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Best Alarm Clock Apps

Best Alarm Clock Apps

As people, we just have a lot of things in common. We all feed, sleep, use the bathroom, and generally we all wake up after we go to bed. The alarm clock is an omnipresent fixture in the bedroom and for a lot of people, smartphones serve that purpose. Often the stock alarm clock app just doesn’t stop and you need something more, but we advise that you first try the stock alarm clock app on your computer. In this space, though, there are some interesting applications, so let’s check them out. Here are the best Android applications for alarm clocks!

1. AlarmMon

A good alarm clock software is AlarmMon. It does the basics and, if desired, you can set several alarms. In addition, the warning sound and snooze instructions can be set. For this one, though, there are few extras. Along with those other little stuff that make you use your brain so it can go back to sleep, you get some cartoon characters to help get you out of sleep faster. The app is free and extras can be purchased at a discount.

2. Alarmy

The Alarm declares itself the most irritating alarm clock in the world. This one has a premise which is special. You set alarms and, much as they usually do, they go off. Alarmy, though, also lets you add a photo of something in your building. Then you need to get out of bed, go to the same place, and take a snapshot of the same thing in order to avoid the alarm. Usually, you’re up for the day until you’re out of bed, so that’s the theory for this one. You may also ask random math questions about it, shake the unit to reject the alarm, and more. When the alarm is sounding, the phone will also prohibit you from shutting the phone off. It’s a good warning, especially for heavy sleepers. If you subscribe to Google Play Pass, this one is free to download as well.

3. Challenges Alarm Clock

Alarm Clock Challenges is another alarm clock that seeks to trick the subconscious into waking up. As a regular warning, it fits well. You will configure your own tones, set several warnings, and set instructions to snooze. In addition, before you touch the snooze button, the app has puzzles, games, and even a photo mechanic to try to get you all the way awake. There’s also a gentle wake mode, so every day you’re not jarring yourself. It’s a decent and reasonably inexpensive approach.

4. Early Bird Alarm Clock

One of the basic applications for alarm clocks is the Early Bird Alarm Clock. It has the fundamental characteristics of a nearly infinite number of alarms. Themes, warning challenges, temperature, and more are all included. The warning challenges are also very decent. Every day, the app will also change the alarm sound automatically. This is certainly among the greatest attributes. It’s easy and it just works (usually). Whereas the premium version does not, the free version has ads. Otherwise, both act in the same way.

5. Google Assistant

As an alarm clock, Google Assistant will double. You’re basically telling it to set you an alert. The alarm then goes off according to plan. It also allows clocks, alerts for countdowns, and it can add items to the calendar. The stock alarm clock app still goes through it. That might be a positive thing, or maybe not. You’re here looking for a new one after all, right? In any case, alarms can be configured easily by Google Assistant and you can even set items like clocks or alerts to go off at certain hours. There are many different ways of triggering an alarm for something, and some of them are also for things other than sleep. If you already use Google Assistant, it is a good option.

6. I Can’t Wake Up

I Can’t Wake Up does what is suggested by the title. It is for those who, in the morning, have trouble getting up. To toggle the alarm off, the program contains eight wake-up challenges. The intention was to make you coherent enough before you hit the snooze button to wake up. It also has different warning models, some features for customization, and some features for ease. This surely isn’t the typical stock alarm clock. It does, though, sound a little cleaner than any of the other alternatives on the list. The free edition and the pro version are almost the same. The pro edition of $2.99 does exclude advertising.

7. Loud Alarm Clock

Yeah, a noisy alarm clock is a loud alarm clock. To make the warning sounds as loud as they can be, it utilizes an audio booster. It also functions as a regular app for alarm clocks. You set the clocks, you set the snooze, and if you like, you can set the alarm tone or leave it arbitrarily. For some extra pleasure, there are also some themes if you care about the material. Be vigilant that your phone can be ruined over time by super loud noises. You would want to miss this one if you care about those things.

8. Sleep as Android

Sleep as Android is among the most popular applications for sleep monitoring. When you nap, the app tests you. Then it seeks to examine how well you sleep. You need to sleep with your phone in your room. Google Suit, Samsung S Fitness, Galaxy Gear, Android Wear, Pebble (RIP), and Spotify also integrate with the app. When you have sleep apnea, the software will also guess. We don’t suggest you to use this as a screening aid, though. Often consult a surgeon! It’s a perfect way to get more insight into how you sleep and it even comes with plenty of functionality for alarm clocks.

9. Sleepzy

One of the comparatively newer clock applications is Sleepzy (formerly Good Morning Alarm Clock). It even attempts to track your sleep as well as to wake you up. Of course, that means sleeping in your bed with your laptop. It fits perfectly apart from that. A white noise generator, weather notification features, a nightstand mode, and more are some of the more rare features. Sleep monitoring is a little rudimentary, but for certain persons, it can work.

10. Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers

Heavy Sleepers’ Alarm Clock is a quick but powerful app. An infinite number of alarms can be mounted. In addition, the app does alerts for countdowns, recurring alarms, and one-time alarms. Even Android Wear, sleep stats, and more are sponsored. Every should have a mode of difficulty that wants to wake you up enough to not fall asleep again. That entails bed time alarms so that you can get enough sleep. The free edition and the premium version are basically the same. The premium edition, however, does exclude advertisements.