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Best Blockchain Companies in 2021 – App Sofa
Best Blockchain Companies in 2021

Best Blockchain Companies in 2021

Looking for top companies for blockchain development? Here’s a selection of the best providers for blockchain developers with checked consumer feedback and scores to help you pick your reliable top blockchain developer. The creation of the blockchain is an interesting notion of being a public database of digitally documented unalterable records. Blockchain technology was originally restricted to being a decentralized ledger that does not rely on a single controller to secure financial transactions. But the use of blockchain technology has emerged as a new horizon for I.T., with new case studies coming into the picture. Market for Company. Thus, GoodFirms now makes it easier to find the right blockchain software company for your business plan across the list below:

  1. Blockchain App Factory
  2. SoluLab
  3. ELEKS
  4. Idealogic
  5. Labrys
  6. Adoriasoft
  7. Blaize
  8. OpenXCell
  9. S-PRO
  10. Cubix

No.1 Blockchain App Factory

The Blockchain App Factory has provided clients with innovative solutions across the farthest ends of the spectrum of business and scale. Our expertise in blockchain development allows us to provide applications in different industries with custom blockchain-based solutions. Decentralize and automate processes with strategically designed ICO, Smart Contract, smart wallets, Hyperledger, and other blockchain-based solutions, and save operational costs. With our services designed to give you the platform you need to succeed, Explore a world of possibilities.

What differentiates us?

  • 1. 200 + professionals from the sector
  • 2. Completion of 42 projects and 20 + projects in progress
  • 3. Indian and Japanese offices
  • 4. For both programs, Agile methodologies
  • 5. Combined fund raising portfolio-$ 700 + Million

No.2 SoluLab

The development of a smartphone app and digital items involves a pinch of the most precious ingredients, much like old grandma’s recipes. We know the “secret ingredients” of a successful app being built.

SoluLab, a former Vice President of Goldman Sachs and former Principal Tech Architect of Citrix, is a leading smartphone, network, and blockchain creation firm. SoluLab provides full-spectrum, 360-degree services to startups, small and large enterprises helping turn their dreams into awesome software products.

Our experienced and knowledgeable team of experts holds an eye on the new technologies and industry innovations to provide the world’s consumers with the right solutions. We focus on disruptive technology such as Cloud, Chatbot, Blockchain, Internet of Things , Artificial Intelligence, Augmented & Virtual Reality, Deep learning, and more, as an award-winning enterprise applications development firm.

We also partnered with many top labels and Fortune 500 corporations including:

  • Goldman Sachs
  • Benz-Mercedes
  • About Walt Disney
  • Citrix
  • Cambridge Assessment English
  • Georgia Software

What differentiates us?

  • 150 + business consultants
  • 1500 projects were successfully completed
  • Indian, U.S., and UAE offices
  • For both programs, Agile methodologies
  • Catering to 25 + verticals of the industry

To discuss your unique ideas, get in touch with us and our experts would be happy to turn them into a profit-generating solution to make your business grow.


ELEKS is a company in the Top 100 in Multinational Outsourcing. We work with enterprise clients and SMEs to elevate their importance through creative technology. Our 1,500 + specialists, based across Europe and the US, offer a wide spectrum of tech resources for our customers. These include development of custom software, product design , quality assurance, R&D, smart teams and services for support and maintenance. We’ve been helping sectors like transportation, hospitality, banking, agriculture, healthcare and government, digitally turn their operations for almost 30 years.

No.4 Idealogic

Idealogic is a Kyiv, Ukraine-based full-cycle app development company with deep product design experience, custom software development, QA assurance, and post-release help in the fields of Fintech, Distribution , Retail, and Market Intelligence. We concentrate on working with start-up creators and developers who, with an inexpensive budget, are focused on implementing their innovations in a scalable and open way.

Why Idealogics? Why?

We care about every project as much as we do ourselves. First of all, you would assume it’s marketing material, but right after submitting your post, you will see our method. Instead of hours, it takes minutes to get a response and you can really know that we are here.

Who’s from Idealogic?

More than 30 programmers, group analysts, project managers, software developers, and QA engineers are able to assist you in bringing the concept to life or improving it. Idealogic aims to remain in fashion to supply you with the new developments, such as:

  • Javascript (frameworks for React.js, Vue.js, Node.js, and React Native);
  • With Python;
  • SWIFT;
  • From Java;
  • (Solidity, IBM Hyperledger Fabric, Stellar, and EOS) blockchain.

How to collaborate with Idealogic?

We may not assume that our team may be specialists in your industry, but we are more than just good at designing applications, so we separate the process of creation into two phases: product design and development itself. It allows us to appreciate your view, needs, and skills more.

If you are hunting for a buddy who can take charge of your proposal like his own, feel free to let us know!

No.5 Labrys

Labrys is a pioneering blockchain software and advisory firm in Australia. We support our clients to design, architect and create groundbreaking products for blockchain.

At Labrys, we offer end-to – end services leveraging Blockchain technologies for people, start-ups, companies and even government customers seeking to plan, develop and deploy revolutionary digital solutions. Labrys is ready to manage the blockchain-related development needs, from smart contracts to smartphone apps and all in between. Our team of programmers, analysts, project managers and engineers take pride in delivering exceptional user interfaces across high-performing online, tablet and desktop apps by embracing the new innovations and frameworks.

We strive to create new and imaginative strategies for complex market challenges through integrated and agile team development. We embrace and put to life modern and experimental blockchain technologies, providing real-world enterprise strategies.

The passion of our team lies in marrying current market challenges with new blockchain technology. Our team will help organizations of all sizes take advantage of the advantages of emerging blockchain technology or collaborate to develop brand new protocols and integrations.

Both Labrys workers operate from our headquarters in Brisbane , Australia, ensuring that all projects are produced to the highest quality, completed on schedule and on budget and with open and consistent contact.

In a broad variety of sectors, we have built and developed Blockchain Applications, operating with different systems, so we know what goes good and what falls short. Our engineers are able to analyse a chosen system and customise it to fit you, delivering the answer you need.

No.6 Adoriasoft


For entrepreneurs and mid-size enterprises, we create tech devices. We still look at things from the perspective of the end-user, designing apps from scratch, keeping it as intuitive and practical as possible. As our staff understands perfectly and practices all the product creation phases, our clients may depend on Adoriasoft. If the aim is to draw buyers or unleash the MVP, we know how new goods reach markets.

We often track the current technological developments in the development of apps and monitor the product demand to know what today’s business demands for hi-tech applications are.

What are our fortresses?

Our team consists of science-oriented professionals with math-driven methods, rather than just coders.

We use our expertise and skills with a deep experience in computer technology and cryptography to develop sophisticated and reliable technological solutions from the ground up.

We still treat our ventures with a constructive mindset that deeply examines our customers ‘ business requirements and recommends the most optimal solutions.

We embrace the team enlargement model , which means we integrate our IT professionals seamlessly into the existing teams of our customers.

Our vast product creation expertise helps us to enter the initiative from the early stages and to recommend the most successful methods of executing it. We often start with the experimentation process when developing apps to get to the very heart of the app.

Our team consists of highly professional developers from various regions that we have cherry-picked

No.7 Blaize

Blaize is a product creation & support organization with a primary blockchain technology competency. 

We are a tight-knit team of professionals with over 3 years of practical experience in the field of blockchain creation. Our key emphasis is on software creation focused on blockchain, DevOps, consulting&supporting services. Our aim is to deliver the best product at a fair price whilst keeping up with the objectives and time frame of the consumer. 

Honesty, professionalism and creativeness are our fundamental principles. As members of the client ‘s family, we still work, expressing their beliefs and working to deliver the best outcomes.

No.8 OpenXcell

OpenXcell, which was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in the USA, is an industry-leading and most reliable software and mobile app development company renowned for offering creative software technologies and mobile app interaction. Thanks to our unstoppable search for embracing newer technologies & developments, we have grown into a one-stop destination providing end-to – end Market & Technology Consultancy.

By adhering to stringent deadlines and reliable deliverables, we have built a stellar reputation in the technology industry. As we follow a customer-oriented service model, we are known by our consumers to be one of the most trustworthy partners.

Facts & numbers:

  • Worldwide equipment supplier with branches in India and the USA
  • 3000 + smartphone applications submitted in App Stores and are already used by 15 million+ daily users worldwide.
  • Delivered 2000 + personalized tech applications
  • Partnered with 750 + entrepreneurs around the globe
  • The central team of 350 + staff with clear experience in the technological domain
  • Using the newest technologies, tactics, methodologies, and tactics to provide our consumers with robust solutions that increase sales.
  • CMMI Level 3 and ISO 9001: 2008 accredited business
  • SCRUM Accredited Developers & Industry Relevant SME (Subject Matter Experts) Team
  • Associated with foreign associations like NASSCOM and IGDA
  • For us, customer confidence is of the utmost importance. The Non-Disclosure Arrangement (NDA) with our consumers is signed to maintain the project’s secrecy.
  • Agile technique and result-driven strategy
  • Our ‘ValueShore’ concept, developed as part of our organizational strategy, puts high focus on building enhanced value for our clients.

We are your great tech & device creation team. To transform the proposal into a company solution that produces sales, get in contact with us.

No.9 S-PRO

S-PRO is an engineering services affiliate. We help startups to create innovative products and empower existing businesses with the digitalization of their core processes to much customer-centric economy needs. We assist our customers to gain further market relations and knowledgeable advisory by collaborating with accelerators Creator Institute, Sente. Link, BCCS Cluster and others. The S-PRO 150 + talent team has the experience and knowledge to have a sophisticated personal strategy and to produce complex strategies understood by the industry.

Our R&D specialists apply our background and world best practices to in-depth research the industry, company goals and provide a holistic view on each project. With apparent market priorities, good management, retained deadlines and senior tech unit, we have full-cycle custom product creation. This strategy allows us the possibility to bring results to our customers and establish long-term partnerships.

StartUp Services:

  • Workshops on Discovery;
  • MVP Development;
  • Team Committed.

Services to established enterprises:

  • Transforming digitally;
  • Latest product development;
  • Intelligence for companies.

Technology expertise:

  • Creation of Mobile;
  • Forefront-end;
  • API and Back-end;
  • Blockchain Development;
  • Machine and AI learning;
  • UI / UX Architecture.

Key Industries:

  • FinTechnology;
  • Logistics;
  • Renewable Power.

No.10 Cubix

Cubix is a major production firm for smartphone applications, gaming and business software! Expert in complex enterprise-level solutions, market intelligence analytics, integrated web and mobile solutions growth, customization and integration. We also worked with customers for over 8 years of experience, including individuals, start-ups and organisations.

Our team constantly improves and masters the advancement of the industry. E-learning, IoT, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, SaaS, Digital Reality, Virtual Reality, etc. Our professional growth team has learned everything and is developing the business. Our role speaks for itself, to see what they had to tell for us on our page, check out our market portfolio and our customer testimonials.