) solutions.
  • It provides each commodity with a comprehensive job order history.
  • Configurable smartphone solution for leverage.
  • A free demonstration can be downloaded.


There’s no reference on the official site of the price framework. Different online reviews, however, indicate that the prices of Asset Basics range around $2,500 per annum.

7. FMX.

Best for the building’s cleaning control (Quote-based).

FMX-Optimal Program for CMMS

FMX is a configurable CMMS program that lets you handle the machinery and services, thus reducing the resolution period of the job order. The CMMS app also lets you coordinate proactive maintenance, streamline the working flow, and make recommendations based on actionable observations that are data-driven.

Certain of the main offerings include:

  • Control of Job Order-to maintain records of jobs completed, resources expended, and hours of labor).
  • Preventive Maintenance-to eliminate big accidents, to monitor enforcement and to plan recurrent tasks).
  • Analytics & Monitoring.
  • Parts & Resource Management-to track and prevent factory & replacement parts shortages and reduce high-cost orders.
  • Maintenance of machinery-to discourage downtime of machinery and maximize the assets’ longevity.
  • Facility Scheduling-It facilitates efficient staff coordination, eliminates equipment from double-booking, and offers greater visibility.
  • Facility Cleaning Maintenance, which offers step-by – step instructions and monitors the building’s cleaning process. Plus, to keep the building residents safe, it lets you conform with protocols established by local and national health authorities.

Products from FMX

They offer facilities for different fields, such as colleges, farmers, religious groups, restaurants, zoos, etc.

With an estimated answer time of 30 minutes, FMX also provides preparation and client service. Plus, you can use it on any mobile computer and browser. It also provides for limitless user requests without any added fee.

Main Functionalities:

  • Track work orders to facilitate contact, streamline work order, assign assignments, and monitor status of the work orders.
  • Push Alerts- Each time anything is demanded or addressed, all stakeholders obtain push notifications.
  • Image Attachment-Upload data and images to remove the risk of miscommunication inside the work order.


  • Communicate explicitly with occupants and dealers by replying to a ticket.
  • Monitor each work order’s expense and time.
  • To keep track of present and potential activities, use the maintenance schedule.
  • To describe how the prior task order was resolved, display information and bring up past demands.
  • Watch the overall amount of reaction and resolution times, fulfilled demands, labour costs, and cost of inventory.


FMX presents payment options dependent on quotations. The device expense may rely on the number of users and the necessary functionality.

What is CMMS Software?

CMMS stands for a computerized maintenance management framework which in several respects is somewhat close to (EAM) applications for corporate asset management. The key distinction is that CMMS instruments rely mainly on operational activities, while a more systematic methodology is based on EAM systems.

It allows asset-intensive organizations to schedule, calculate, track and manage maintenance activities.

In addition, it allows you to improve the accessibility and usage of physical properties, like computers, cars, utilities for plants, communications, and more.

A data-first approach is leveraged by CMMS. It organizes the maintenance details of the properties along with the tools , machinery, and other services.

In oil and gas processing, manufacturing plants, mining, power generation, transportation, hospitals, and other industries that require vast physical facilities to function, CMMS platforms are mainly used.

In CMMS Applications, features to watch out for.

Here are a few important features of CMMS you need to watch out for:

Reporting-Your CMMS tools can allow you to produce comprehensive data on various types of upkeep, including the use of products, the supply of properties, labor and material prices, supplier reviews, etc. To understand performance trends, MRO inventory optimization, and other information to make data-driven business decisions, it should also be able to analyze data.

Resource and Labour Management-The sufficient personnel and resources should be able to monitor it. Plus, make sure that by monitoring wage scales and coordinating shifts, it is capable of performing complex roles and arranging teams.

Work Order Management- Information such as description, priority, work order number, order type, cause, remedy codes, and assigned personnel should be stored and managed.

Preventive Maintenance: Based on use, time or caused incidents, an optimal CMMS platform automates the initiation of the job order. It should also associate and organize assets, along with scheduling preventive work orders, across multiple orders.

Asset Registry-Asset Registry is essential since it enables you to view, archive, and exchange asset details, position, downtime statistics, relevant data, etc.

Inventory Management-Your CMMS can help you monitor inventory and prevent high-cost transactions owing to the last minute of selling out of an expensive commodity. It can also assist you to monitor manufacturing prices, control vendors, and re-supply automation.

Management of Facilities-Your CMMS can meet your maintenance needs and provide a 360-degree view of operations to your maintenance professionals. Your control platform has to render repair links a breeze, from meter readings to fleet management.

Executive summary.

That includes 2020 ‘s best CMMS apps. CMMS applications will help you provide the maintenance department with agility and performance. To choose the right choice, it is necessary to understand the requirements of your organization and the complexities of CMMS.

Fiix, for example, is a nice choice if you choose to insert CSV files into the code on a daily basis. If you plan to integrate with your existing IoT and ERP tools, eMaint is an appropriate CMMS platform. Asset Essentials, on the other hand , can help you effectively automate your workflows.

Because of its resources, Hippo CMMS is my strongest option for an all-in-one maintenance management system like:

  • Infrastructure and Machinery Proactive Repair
  • Regulation of Job Order
  • Care of Vendors
  • Maintaining Equipment
  • Control of Facility
  • Tracking the QR
  • Calculator for Price and ROI
  • Regulation of Inventories

To make an informed decision, go through all the key features and pros carefully.