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BigCommerce Review

BigCommerce Review

BigCommerce is a top website for e-commerce that helps you to create an online shop. It helps you to set up your shop on your website, add items, and make money.

But it isn’t like that. BigCommerce is a specialist developer in e-commerce, which means that it is meant to help you sell online. For large or fast-growing enterprises, BigCommerce is better with lots of built-in functionality, data resources, and more. This platform won’t outgrow you too soon!

The clients of BigCommerce include major brand names such as Toyota, Kodak, and Ben & Jerry’s. BigCommerce boasts an incredible average growth of 28 percent for its consumers year on year for small firms looking to scale up.

It’s not all exaggeration. We perform extensive analysis on all the builders we study here at Website Builder Specialist. We put and one to hours of intense testing and ranking by users. We compare, evaluate and dive deep into the specifications, pricing, simplicity of design, customer service, and sales resources of any builder.

BigCommerce was no exception: we took the platform through its paces, and out of all the e-commerce builders we tested (beaten only by Shopify and Wix), it came a good third overall. For website features, BigCommerce was still number five, and was only behind Shopify when it came to sales features.

Can you be the ideal e-commerce builder for BigCommerce? As we shed a spotlight on the consistency of its functionality, ease of use, styles of models, and more, find out. Time is capital, so let’s start with it!

How quick is it to use BigCommerce?

You want to spend as much time as possible as a company owner caring for your clients, delivering merchandise, and watching your earnings increase; you don’t want to spend valuable hours struggling to reformat a text box. That’s why it’s so important to have ease of use, and why we research it so extensively.

And how was BigCommerce doing in our research of ease of use? It was pretty ordinary to be honest. For ease of use, BigCommerce scored 3.3/5 stars, with individuals finding it 14 percent harder to use than Shopify.

Hey, but why?

Its programming interface was the key reason people struggled with BigCommerce. It’s split into two areas when you build your store. One is where you add merchandise and handle the aspects of your shop “behind the scenes,” such as discounts and delivery, while the other is where you edit the storefront.

We recommend setting up the store’s inventory section first to combat this. To personalize your marketplace, upload all your merchandise, add things such as coupons, then go to the marketplace editor.

The good news is, a fresh and exciting feature has just been launched by BigCommerce to make building your shop simpler than ever! Store Design is the latest visual merchandising technique, and it ensures that you can see the results of the edits. BigCommerce is far more personalized with this latest function.

One thing about BigCommerce that remains a constant concern is its vocabulary. It is really confusing, and this makes it unacceptable for beginners. You need to know the technical terminology, or else you will spend a lot of time just finding out what they mean, which, let’s face it, is way less fun than building your shop actually.

BigCommerce is an e-commerce builder built to deliver big business to shops. Think of it like a jumbo jet: it has all the versatile equipment you need to take your online shop for a long-haul trip, without having to halfway change flights. Since passing your pilot’s test, though, you will not be able to fly it straight!

Great complexity comes with great strength, and BigCommerce isn’t perfect for someone who isn’t tech savvy. A great move, though, is the recent introduction of the Store Design tool. It reveals that BigCommerce listens to the suggestions of its customers and makes it easy to use the builder.

Sales Software and Features of BigCommerce

And what are these awesome qualities that we keep going on about?

BigCommerce has the best features of any e-commerce builder in-house. These provide a high degree of consistency and decrease the dependency you can have on software from third parties. Effectively, and at no added cost, you have everything you need right at your fingertips.

Forms Of Commodity

BigCommerce is the first market-based e-commerce builder that helps you to sell physical, wireless, and service-based goods without using an app. Many of these forms of sales are integrated into the editor now. Since you don’t have to think about using third party software, this means less hassle and less expense.

Did you know that BigCommerce was the first full-featured Greenlight CBD sales e-commerce platform? Find out more in our extensive How to Sell CBD Online Guide

Options for payment

You need a way to get paid after you’ve got all your goods lined up and ready to market like hot cakes! BigCommerce doesn’t tie you into its own payment portal, unlike some other e-commerce developers. Better still, it would not place any of its plans on transaction fees.

Instead, without adding any additional costs or processing fees, it lets you pick your own payment gateway. The only payments are the preferred payment gateway ‘s regular credit charge (the typical credit card charge is 2.2 percent + 30 percent).