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Business Plan Software in 2021 – App Sofa
Business Plan Software in 2021

Business Plan Software in 2021

There are a number of measures involved in launching a new company. New business ideas are brainstormed, a business plan is written, a business entity is formed, a website is created, a marketing plan is built, and at first it can feel overwhelming.

Luckily, there are plenty of tech choices for business planning that will support you every step of the way. Tools for a business strategy support you:

  • Develop strategies for sales and marketing.
  • Get in balance for the accounting and taxation.
  • Build financial estimates and predictions for sector.
  • Finalize a skilled strategic strategy and post it.

In this guide, to help take the guesswork out of your preparation, I rated and checked the best technological solutions. Pricing, company functions, team coordination, integrations, help, and more are focused on these feedback.

Let’s immerse ourselves in the list.

Whose Program is the Right Business Plan?

Here are my options on the right marketing strategy program on your small business to use.

1. LivePlan.

Good for small firms looking for a company planner that is cost-efficient and easy to use ($15 a month).

LivePlan-Best Software Business Plan

LivePlan is a forum for business preparation that lets you track your business success. For motivation, it comes filled with over 500 free and full-length sample business plans. They allow you to imagine your full project as well. Plus, via in-built instances, LivePlan also provides step-by – step support.

It includes a marketing strategy for small and emerging enterprises that you can use to illustrate market prospects to your customers. In any point in time, you can even make adjustments and improvements to the schedule and keep it correct.

Such attributes include:

  • Develop financial projections and reports
  • Format approved by SBA
  • Collaboration between teams
  • Benchmarks for business to recognize your rivals

In addition, the automated financials and presentation functionality of LivePlan help you to transform your one-page plan to a thorough schedule. Plus, these financial resources provide you with an estimation of your economic performance for the next five years.

Main Functionalities:

  • Market Concept Canvas-This helps you to build on a single page your business model. In about 30 minutes, you will get your business idea reported to share it with customers and partners.
  • Cash Flow Forecasting-To construct a prediction, it incorporates the accounting data of the firm automatically. Only a few bite-sized moves you need to take. You should synchronize it with QuickBooks and Xero as well.
  • Milestone Scheduling: Prepare the LivePlan dashboard for business-critical activities and achievements. And if an occurrence is due, it will give you automatic notifications.


  • It offers the revenue strategy with digital forecasting instruments.
  • Sixty-day cash-back guarantee.
  • Select from 10 financing-optimized strategy themes.
  • The company dashboard helps you to track your company with main metrics such as cost and expenditures, breakdown of sales , net profit, operating margin, etc.
  • Via simple-to-manage permissions and global connectivity, it allows collaboration.
  • It helps you to work concurrently on several successful plans.
  • Bank-level protection.


Three price options are provided by LivePlan:

  • Yearly: $15 a month
  • 6-Months: 18 dollars each month
  • Pay as you go: 20 bucks a month

Apps including automated financials, 500 + sample schedules, estimating software, guided schedule maker, results dashboards, etc. are included with each schedule. While there isn’t a free trial, you get a money-back guarantee of 60 days.

2. Bizplan.

Good for start-ups and small companies ($20.75 a month) finding access to a financing site.

Bizplan-new tools for company planning

Bizplan is a modern business plan platform that offers resources to help you create your plan and get funded, such as a direct creator, drag-and – drop models, automated financial forecasts, online fundraising tool, etc.

In order to create a ready-to-use business strategy, the guided business plan designer prompts you to answer several questions. To assist you in drafting a business plan, it breaks down all into a step-by – step procedure.

Bizplan-Builder Guided

To decide whether you need to keep or delete from the programme, you can use its drag-and – drop models.

Plus, the Financial Command Center of Bizplan helps you to control all important finances from a single location, such as wage forecasts, sales estimates, balance sheets, etc.

Often, Bizplan offers elements such as:

  • Directed Funding Courses
  • Simple access to Live Practitioners
  • Free login to the online donation site of Bizplan
  • Digital layouts to add to the company agenda
  • Track progress to check the schedule to validate how close you are to the finish line.
  • Group management software and access control from anywhere you choose.

Main Functionalities:

  • Raise Funds Online- If you are a start-up or small business looking for an angel, sign up for for free. It lets you connect and collect funds for your start-up with hundreds of potential investors.
  • Specialist Help-It provides assistance through 650 recordings of the specialist masterclass, self-guided lessons, and a pool of over 1,000 guides.
  • Monitor Access-It helps you to restrict who may see the private business details or comment about it. Since it’s a cloud-based network, you can even manage access from anywhere.


  • To make your business strategy more entertaining, use visual graphics.
  • Keep track of your activities using a dashboard for success.
  • It offers numerous records such as financial statements, balance sheets, study of break-even, customer turnover, and more.
  • Collaborate with threaded responses by recording reviews.
  • Share your business proposal immediately with a quick connection.


Three price options are provided by Bizplan, including:

  • Monthly: 29 dollars a month
  • Annual: $20.75 a month ($249 a annum billed.)
  • Lifetime Access: One-time charge of $349

All plans include all Bizplan features, self-guided classes, 650 lessons of the master class, 1,000 + tips on how-to, etc.

3. Business Plan Pro.

Best ($99.95 one-time payment) for small companies wanting better customization and consumer service.

Pro Business Model

Business Plan Pro is a small business plan program that provides over 500 models and prototypes for business plans. For any page, it also offers customization options. You can also rearrange the page’s outline and add whatever you like.

The models and prototypes are viewed by developers, banks, and SBA-approved lenders in the desired format. Plus, there are various types of models to help you choose a suitable design, such as Engineering, Automobile, Travel & Transportation, etc.

The sub-product of the app, EasyPlan Wizard, includes step-by – step instructions to help you produce your business plan. They’re going to ask you easy questions, and you’re going to get guidance from business leaders like Tim Berry-MBA at Stanford University.

Even, you’ll get things like:

  • For every subject and table included in your schedule, video guides and guidance and illustrations.
  • Error search to review growth rates, measurement of break-even, and more.
  • Spreadsheets and financials.
  • Instruments for answering legal questions.

Pro Business Strategy-Functionality

In addition, Business Strategy Pro helps you to directly import data from QuickBooks. Your business proposal can also be exported to Microsoft Excel , Word, and PowerPoint or translated into a PDF document.

SecurePlan also promises to help you share your paper with partners and investors.

Main Functionalities:

  • Advanced Spreadsheets-This helps you to install infinite custom sheets or directly import data from Excel sheets. An sophisticated financial forecasting platform also comes with it.
  • Non-Profit Plan Settings-Customizes budgetary, schedule descriptions, schedules, and guidance for a non-profit company automatically when you choose the non-profit option in the Plan Configuration.
  • Graphic Forecaster Tool-Use the drag-and – drop graphic forecaster to construct visually pleasing forecasts.


  • The map editor allows you to design 3-D maps and create them.
  • For insight and reference, it delivers over 11,000 company profiles.
  • Step-by – step instructions through the whole process of corporate planning.
  • To help you establish reasonable growth rates, manageable cash flow forecasts, break-even research, and more, predictive number-crunching.
  • About 500 company proposals for samples.
  • Sixty-day cash-back guarantee.


Two editions are produced by Business Plan Pro:

  • Premier: one-time $159.95 bill
  • Standard: one-time $99.95 charge

The two editions include step-by – step assistance and professional advice, analysis methods for business, and more. The Premier versions, on the other hand , allow you to import from Microsoft Excel and deliver visual cash scheduling, custom templates, etc.

4. GuruPlan.

Good for planning and budgeting tools ($99 a month) in business strategy applications.

Cover illustration for PlanGuru

PlanGuru is a program for small to medium-sized corporations to non-profits for business planning that lets you budget, create financial predictions, and prepare for the future. In just a couple of minutes, you can use the tools to construct a thorough study.

PlanGuru allows you to carry out three primary roles, including:

  • Budgeting & Financial Analytics- To make smart choices, set financial targets and evaluate the financial condition.
  • Rolling Forecast-Predict before you make the outcome of your financial decisions based on feasibility and assets.
  • Strategic Planning-Create a long-term growth strategy focused on what-if scenarios, future threats, and prospects for the venture.

Plus, it helps you to build forecasts with an automated balance sheet , income statement, and cash flow statement for up to 10 years.

To construct infinite business plans, you can also combine PlanGuru with Xero, QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online, and Excel Import. In addition, it comes with an in-built Excel report maker and helps you to export your normal Word , Excel, and PDF reports.

Main Functionalities:

  • Scenario Analysis-To enable you make rational choices and acquisitions with greater confidence, it analyzes the potential effects of different special incidents.
  • PlanGuru Launch- If you have a complicated project and need personal assistance with your business plan, PlanGuru comes in handy. Their team will help you with everything based on variables such as the time horizon and cost limitations.
  • Forecasting Methods-It provides over 20 forecasting methods that allow up to 10 years for you to project the financial scenario.


  • With non-financial info, PlanGuru may perform forecasting.
  • It provides financial ratios and an instrument for company assessment.
  • It offers in-built frameworks for financial statements.
  • In order to build ambitious schedules, it comes with infinite budgeting capabilities.
  • Tools and dashboards for in-app reporting to track your company.
  • Instruments of engagement with trained accountants.


Even if the rates are close, PlanGuru provides multiple pricing options for companies / non-profits and advisors.

Plans for Business / Nonprofit and Advisors:

  • Monthly: $99 a month / Supplemental users: $29 a month
  • Annual: 899 dollars a year / Additional users: 299 dollars per year

You may also select either a Windows Desktop system or a cloud-based software. You even have a money-back policy for 30 days.

5. GoSmallBiz.

Good for making quarterly statements ($39 a month) for small companies and non-profits.

GoSmallBiz: Financial statements are produced

GoSmallBiz, created by NFL Hall of Famer and entrepreneur Fran Tarkenton, lets you create a business strategy that is specifically matched with your venture.

To produce the precise document you need, it provides business-specific preparation models and professional guidance. Plus, the step-by – step wizard lets you create a business strategy by filling in several segments with company information.

Its online schedule control is another helpful tool. You will plan and get email updates for meetings, holidays, and appointments. Plus , it helps you, for multi-year forecasts, to construct financial statements such as revenue, cash flow, and balance sheets.

GoSmallBiz-Applications, Applications

Another plus feature is customer service. Within two business days, they claim to have a guaranteed reaction. In addition, via the app or online media, you may also pose infinite questions.

GoSmallBiz, though, is more fitting for developing a marketing strategy to draw further customers instead of juggling various areas of industry.

Main Functionalities:

  • Financial Statements-Create financial statements, include cash income, estimates, balance sheets, and more.
  • Project Wizard-Enables you to add or exclude components from its nearly 100 market models. You may also shift the chronology of parts and change the material table.
  • Good Financials- On an annual, commodity, or segment basis, you may get your sales forecasts. Based on some main indicators, it also helps you to forecast several sales sources.

Pros: Pros:

  • In two types, it includes reporting, including insurance and restaurant company.
  • Monitor the costs of your sales workers, including insurance, mail, and salaries.
  • Including comprehensive details, including security deposit, launch date, monthly leasing, and more for your brick-and – mortar shop.
  • To monitor HR expenditures, you get a new tab.
  • Your pre-written document may also be downloaded from the word processor.


A single pricing plan of $39 per month is provided by GoSmallBiz. Because it’s a month-to – month schedule, you do not have to sign up for any long-term contracts.

In addition, the framework encompasses apps for project strategies, CRM w/ Email Communication, HR Document Builder, Company & Legal Forms, Project Roadmap, etc.

6. Enloop.

Great for automated schedules for online sharing and publishing ($11 a month).

Automatic Company Planning Enloop

Enloop offers tools for a business plan that develops predictive business plans and assesses their capacity. It also encourages you to interact alongside your remote staff, administrator, and organization members. Different stakeholders will access and update the business strategy from various locations.

Plus, in order to build customized business strategies, it also synchronizes your financial data with your company information. In its numerous pages, you only need to insert all the related business details, and for each segment, Enloop automatically generates code.

Features Enloop

Whenever it detects some business-critical challenges, it is even useful for making automated improvements. You can edit the text, add tables or images, and insert financial forecasts into your business plan on top of that.

In addition, to evaluate crucial challenges and fix them until it is too late, Enloop produces pass / fail reports and certificates.

Main Functionalities:

  • Real-time Success Ratings-It gives the company strategy a real-time ratings. In terms of score, the stronger your strategy is, the higher it will portray.
  • Nation Currency Formatting- For your business proposal, you can use over 100 currency symbols and number formatting.
  • Financial Ratios-To assess the results, Enloop produces 16 financial ratios. To demonstrate where you stand, they also compare your ratios to your competitors.

Pros: Pros:

  • For your business plan, it generates financial forecasts.
  • Free 7-day trial with no credit card.
  • To build presentations easily, use financial and business strategy models.
  • For improved comprehension, it depicts details in colored graphics.
  • Collaborate from everywhere in the world for up to 5 members.


Two pricing plans are given by Enloop:

  • Detailed plan: when charged monthly, $19.95 a month or $11 a month
  • Performance plan: when paid annually, $39.95 per month or $24 per month

You also get a 7-days free trial (no credit card required).

7. StratPad.

Good for small-business owners pursuing loans and partners ($19.99 annually cost each month).

StratPad: company strategies that are cloud-based

StratPad is a business plan software based on the cloud that helps you build and share your business plan. Via its step-by – step design, you will build a business strategy within a day.

The strategy to the business plan involves making financial forecasts. To automatically create relevant financial statements and projections, they ask you all the business-critical questions. To boost the cash flow and facilitate expansion plans, you may even apply for grants. Additionally, StratPad often combines an appropriate lending organization for your business strategy.

When you require any mentoring and support with your strategy, you will have links to coaching and advisors. And not just that! To help you operate your company, it can also link you with different professionals.

Main Functionalities:

  • Video Course-It provides 20 brief videos in a step-by – step format to clarify anything relevant to business planning.
  • Document and record the success of your business strategy via StratPad to chart your development.
  • Connect: Immediately share company strategies in real-time with co-workers, stakeholders , and customers.


  • Export financial details by incorporating QuickBooks.
  • Develop and treat business strategies that are limitless.
  • Extensive help from customers via email support.
  • For free, regular software updates are available.
  • Your notes and maps may be exported, scanned, or emailed.


Two cloud-based plans are offered by StratPad (no long-term commitments):

  • Company Plan: $19.99 paid annually every month
  • Unlimited Plan: $39.99 paid monthly every month

You will build up to 5 plans for the Enterprise Plan, whilst the Infinite Plan generates limitless business plans. In addition, all policies provide a step-by – step tutorial tutorial, 5-level data security, interactive outcome monitoring maps, instructional videos, etc.

8. iPlanner.

Good for business strategy models unique to the market ($299 a year).

Cover on iPlanner. NET

IPlanner. NET features applications for strategic strategies and financial preparation solutions to help you build business plans. The market simulation system allows you to create a real-time business model when interacting alongside your colleagues. Plus, it includes numerous user-friendly business strategy models such as business plan for hotels, business plan for investment funding, elevator pitch, etc.

It also comes fitted with an economic engine to gauge numerous parameters such as revenue, market prediction, quantities consumed, and more. In addition, to enable you communicate tasks with your colleagues, all the tasks saved on iPlanner have different and protected URLs.

iPlanner also connects small companies and people with mentoring, services, and encouragement.

Main Functionalities:

  • Marketing Strategy-Create with the target market plan a marketing strategy area, target market, and competition analysis.
  • Expert Mentors-In order to develop a marketing strategy to find prospective partners, it has a pool of expert mentors to offer tailored assistance.
  • Sample Language-For any section that you will include in your business strategy, it provides sample language. What’s more, they give advice on the data that you need to use in your strategy.


  • Through emails and how-to manuals, it provides customer service.
  • Industry-specific, pre-built prototypes to build personalized business strategies.
  • For a smooth communication, upload papers, studies, meetings, and more.
  • Feed-in content, including websites, MS Word , Excel, corporate intranets, etc., from various external sources
  • Your data on the cloud has to be backed up periodically.


There are three pricing plans offered by iPlanner. NET:

  • Professional: $24 for 3 months (One project only helps you to create)
  • Corporate: $59 for 6 months (Allows you to build 12 projects)
  • Corporate Plus: Quotation-based

With the amount of programs, the complexity of the Business Strategy is rising.

9. Business Sorter.

Best for making strategic strategies that are creatively pleasing ($10 a month).

Company Sorter: screenshot displayed

Company Sorter is a business strategy application built on the cloud that offers the information to build strategies that you can distribute and monitor. Six main market areas are included in the content, including revenue, financing, brand, staff, activities, and products & services.

Company Sorter helps you:

  • Manage finances for you
  • Tackle organizational concerns
  • Name and campaign operation preparation
  • Planning an organization of every scale and resources
  • And more,

It includes a card processing scheme of 273 cards representing numerous market scenarios. You may also select, remove, introduce cards of your own or change old ones.

In a single setting, you will retain anything, even your views and suggestions. At any stage, it also provides guidance and suggestions to help you bring your plan into motion.

Main Functionalities:

  • To illustrate problems and use ‘Last’ Operation ‘to chart the status of activities relating to multiple programs, you may use’ Work Notice ‘to monitor progress.
  • Monitor- By assigning assignments, establishing due dates, and budgeting, monitor the energy. To see who finishes the assignment and at what time, you may even monitor the success of your squad.
  • Plan Notes-Keep all business-related thoughts and details handy by jotting them on plan notes.


Create and control, from a single dashboard, up to 40 business strategies.

Collaborate in real-time for an infinite amount of people through exchanging live schedules.

A market trial of 14 days is provided through Company Sorter.

For free, daily updates are available.

It comes with an autosave mechanism and good protection for info.


Four price plans are given by Company Sorter depending on the size of the team:

  • Tiny Team: $10 for up to 3 users every month
  • Medium Team: $30 for up to 10 users each month
  • Big Team: $80 for up to 20 users each month
  • Enterprise: For unrestricted consumers, quote-based

For reduced prices, you should even pursue their yearly programs.

Plus, all the plans encourage you to build up to 40 company plans. They also have safe data storage, connectivity to any computer, collaboration team management and direct contact, and so on.

10. Venngage.

Better for using infographics, surveys, and simulation of data ($19 a month) to build business strategies.

Venngage: framework for concept tool

Venngage is a modeling framework that enables you to build marketing strategies and use visuals, infographics, and presentations to illustrate your business concept. It generates graphics that help you describe the overview of the sector, forecasts, financial targets, and more in an entertaining way.

It encourages you to create a business strategy in a few quick measures. Those moves involve:

  • You may select a design from over 100 + models for infographics, papers, roadmaps, posters, etc.
  • Add charts & images to connect them to the design by selecting from hundreds of charts , maps, and icons.
  • Customize your logo. Eventually, by modifying fonts and shades, customize the logo and apply finishing touches.

Venngage also lets you use visuals, fonts, and colors on your own company. To support you build a beautifully pleasing business document, it also provides over 70 highly selected fonts.

Main Functionalities:

  • Data Visualization-Line Table, Stacked Bar Chart, Bubble Chart, Pie Chart, and more import data directly from spreadsheets.
  • Drag-and-Drop-Use the drag-and – drop method to incorporate widgets when changing their color, scale, and orientation to your business strategy. You can group and lock widgets as well.
  • Social Sharing: You can post your business strategy on social media via a landing page or personalized connection. It also enables the paper to be accessed as File / interactive File or PNG.


  • It helps you to work with other users and concurrently edit a text.
  • For added visual appeal, Venngage offers an comprehensive range of pictures, animations, and icons.
  • This helps organizations to have their promotional features.
  • Your own photos, logos, illustrations, etc. may also be posted.
  • On its paid plans, you get priority service.
  • 24/7 help for companies and one-on-one calls.


For multiple criteria, Venngage proposes three plans:

  • Free of charge (For students): $0
  • Premium (For people): $19 a month
  • Company (For organizations & companies): $49 per month

For quarterly plans, you can save 12 percent and monthly installments save 20 percent.

11. Xero.

Perfect for small & mid-sized company owners searching for easy ($9 a month) business strategy models.

Xero: platform for accounting

Xero is an accounting program that will help you develop a financial strategy ideal for small to medium-sized companies.

It provides two styles of one-page and multi-page business plan models.

Business plan templates for Xero

The one-page business strategy models are perfect for start-ups or whether the original concept is to be jotted down. However, if you’re going to include all the details, you need to use a multi-page template.

However, like most business plan apps, Xero doesn’t make you do online editing. You have to request a template by filling in the contact form with your name and email.

For your business strategy, you should even use Xero ‘s accounting functionality (like inventory tracking).

Main Functionalities:

  • Guides-This includes comprehensive guides on beginning, maintaining, and handling the inventory of your company.
  • Advisor Directory-Take financial experts’ assistance by selecting professional contacts from its directory.
  • Assistive Text-All parts of the design come with sample text offering tips and techniques for making more productive business plans.


  • When you update the headings, the table of content is automatically updated.
  • In PDF format, save and share the file.
  • For graphs and infographics, it offers separate sections.
  • Before buying it, you get a 30-day free trial to try the stuff.


Three price plans are provided by Xero:

  • Early: 9 dollars a month
  • Growing: 30 dollars a month
  • Established: 60 dollars a month

What is Tech for a Business Plan?

A corporation wants a blueprint on the path to growth that serves as its guide. Company proposals were long and time-intensive manuals that were manually written up in the past.

They found it very hard to scan for results, which also contributed to errors. Often, owing to a shortage of time, the teams did not finish the preparations, which was a significant impediment to the progress and competitiveness of an organization. This has contributed to a slowdown in decision-making in industry.

And this is where the tools for the business strategy joined the game.

Today, you will build highly skilled strategies and make it easier to obtain economical, organizational, and strategic knowledge using these business plan resources. For all business-related material, it serves as a centralized repository. They support organizations derive actionable knowledge and show benefits that create a meaningful effect on clients and customers alike.

PlanGuru, Bizplan, LivePlan, and others are some of the latest business plan resources.