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Best Dedicated Hosting

Best Dedicated Hosting

We will have a peek today at the best cheap dedicated servers that the industry has to sell.

You either have a high-traffic website or a project that needs a very particular setup when you need such a network. It would be futile to attempt to decide the “right server provider”; what matches you could be a nightmare for anyone else.

My aim will be to post impartial feedback of the leading hosts that are part of their product line providing dedicated servers. I’m going to try to outline stuff like efficiency , cost-effectiveness, support level, and credibility for the company.

Okay, so, let’s get straight into this.

Methodology of ours

It doesn’t have to be a huge deal to choose the best dedicated server hosting service from the pool of available firms. Just as for most related solutions, if you adopt a well thought-out strategy, you will quickly narrow down the options.

Here are the moves that we have included in ours:

  • Looking for a dedicated server implies that you have either a very large-scale project or require a highly specialized solution only for yourself. Before you start shortlisting applicants, get a good picture about your individual requirements.
  • If you don’t know anything about hardware specifications, it’s safer to employ a system administrator to take care of the technicalities. Industry-leading providers invest in their web hosting machines as they know that when selecting a site, that’s the first make-or – break aspect.
  • Consider the functionality. You need to outline what features are important for your project, just as for your resource specifications. Are any of them provided by your potential host? What are any extras that you may not have known are?
  • Test the support team-Dedicated servers are normally the last and, rightfully, the most costly hosting stage. That’s why you can not be content by something other than the maximum concentration and competence of the support.
  • Plan the budget. Costs for a self-owned computer, or for inexpensive dedicated servers, will differ greatly. Be sure that the same introductory and renewal prices are reviewed and what they cover. Setup costs are still not rare, so look out for any secret expenditures.

  1. HostWinds
  2. Bluehost
  3. GoDaddy
  4. A2 Hosting
  5. 1&1 IONOS
  6. HostGator
  7. FastComet
  8. InMotion
  9. DreamHost
  10. Liquid Web

No.1 Hostwinds

Hostwinds is a provider located in Seattle that provides a complete variety of hosting options, from tiny pooled accounts all the way to dedicated budget servers.

One of Hostwinds’ most prominent advantages is the fully redundant network, promising 99.9999 percent uptime for all customers.

Hardware & Features by Hostwinds

I absolutely appreciated the dedicated server hosting page for Hostwinds. It was the only host that substituted a user-friendly tool with the usual set deals, enabling you to test out multiple combinations to see if it impacts the final price.

That’s as informative as you can be.

There are hourly automatic backups as well as functions go, but no other major extras … okay, at least no one who comes for free.

Even, you can get both consistency and affordability with Hostwinds if your project doesn’t depend on some fancy add-ons.

Client Testimonials

The bulk of hosting customers are satisfied with the services of Hostwinds. Users record excellent speeds and uptime, which, considering that most servers are US-based, is a good surprise.

4 / 5 (60 percent outstanding reviews) TrustPilot ranking

9.2 / 10 HostAdvice average (779 reviews)

Again, billing practices most affect consumers, however Hostwinds makes ample effort to specifically distinguish reduced and daily rates.

Locations of Servers

USA (Dallas, Seattle)

Dutch (Amsterdam)

The Plans and Pricing of Hostwinds

E3-1270 v2 4 CPU, 8 GB of RAM, 1 TB HDD, 10 TB of traffic from $90 / mo *

E3-1270 v3, 4 CPUs, 8 GB of RAM, 1 TB of HDD, 10 TB of traffic, from $90 / mo *

E3-1271 v3, 4 CPUs, 24 GB of RAM, 1 TB HDD, 10 TB of traffic, from $105 / mo *

2 x L5420 4 CPU, 8 GB of RAM, 1 TB HDD, 10 TB of traffic from $75 / mo *

* Prices are only for the initial duration and bear a 33% reduction from the normal monthly fee.

Dedicated server hosting with Hostwinds is really inexpensive, much like their shared services. For as little as $75 / mo, you can hire an entire computer. On the same server, the renewal price will be $115 / mo.

Complete costs differ widely as Processor cores, RAM, and storage capacity will configure pretty much anything on your computer. Dedicated IP addresses are subject to an extra charge, too.

No.2 Bluehost

With over 2 million users, Bluehost is an EIG-owned hosting company. The business delivers facilities around the board, spanning from inexpensive pooled accounts all the way to dedicated computers.

For BlueHost, inexpensive server hosting isn’t a priority, but do they always make a respectable effort?

Just one way of finding out.

The Hardware & Features of BlueHost

One thing is shockingly evident if you compare the resource utilization stats of the hosts in our cheap dedicated servers chart.

Of the biggest competitors, Bluehost is not.

None of the deals come with more than four CPU cores, and only 1 TB of mirror storage is extended. For an OS, Linux is the only possible option.

For your needs alone, you get a perk of 3-5 dedicated IP addresses on the positive side. If you choose to use email providers on your custom dedicated server as well, that’s really handy.

Client Testimonials

Under the EIG belt, Bluehost is just another business that appears to garner a lot of poor consumer reviews.

1.5 / 5 (9 percent excellent reviews) TrustPilot ranking

4.5 / 10 HostAdvice average (163 reviews)

Clients also have concerns with the sluggish output of the website, which is not shocking considering that BH is notorious for its servers being overcrowded.

On the positive side, as some even report getting help from Facebook Messenger and other social networks, Bluehost is obviously making an effort to help customers.

Locations of Servers

USA (Houston and Provo)

Plans & Pricing for Bluehost

Custom 4 CPU, 4 GB of RAM, 500 GB of HDD, 5 TB of traffic from $79.99 / mo *

Enhanced 4 CPU, 8 GB of RAM, 1 TB HDD, 10 TB of traffic from $99.99 / mo *

4 Processor, 16 GB RAM, 1 TB HDD, 15 TB traffic Premium, from $119.99 / mo *

* Reduced rates for a 3-year prepaid contract are eligible.

Prices look reasonably inexpensive just look closer, and you will find the rate is available only if you prepay for 36 months.

In the form of free extras, can you at least have any additional value?

In addition to free SSL, you also get a free domain … for only the first year. You ought to be able to put in any extras at no additional expense for a physical server that requires hundreds of dollars, but alas, Bluehost doesn’t think so.

No.3 GoDaddy

A true web hosting leader, GoDaddy began running in 1997. Today, GD is also the biggest registrar of domains and one of the biggest hosts in the industry.

More than 18 million individuals now trust the services of GoDaddy, finding the stellar uptime and inexpensive packages just perfect for their needs.

Hardware & Features on GoDaddy

Cheap dedicated servers are not among the prime offers of GoDaddy, and you can say quickly.

The hardware devices come with a fair distribution of money, but nothing remarkable or commendable. Even their most expensive offer includes just 32 GB of RAM and 4 Processor cores, which may be inadequate for larger and enterprise programs.

GoDaddy supports dedicated hosting facilities for both Linux and Windows, offering each customer the ability to test the web servers out.

The three dedicated IPs and an SSL certificate that come completely free of charge are a great addition to each account.

Client Testimonials

User ratings show a lot of concerns with the servers and service of GoDaddy, which is not a pleasant surprise. Only those who have never worked with the client or professional support of the organization may be shocked by the low scores.

4.1 / 5 TrustPilot ranking (73% outstanding reviews)

3.1 / 10 HostAdvice average (418 reviews)

The standard corporate stereotype is GoDaddy: preferring quantity over consistency, introducing divisive measures, and keeping things really low-key when assistance is required.

Even, GD continues to expand every day, so, ideally, they can also strengthen their brand value.

Locations of Servers

Own Data Center USA (Arizona)

USA (Los Angeles, Chicago, Virginia, Ashburn)

Dutch (Amsterdam)

Singapore (Singapore) Singapore

Plans & Pricing for GoDaddy

Economy, 4 CPUs, 4 GB RAM, 1 TB HDD, Unmetered traffic, from $94.99 / mo *

Value: 4 CPU, 8 GB RAM, 1.5 TB HDD, Unmetered Traffic, from $109.99 / mo *

Deluxe, 4 CPUs, 16 GB RAM, 2 TB HDD, Unmetered Traffic, from $134.99 / mo *

Ultimate 4 CPU, 32 GB RAM, 2 TB HDD, Unmetered Traffic, from $184.99 / mo *

Introductory rates bring a 47 percent reduction whether the server is prepaid for 1 or more years.

At first sight, one of the cheapest dedicated server vendors seems to be GoDaddy. The catch is that the rates displayed on the platform come with a large discount that is only valid for longer prepaid terms.

I say, it’s hard to splash over a thousand dollars on anything you’ve never tested before, right?

There are also four types of Windows dedicated servers if you don’t find the Linux ecosystem appropriate, with rates beginning from $159.99 / mo.

No.4 A2 Hosting

To keep its customers happy, A2 Hosting depends on speedy servers and perfect uptime.

And they are pleased that the personal service plan and broad variety of features specifically represent the company’s ratings in a favorable manner.

Hardware & Features of A2 Hosting

A2 is a host that strongly takes scalability. And seriously, I do mean!

The RAM limit, which you can raise up to 512 GB, is one example. That is completely mind-boggling. 64 GB was the nearest any host in this list got to this number.

Eight times bigger!

You still have an outstanding pack of goodies included, aside from the highly-expandable servers.

Two dedicated IP addresses and Cloudflare CDN, a free SSL certificate to encrypt your visitor info, sure sounds like a deal.

But the Turbo alternative is undeniably the best thing. Yes, you guessed right, it’s supercharging the laptop and raising its speeds by a whopping twenty times.

Dedicated server hosting also hosts tasks that are rather resource-consuming, so any improvement in performance is more than welcome.

Client Testimonials

It appears that consumer loyalty among users of A2 Hosting is high. There are plenty of supportive server success feedback and skill level assistance.

4.2 / 5 TrustPilot average (81% outstanding reviews)

9.2 / 10 HostAdvice average (1270 reviews)

However, you better watch out.

A couple of months earlier, business confidence ratings were also higher. But a severe blackout that lasted for more than two days and the failure of the host to react properly brought a heap of angry reviews and diminished their ranking.

Locations of Servers

USA (Michigan and Arizona)

Dutch (Amsterdam)

Singapore (Singapore) Singapore

Hosting Plans & Pricing for A2

Sprint 2 CPU, 8 GB RAM, 1 TB SSD, 10 TB upload, from $99.59 / mo *

Over 4 CPUs, 8 GB RAM, 1 TB SSD, 15 TB upload, from $165.99 / mo *

Mach, 8 + Processor, 8 GB RAM, 2 TB SSD, 20 TB switch, from $248.99 / mo *

* Rates are for the original payment cycle and have a 17% discount.

For quite some time, A2 Hosting has been leaning towards the low-cost dedicated server niche, and that is definitely expressed in its pricing.

Each new customer gets a 17 percent discount off the first payment, which allows it as low as $99.59 / mo for the entry-level server contract. Afterwards, the same kit arrives at $119.99 / mo.

Additional charge ($39.99) is subject to the cPanel license. The same goes for the Cloudflare WAF ($16 / mo) and the backup disk room ($100).

No.5 1&1 IONOS

Over 90,000 servers and houses over 12 million domains own 1&1 IONOS. There are 7000 + trusted employees in the company all over the world.

It’s a host of excellent experience and a long background.

1&1 Hardware & Features for IONOS

Few are willing to deal with 1&1 IONOS when it comes to inexpensive dedicated servers.

Prices for new users go as low as $55 / mo, which is perfect even though we take into consideration the setup cost of $50 that most hosts waive for you. An eight-core, 8 GB RAM entry-level server, packed with all sorts of goodies, will get you the money.

Domain Free? Only search.

Defense from malware? Only search.

CDN’s Railgun? Testing, testing, checking.

It sounds like a deal for sure. Where’s the catch then?

Client Testimonials

As online ratings keep coming in, you can say that 1&1 IONOS has a lot of clients.

4 / 5 (66 percent outstanding reviews) TrustPilot ranking

3.4 / 10 HostAdvice average (22 reviews)

Sure, the testimonials are very questionable, but you may claim 1&1 is indeed one of the dedicated server companies who are well regarded. In the positive reviews, the smooth onboarding and optimized server setup are frequently mentioned.

Locations of Servers

US (New Jersey and Las Vegas)

(London) UK

Germany (Karlsruhe and Frankfurt)

Plans & Pricing for 1&1 IONOS

A8i SSD, 8 CPU, 8 GB RAM, 240 GB SSD, Unmetered Traffic, from $45 / mo *

L-16 SSD 4 Processor, 16 GB RAM, 480 GB SSD, Unmetered traffic, from $70 / mo *

XL-32 NVMe 4 CPU, 32 GB RAM, 800 GB SSD, Unmetered Traffic, from $110 / mo *

XL-64 NVMe 4 CPU, 64 GB RAM, 800 GB SSD, Unmetered Traffic, from $140 / mo *

* Rates for the initial billing cycle are accurate

1&1 seems to have some fairly inexpensive dedicated servers, but the low price has some strings attached. The preferential rates are only valid for first-time customers and include a prepayment of 3-6 months.

All other choices often require a one-time configuration cost of $50, apart from the entry-level SSD dedicated server.

No.6 HostGator

HostGator specializes primarily in shared hosting services, so its rental options for servers are rather limited. We are also talking to one of the major vendors on the industry, but you realize you’re in for a treat.

When it comes to dedicated servers, HostGator is more about power and control, but is this good enough in relation to the competition?

Hardware & Features HostGator

The three dedicated server hosting arrangements provide nothing to distinguish them.

They pack between 4 and 8 Processor cores, from 8 GB to 30 GB of RAM. For both plans, capacity is unmetered, and storage preferences range from the traditional HDD to the slightly quicker SSD.

Put in a few dedicated IPs and DDoS security for the server, and you will get a pretty clear understanding of the usual configuration for HostGator.

If you require more than a normal OS, there are options for both Linux and Windows projects.

Client Testimonials

With bad customer service and server outages, HostGator has been notorious. Currently, across the Internet, there are so many bad feedback that I’m shocked that the business always receives new signups.

2.8 / 5 TrustPilot average (15% excellent reviews)

5.1 / 10 HostAdvice score (94 reviews)

There are several customers with smaller ventures that deem HostGator acceptable for a long-term partner, to be honest. It appears like initiatives with low use of money and no need for funding are doing just fine.

Locations of Servers

USA (Houston and Provo)

Plans & Pricing of the HostGator

Value-4 Processor, 8 GB RAM, 1 TB HDD, Unmetered Traffic from & 89.98 / mo *

Control, 8 CPUs, 16 GB RAM, 2 TB HDD, Unmetered traffic, from $119.98 / mo *

Enterprise 8 Processor, 30 GB RAM, 1 TB SSD, Unmetered Traffic, from 139.99 / mo *

* For the initial payment cycle, subsidized rates.

At first glance, HostGator might appear to offer very inexpensive dedicated servers, but there are some conditions linked to the deal. Only if you prepay for a full three years are the lowest rates valid.

As an example , consider the Value contract. With a monthly cost of $89.98 advertised, the premium jumps to $159.99 / mo if you can just manage to pay month-by-month.

On the checkout tab, I noticed no additional add-ons, narrowing the offer even more.

No.7 FastComet

Thanks to its early embrace of technological advances and a heavy emphasis on personal assistance, FastComet is a recognised brand in the hosting industry.

The organisation is a fantastic atmosphere for growing initiatives, maintaining outstanding scalability of capital at all times.

Hardware & Features at FastComet

FastComet maintains the broad scope of hosting facilities and ensures the same impeccable standard for all customers.

The business provides four dedicated controlled server plans and has recently upgraded its machines for maximum efficiency and resource / cost ratio. Lowest packages start at $139 / mo and secure a good, sweet 4 GB RAM, 2CPU core server, 80 GB SSD storage packed.

Things look bright for the clients of FastComet, feature-wise. Free SSL certificate, free cPanel / WHM authorization, and automatic backups, both dedicated hosting plans add enticing goodies to the table.

A specific highlight for me is the in-house monitoring scheme. This framework, built by FastComet’s own trained programmers, not only exposes useful utilization data, but also sniffs out potential server problems.

Client Testimonials

Here’s a host who handles clients with the best treatment they receive. You may claim that on all rating pages, with the tremendous help of faithful customers.

4,7 / 5 (91 percent outstanding reviews) TrustPilot ranking

9.6 / 10 HostAdvice average (871 reviews)

The mass consumer is well-loved by FastComet, and the workers are still available to support when a consumer shares a bad encounter.

Locations of Servers

The USA (Newark, Dallas, Fremont, Atlanta)

(London) UK

Deutschland (Frankfurt)

Singapore (Singapore) Singapore

Japan (in Tokyo)

Plans & Pricing for FastComet

DS 1 2 CPU, 4 GB RAM, 80 GB SSD, 4 TB traffic, from $111.19 / mo *

DS 2 4 Processor, 8 GB RAM, 160 GB SSD, 5 TB traffic, from $135.19 / mo *

DS 3 8 CPU, 16 GB RAM, 320 GB SSD, 6 TB traffic, from $183.19 / mo *

DS 4 16 CPU, 32 GB RAM, 640 GB SSD, 7 TB traffic, from $279.19 / mo *

For first-time clients, * 20 percent discount

FastComet is now accepting dedicated server hosting customers with a great discount of 20 percent. This takes down the entry-level rates for the initial billing cycle to $111.19 / mo.

You will notice helpful solutions such as BitNinja Authentication ($14.95 / mo), SpamExperts Outbound Filter ($19.95 / mo), and offsite cloud backups ($24.95 / mo) in the paying add-ons.

No.8 InMotion

With InMotion on the East or West coast, you will get a USA dedicated server. For almost 20 years, the supplier has been in operation, delivering a fantastic product line with a rich selection of features. You have plenty of dedicated capacity to fuel even the most challenging applications and websites by renting a server with IM.

Hardware & Features from InMotion

Six independent controlled server bundles are provided by InMotion Hosting, which offers you fantastic choices not just for starting a project, but also for potential updates.

A 16-core CPU, 64 GB RAM, 3 ⁇ 1 TB SSD capacity, and 15 TB bandwidth limit will offer you the most efficient setup.

The list of features is not super great, but you can always take advantage of cPanel’s free registration, SSL certificate, or personalized firewall.

I notice that InMotion wants to charge an additional $5 / mo for anything as basic as the installer of the Softaculous software, but that may only be picky for me.

Client Testimonials

When we search around the customer feedback, it don’t seem very flattering for InMotion. It appears like consumers have concerns regarding both uptime and service assistance.

3.1 / 5 TrustPilot ranking (60% outstanding reviews)

8.1 / 10 HostAdvice average (230 reviews)

The good news is that things appear to be getting stronger, as the help staff and ease of use have become more optimistic in recent feedback.

You can not afford to be careless about the operation and excuse it exclusively about low dedicated server costs in a market so saturated.

Locations of Servers

West USA (Los Angeles)

USA East (Washington DC)

Plans & Pricing for InMotion

Essential: 4 CPUs, 16 GB of RAM, 1 TB SSD, 6 TB of traffic from $139.99 / mo *

Advanced 4 CPU, 32 GB of RAM, 1 TB SSD, 10 TB of traffic from $189.99 / mo *

Elite, 6 CPUs, 64 GB of RAM, 2 TB SSD, 12 TB of traffic, from $259.99 / mo *

CC-500, 6 CPUs, 16 GB of RAM, 1 TB SSD, 15 TB of traffic, from $350.99 / mo *

8 CPU, 32 GB RAM, 2 TB SSD, 15 TB traffic CC-1000, from $424.49 / mo *

CC-2000 16 CPU, 64 GB RAM, 3 TB SSD, 15 TB traffic, from $529.49 / mo *

* Prices are reduced and with a one-year prepayment applicable.

InMotion ‘s rates are not the most competitive out there, with contracts beginning at $139.99 / mo for first-tier servers, but it’s also one of the most cost-effective options you can get, considering the excessive amount of on-demand services and built-in functionality.

You can install several useful add-ons to customize your server, such as KVM remote control and the Cisco hardware firewall.

No.9 DreamHost

One of the first businesses to dip its paws in the fresh venture that was web hosting, DreamHost has been out there since late 1996.

For WordPress ventures, the provider is an excellent alternative since it has been creating custom WP applications for years now. The help of the specialist assures that no client project is left offline.

The Hardware & Features of DreamHost

DreamHost entry-level servers start at $169 / mo and guarantee you 4 Processor cores, 4 GB of RAM, and 1 TB of HDD storage.

The disk space is not also SSD, it is considerably faster and more robust than the regular HDD, you might note.

Contrary to the standard, only DreamHost top-tier computers come with SSD storage, which is ridiculous in 2020 for inexpensive dedicated servers.

Both servers are Linux-based with an operating system running Ubuntu.

Your computer has complete root control, so it is available to all sorts of customizations. With 24/7 DDoS safety and 2N+2 power redundancy, DreamHost can guarantee your server’s data security.

Locations of Servers

USA (California and Virginia)

Client Testimonials

Many satisfied DreamHost customers are able to share their good interactions with the host.

4.6 / 5 TrustPilot ranking (75% outstanding reviews)

8.8 / 10 HostAdvice ranking (274 reviews)

Current clients also experience stellar server output and, when required, get reliable service assistance.

For derogatory feedback, you can’t spot a common denominator, which is still a good indication. Bear in mind, these are not only dedicated server reviews, rather they address the whole spectrum of hosting facilities for Bluehost.

Price for DreamHost

Custom 4 CPU, 4 GB RAM, 1 TB HDD, Uncapped Traffic from $149 / mo

12 Processor, 16 GB RAM, 2 TB HDD, Uncapped Traffic Boosted from $279 / mo

Enhanced SSD, 12 Processor, 16 GB RAM, 240 GB SSD, Uncapped Traffic, from $279 / mo

You may only select from two forms of Bluehost servers, one with 4 GB RAM and 1 TB HDD, while the other has 16 GB RAM and 2 TB HDD. If you choose to use SSD storage, a third alternative is open.

Even, each of the sales, primarily in the RAM and storage departments, helps you to fine-tune the resources.

Prices for monthly and annual installments change relatively slightly, with a gap between them of around 10 percent. For eg, if you prepaid the year, the Regular server comes for $149 / mo and just goes up to $159 / mo if you choose a month-by – month package.

No.10 Liquid Web

Today , people equate the term Liquid Web with, and for a good cause, high-end VPS, Dedicated and Cloud solutions.

With this supplier, you should anticipate speed-optimized hardware, enterprise-level data protection, and generous resource allocation.

The organization has spent in perfecting its support systems, and the staff proudly holds the “Most Supportive Hosting Humans” tag.

Hardware & Features for the Liquid Web

One of such businesses that can handle both Linux and Windows ventures is Liquid Network. Both servers are PCI-compliant and are readily scaleable.

16 GB RAM, 4 CPU cores, and 2 ⁇ 240 GB SSD capacity are more than enough power to keep you running. Even the smallest hosting server is a computer monster.

The package of surprises continues to grow: DDoS protection, vulnerability evaluation, Akamai CDN, Liquid Web is really worried about your protection.

One thing that concerned me was that only as paying add-ons were a few critical features available. For starters, most hosts have the license fees of the control panel in their end pricing. Not Liquid Web, though.

Provided that it’s not the cheapest dedicated hosting server out there, I hope LW should cut some slack with its customers.

Client Testimonials

Liquid Site caters mainly to growing corporations and enterprises, so one of the highest goals is to preserve a spotless reputation.

4.7 / 5 stars (84 per cent excellent reviews) TrustPilot ranking

9.1 / 10 HostAdvice average (157 reviews)

The business might not flaunt flawless scores, but I found a number of concerns that were not necessarily the responsibility of the organization after going through the poor customer feedback. Moreover, I was happily pleased that a Liquid Site representative was involved in TrustPilot, attempting to fix any inconvenience of the client.

Not a lot of major corporations like that would go the extra mile.

Locations of Servers

West of the US (Arizona)

The Central United States (Michigan)

Netherlands of the EU (Amsterdam)

Plans & Pricing for the Liquid Network

Intel Xeon 1230 v6, 4 CPUs, 32 GB of RAM, 480 GB of SSD, 5 TB of traffic, from $199 / mo

Intel Xeon Silver 4108, 8 CPUs, 64 GB of RAM, 960 GB of SSD, 7 TB of traffic, from $299 / mo

Intel Xeon Gold 6130 16 CPU, 64 GB of RAM, 960 GB of SSD, 7 TB of traffic from $499 / mo

The configuration of the Liquid Web requires industry-leading infrastructure and super supportive assistance, which would eventually impact the final price. LW is far from the cheapest dedicated cloud suppliers on this list, beginning from $199 / mo.

By default, your computer comes without a control panel, but you may apply around $20-$35 / mo extra to the Interworx, Plesk, or cPanel licence.

Want to include a designated room for backups? There are various choices for Liquid Network, beginning from $20 / mo for 250 GB.

How to pick the right dedicated hosting for servers?

But let’s recap the most significant things to look out for as you’re trying to rent the first dedicated server:

  • CPU- This is one of the server’s key elements, the center that gives it control and handles queries. More Processor ensures you can get bigger and run quicker on your designs.
  • Another critical part of the setup is RAM. The RAM ( Random Access Memory) enables the CPU to perform several requests without disrupting its rpm. Your ultimate assistant for multitasking.
  • Storage-As significant as its size is the technology behind your disk. Although SSDs have short writing times, solid-state drives are much quicker and more durable compared to conventional HDDs.
  • Bandwidth: Each user and activity on your website “costs” a little bit of bandwidth. Around 90% of websites use less than 5 GB a month, but there are a number of the few terabytes that most dedicated hosting companies offer you.
  • Dedicated IP address-A number of advantages come by getting your own internet protocol address. Not only can you ensure quick and stable access to your domain, but some of the data protection threats that come with sharing your IP can also be eliminated.
  • Support-Even though you ‘re in complete charge of the physical server and equipment, in case things go wrong, it’s still nice to realize you have a backup.

You will decide which deal will fit well as long as you are mindful of these resource limits and your current use.

Cheap dedicated server advantages

Rented servers are the pinnacle of your hosting path, a sure indication that the traditional open networks have outgrown your idea. The services of a dedicated device are mostly utilized by major companies, media-heavy blogs, and multifunctional applications.

About why? A few good reasons, in fact:

Infinite control-Dedicated servers provide you with complete root access to modify the computer, talking about simplicity and customization freedom. It’s your server, but with it, you can do what you want.

Optimized performance-You will take advantage of the maximum capacity and capabilities since you are the only person on the site server. You’ll still experience high speeds and uptime as long as your project uses no more than high room, RAM, or bandwidth.

Enhanced scalability: You would no longer have to think about traffic fluctuations or sudden depletion of energy. Dedicated servers expand quickly, ensuring that at any point you can add additional CPU , RAM, or room.

Hardened technology-The opportunity to add your own security controls is another bonus of the leased machine. You can place an unbreakable shield around your server with the right information and assistance.

Even an inexpensive dedicated server is about $100 per month, but such a solution will potentially save you a ton of cash. Your company can take care of all the expenses involved with hosting, and the requirement to employ your own admin team can be removed with well-trained support.


We dissected the dedicated server industry and listed the big players that you should accept as your current host, without splitting the piggy bank. There you have it, mates.

You are certainly experienced enough at this stage to know the fundamentals, but this article can give you those few additional specifics that save you time and effort for study.

Once you have chosen the right platform, the sky is the limit!