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1blu Review

1blu Review

While 1blu may initially seem like the right website builder for your needs, for more popular website builders such as Wix, it’s no match.

If you’re in a rush, and just want the bottom line: you can get even better servers with 24/7 support with Hostinger for the same price as 1blu, so why even bother?!

1blu was founded in 2005 and is one of Germany’s largest website hosting firms. 1blu provides a robust range of services for over 300,000 users, including website hosting, a website creator, cloud computing, virtual servers, dedicated servers, SSL licenses and registry of domain names. Its website and support are only available in German.

Ease of Usage and Functionality

1blu caters to a vast spectrum of clients. They have basic packages all the way to enterprise-scale dedicated servers for new website operators. Their joint hosting plans all come with these features as standard:

  • Backups to webspace via client access
  • At least one Free Registration Domain
  • Limitless traffic
  • Secure certificates with SSL
  • Separate Storage of Email

There is nothing especially impressive about 1blu’s packages, but for those looking for all-inclusive options, their array of features is very extensive. First of all, for beginners, they deliver some fantastic features. They have over 100 apps for all of their plans, which can be installed with a single press. Many of their plans often offer a free three-month trial with ready-made models to a website designer that comes pre-loaded. With only a few clicks and zero coding skills, you can create and configure your website.

Notice that you can find your account’s scripting capabilities incredibly restricted unless you qualify for their higher-tier plans. No MySQL database or even PHP is supported by their most entry-level kit, so you won’t be able to install a CMS like WordPress. To have MySQL databases hosted on an SSD-equipped server along with support for Perl, Python, SSI, and PHP 5.6-7.2, you’ll have to go for at least their Homepage A kit.

Another drawback is that 1blu does not appear to advertise a promise of uptime, which renders its quality levels a little suspicious. They boldly announce that they have reached 100% availability, but the research they carried out was back in 2016 and just for a span of two weeks, which does not instill that much confidence.

Pricing and Support

Compared to both German manufacturers and foreign providers, 1blu ‘s costs are very affordable. They have a range of price points for novice users with slightly improved features all the way up to large-scale technical plans, but their entry-level plans are incredibly restricted in developer capability, as previously stated.

1blu has a cheap price per month, which rises if you upgrade every 12 months. They do not force you, though, to take up a deal for more than 12 months. The periods and terms of the deal are the same: 12 months paying upfront, with a termination duration of one month. Although revoked by the customer, contracts are immediately extended for a corresponding 12-month cycle. They do not sell monthly plans, nor do they have guarantees for free trials or money back.

Sadly, since they don’t offer live chat, I was dissatisfied with their customer service choices. Between 8AM and 8PM on weekdays, they provide email, internet, and fax service. To get help, I sent multiple emails; I did not get a timely response, though. Ideally, using live chat, I would like to be able to reach help so that I can get an immediate answer to my questions.