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Best Mobile Affiliate Networks in 2021 – App Sofa
Best Mobile Affiliate Networks in 2021

Best Mobile Affiliate Networks in 2021

A mobile affiliate network is a mobile portal that acts as a middleman solution between mobile marketers, such as owners of mobile applications or any organization that offers a product or service through a mobile site, and affiliates (or ‘publishers’) engaged in performance-based advertisement for the former. It works on the basis of either the CPA (cost-per-action) scheme, with affiliates earning a reward anytime such performance takes place as the download of an app or the procurement of a product/service or the scheme of revenue sharing anytime affiliates earn a certain amount of marketers’ revenue.

CPA services provide the opportunity to produce substantial sales from the correct traffic for advertisers and broadcast purchasers (or ‘affiliates’). If publishers find traffic that converts especially well with a specific form of offer, therefore they may produce a much higher eCPM or total sales using affiliate ads than traditional promotions focused on click prices. Furthermore, by purchasing traffic and leveraging it to produce arbitrage between its expense and the benefit created by the CPA deals, smart affiliates or media buyers may build a margin. However, considering the vast number of parameters (device, operating system etc.) that need to be monitored and controlled, doing this may be difficult on mobile.

Because of a vast number of smartphone applications on the market, it is extremely impossible for software companies to generate a return on their applications and it is thus important to find an alternate sales source. App affiliate networks allow marketers in different verticals and places to exploit their existing partnerships with advertisers and access traffic deals. It is a challenge software companies to hit advertisers with a particular traffic demand and affiliate marketers are not simply able to operate successfully on their own. It takes time and needs business partnerships to be formed that they don’t have time or enough expertise to develop.

The list of Mobile Affiliate Networks

No.1 Amazon Mobile Associates

By selling tangible or digital goods, Amazon Mobile Affiliates helps advertisers to monetize mobile applications that they sell via the iOS App Store , Google Play market, or Amazon Marketplace. The Amazon brand that stands behind it and strengthens its trustworthiness for smartphone consumers is the biggest asset of the site. There are 10 percent commissions on original sales made by members as well as commissions for all additional transactions made by the same smartphone customers of the affiliate network.

Tag line: Gain advertising fees of up to 10 percent from a trusted e-commerce pioneer

Main features: luxury brand, Amazon professional advice groups, advice for various platforms: iOS, Linux , MacOS, Windows, annual commissions

Forms of Commission: CPA

No. 2 Apple App Store Affiliate

Apple App Store Partner is an Apple Inc. affiliate network allowing internet publishers to receive fees allowing digital content ads hosted on the Apple App Store.

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Main characteristics: backed up by the Apple brand

Forms of Commission: CPA

No.3 MaxBounty

MaxBounty is a performance-marketing network located in Canada that was established in 2004. The business emphasis of the group is on striking a combination of desires, associates and marketers, on both sides of the success marketing arena. It hosts a portfolio of more than 1,500 partner campaigns to select from, spanning verticals such as consumer analysis, diet, dating, banking, real estate, social games, etc.

Tag line: The leading value marketing network in the sector.

Main features: endorsing payment methods for Check, PayPal, Wire, Payoneer, ACH (Direct Deposit), Net 7 and Net 15 payment frequency.

Groups of Commissions: CPA, CPL, CPS

No.4 ClickDealer

ClickDealer, a GDM Group organization, provides marketers, marketers, and partners worldwide with value marketing strategies. The business provides a wide selection of promotional services for its consumers that suit every particular collection of KPIs. The business has been able to secure relationships with 2000 + marketers across 12 major verticals for the last seven years, covering profitable directions such as Dating, E-commerce & Retail, Wellness & Beauty, Mobile Utilities and more. Headquartered in the Netherlands, the organization has more than 5 branches worldwide and offers assistance in 12 languages. In a 24/7 basis, qualified account managers offer optimization insights, offer updates and technological assistance.

Tag line: Launch Revenue Generation with ClickDealer Offers

Main characteristics: reward scheme, recommendation scheme, smartlink dating, parties around the globe,

Forms of Commissions: CPA, CPC, CPL, CPS

No.5 AdCombo

AdCombo is a laser-focused CPA marketing network that extends strategic, profitable collaborations between marketers and publishers to monetize their traffic. Cash on Delivery product help is one of the services that separates this business from other mobile partner networks, which includes paying publishers whenever a deal is completed with a phone call. Affiliate site of the business with exclusive, premium direct deals.

Tag line: CPA marketing has changed forever.

Main features: designers translated into 40 languages, enabling business model cost-per-call, strong conversion and EPC rates

Groups of Commissions: CPA, CPI, CPL, CPS, CPC

No.6 AdmitAD

Dmitad is a network focused on Cost Per Operation that provides all the advertisement requirements. To ensure the monetization of traffic, Admitad provides reputable sales channels and publishers with new business models. Founded in 2009 in Germany (launched in 2010), it currently operates globally. Admitad has its own creative in-house app, premium payments beginning from $10 on request, a range of modern technologies and products that are well recognized.

Tag line: Admitad helps marketers and publishers expand their worldwide online business.

Main features: anti-fraud technology, cross-device monitoring, monitoring of signatures, toolbox ads, anti-cookie technology, choices for deep connections, cross-device tracking, in-house platform;

Groups of Commissions: CPA, CPC, CPI, CPL

No.7 CrakRevenue

CrakRevenue is an advertisement portal focused on the CPA that ties marketers and publishers. It provides affiliates with more than 1,000 deals to monetize their smartphone inventory, giving marketers the set of three plans to select from (Active Affiliate, VIP Affiliate and Elite Club) to exploit their 10 + years of online marketing. All of which included a Help Desk, hundreds of offers and a 5% lifetime referral program. On top of it, it provides a dedicated affiliate representative, special offers and discounts, periodic payout bumps and more for the second and third plans.

Tag line: The CPA Network Most Effective

Main features: various monitoring choices and files, self-service post-back, Rewarding Funnels method for creating successful sales sites, SmartLinks, WordPress plugin,

Groups of Commissions: CPI, CPL, CPS

No.8 Perform

Perform[cb] empowers brands to attract new consumers on a pay for performance basis across gradual digital platforms. Their patented platform and finely optimized ecosystem with alliances aligns pricing “cost-per” with consumer lifetime value. Perform[cb] is the acknowledged pioneer in online performance marketing with the # 1 ranking marketplace in the world, whether you are an entrepreneur seeking to boost traffic, or a Fortune 500 brand in search of a robust performance marketing plan. In order to reach the clients you desire, they specialize in vertical-specific value communication strategies, and just compensate for the clients you obtain.

Tag line: The Worldwide # 1 CPA Network

Main features: professional account managers, constant, high-volume traffic, brand stability, lifelong value of consumers, affiliate-friendly technology, one-stop solution, assured weekly payments

Groups of Commissions: CPA, CPC, CPI, CPL

No.9 Cpamatica

Cpamatica is an associate network with headquarters in Edinburgh , Scotland, serving the smartphone ad industries in Europe and both North and Latin America. When publishers sign up for the Cpmatica platform, they earn the first payment within 10 days, and publishers are charged on a weekly basis each Thursday. 

Tag line: The Network of Associates 

Main features: 2% recommendation service, custom choices for authorized publishers, for each bid, custom promotional creatives, 

Forms of Commission: CPA

No.10 ClearPier Performance

To support mobile app marketers gain their potential customers anywhere they are in the modern environment, ClearPier Output offers performance-based ads. In order to drive superior campaign results, the groundbreaking nxus ® technology processes over 6 billion data points a day.

Tag line: Advertisement for success that outperforms

Core features: TrafficGuIPrdTM allows optimize ROI, enables initiatives to scale to get easy access to developers next app users to get actual app users and safeguard efficiency.

Groups of Commissions: CPA, CPL, CPI

No.11 Bitter Strawberry is an independent Swiss-based mobile performance network that lets businesses monetize their traffic. Based on geo place, mobile device model, mobile operator and channel, its app is capable of seeking the right advertiser-publisher match that will generate more value for consumers.

Tag line: High-quality, autonomous network of results

Main features: coverage globally, 12,000 + deals, devoted help, $100 minimum charge,

Forms of Commissions: CPA, CPC, CPI, CPL, CPM

No. 12 Mobidea

Mobidea is a network of smartphone affiliates that concentrate on CPA ads. Publishers get regular payments by PayPal, ePayments, Payza, Paxum, FirstchoicePay, and Wire Transfers through Mobidea. The platform provides affiliates with real-time optimization tools to concentrate their attention exclusively on top conversion deals. In 5 languages, Mobidea offers 7/7 service.

Tag line: Hardware that frees you up

Main features: Auto-optimize Smartlink ® traffic, support for both CPA and CPI, emphasis on VOD, utilities and dating applications, presence in more than 200 countries

Forms of Commissions: CPA, CPC, CPI, CPL, CPM

No.13 MobVista

Mobvista is a technology platform that provides software creators worldwide with social ads and social analytics services. It was created in March, 2013 in Hong Kong , China, by Robin Duan. More than 500 software developers host the company’s Mintegral monetization network and support 2 billion+ regular ad requests in 1,000 + games, featuring a 97-99 percent fill score. Native Feed, Native App Wall, Incentivized Bid Wall and Compensated Video are among the ad formats they endorse.

Tag line: A leading forum for global software developers in technology

Main characteristics: premium offerings of CPA & CPI, high CR & EPC, committed managers

Types of Commissions: CPA, CPI

No.14 Wewe Media

Wewe Media is a mobile performance marketing network offering CPA deals, traffic monetization tools and SmartLink deals to publishers of web material. The team behind the Wewe Media brand comprises of leaders of affiliate marketing with 6-7 years of field experience. 4 verticals are the subject of its affiliate platform: Nutra, Dating, Sweepstakes, CPI.

Tag line: You Can Rely On The Leading Value Marketing Network. Ever. Still.

Main features: Wewe Media Intellink ® Hyper-Optimization Software, Intellink ® Software, high payouts, 5000 + Quality Mobile Advertising and SmartLink offerings,

Groups of Commissions: CPA, CPI, CPL, CPS, RevShare

No.15 Billy Mobile

Billy Mobile, located in Barcelona , Spain, is a performance-based partner network. Publishers get 100 percent fill rate for Billy’s partner network in all countries in which it runs, the performance of ad campaigns is backed up utilizing AI algorithms and consumer data. Each marketing strategy against fraud is dedicated to Billy’s team, which implements innovative ad formats and offers 24/7 tech support.

Tag line: Your Money Is Our Primary Target

Main features: powered by user data & AI algorithms, patented ML tool ACTIVE Bx, 100 percent fill rate around the globe, fraud security

Groups of Commissions: CPA, CPI, CPL

No.16 Mobobeat

Mobobeat, founded in 2008 and headquartered in Madrid , Spain, is a mobile performance marketing company. It allows creators of mobile applications to monetize their traffic, provides marketing promotions to sustain their fill rate strong on a global scale for ad networks, and provides advertising buyers with the best Ecpm. The ad platform of Mobobeat includes various optimization tools to manage the performance of ad campaigns in terms of click-through rate, conversion rate and post-install metrics-engagement, LTV and purchases.

Tag line: Mobile Performance Network Fastest Growing

Main features: optimization of post-install measurements, Javascript labeling for ad types,

Types of Commissions: CPA, CPI

No. 17 Edge226

Edge226 is a mobile app consumer acquisition and monetization business powered by results. The organization utilizes its know-how, exclusively managed and managed platforms, big technology and in-house innovative laboratories to launch highly tailored marketing promotions and recruit paid customers for banking, eCommerce, travel, entertainment applications and gaming.

Tag line: AI-Powered Mobile Growth Acceleration Solutions

Main features: DSP, Facebook , Instagram, Google, Snapchat paying ads, driven by AI algorithms.

Groups of Commissions: CPV, CPA, CPI & CPC

No.18 Ströer Precision X

Ströer Precision X is a mobile value marketing network business headquartered in Cologne , Germany and was founded by Florian Lehwald in 2011. The business provides an simple and robust CPA-based network for marketers, publishers and software developers to monetize their mobile site traffic. Publishers gain money throughout their customer’s whole existence with Stroer Mobile Results, meaning after the first CPA payout. The partner portal provides personalized stat reports, a minimum 50 euro payout and a referral scheme to benefit from recommending other publishers to the Ströer Precision X network and making a 5 percent share of their sales revenue.

Tag line: With your app, we have the strongest audience with

Main characteristics: referral scheme, CPA-based, lifelong sales sharing for consumers

Types of Commissions: CPI, CPA

No.19 Yeahmobi

Yeahmobi is a performance-based mobile advertisement company established in China in May 2009 by Peter Zou and Frank Wang. Yeahmobi ‘s smartphone affiliate channel is one of the oldest and most popular app affiliate networks, representing advertisers, advertising sellers, ad networks and affiliate networks that market them on their channel through their own affiliate deals. Multiple offer verticals, such as smartphone delivery, mobile app download, game download, lead generation, Mcommerce and others, are sponsored by the affiliate network. Affiliates may use many forms of traffic to promote deals, mainly view, elect, drive, email, redirect, pop-up / under, native and app-discovery.

Tag line: Sophisticated Forum for Smartphone Ads

Main features: thousands of promotions in 180 + nations, fair payouts, committed associate leaders, monthly fees, free monitoring framework for mobile optimization, video training materials

Forms of Commission: CPA

No. 20 Avazu Private Exchange

Avazu, with its offices in Shanghai , China, is a self-served ad exchange for publishers. More than 130 countries and 85 percent of the world’s internet consumers are covered by the company’s ad network. The organization has managed to secure stable business partnerships with a variety of partners by opening up several offices in Europe , North America and India to create one of the leading affiliate networks for applications. Avazu’s provides various advertisement platforms to affiliates such as banner, pop-up, float and video advertisements to extend the eCPM size and raise sales. The organization will efficiently block the fraudulent distribution of inappropriate advertising by using prediction algorithms and ad tracking systems.

Tag line: A Worldwide Coverage Leading Advertisement Channel

Main features: help versions of CPI, CPC, CPA and CPM, blocking harmful behavior, foreign coverage, controlled & self-service solutions,

Groups of Commissions: CPA, CPI, CPL

No. 21 AppSofa

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The first important element that determines a strong network of app associates is its partnerships with marketers and the opportunity to deliver high-quality traffic to publishers in multiple geo-locations and verticals. The second is the extent of client service, the distribution of instructional resources and instruction to assist partner marketers to produce further profits. Finally, in the context of a loyal scheme, promotions and competitions, offering extra benefits also helps affiliates want to choose particular app partner networks.