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Best Audit Software in 2021 – App Sofa
Best Audit Software in 2021

Best Audit Software in 2021

Company fraud is more common than we realize, and big names like Enron and Volkswagen are not limited to it. Small firms are implicated in several of these fraud-related cases. And this is why SMBs are gradually improving their internal controls that provide tools for audit and enforcement.

We took the time to test and review 20 of today’s best auditing and compliance tools in the industry in this report, so you don’t have to. You will pick which ones are appropriate to the specifications right off the bat.

When you already have access to all the right instruments, never cause your brand and company image to suffer. These solutions, such as audit and compliance monitoring applications, you just need to incorporate and implement.

It is quicker to handle potential challenges. You need to deploy a security program that your company requires to secure your business data and company website. Conversely, it is much more difficult to deal with internal challenges. This is because even long-term workers are vulnerable to committing theft, along with many internal causes.

In view of this, more than half of companies worldwide announce that to help tackle theft, they turn to market controls. And they make the best use of periodic internal audits within these internal controls.

A partnership between technology and man

Experts claim that a man-and-machine hybrid is the perfect solution to combating fraud. First of all the human element includes the need to build an atmosphere in the workplace that encourages fairness, openness and fair competitiveness. Secondly, the technical aspect requires the introduction of the right audit software and security equipment.

If you are auditing for defense or enforcement management, it would help to toughen your security by taking stock of the internal audit processes and making arrangements to update them. Likewise, it would guarantee benefits from paying non-compliance fines.

In addition, you need to search at qualities that match the type of business your organization does. Know, when it comes to auditing and compliance, there is no one-size-fits-all. And with that said, search through this top range of apps, and you’ll hopefully find the answer your organization wants.

  • 1. ProntoForms
  • 2.
  • 3. Cygna Auditor
  • 4. Netwrix Auditor
  • 5. iAuditor
  • 6. Intelex
  • 7. Asset Panda
  • 8. MasterControl Audit
  • 9. Gensuite
  • 10. Raken
  • 11. Onspring Audit Software
  • 12. Jolt
  • 13. MoreApp Forms
  • 14. ZenGRC
  • 15. AuditBoard
  • 16. Field iD
  • 17. Fastpath Audit Trail
  • 18. Qualtrax
  • 19.
  • 20. Isolocity

1. ProntoForms

To convert paper-based forms into digital ones, ProntoForms is a market-leading low-code software and shape maker. Particularly for non-technical consumers, this enterprise-grade approach makes designing their own applications and forms simple.

Its efficient drag-and-drop form builder has bulk editing capabilities that provide an easy mechanism for form development and updating. With advanced controls and conditional logic rules, you can easily configure the type. In as little as a week, single-process solutions can be implemented. Users can gather and exchange data from the field in real-time using smartphones and tablets. You provide data-driven perspectives into how to boost organizational efficiency with reports and analytics.

This cloud-based platform mainly allows technicians to gather knowledge quickly and more effectively in the field. Furthermore, ProntoForms can also be used to automate regulatory compliance workflows, inspections of health and safety, and site audits.

Key Features of ProntoForms

  • Creator of Low-Code Type
  • Controls for input and output
  • Distribute pre-filled forms
  • Access offline
  • Version Management

2. is a robust auditing tool that provides organizations with the scalability and accessibility to gather mission-critical information and the required business formats to enable data collection. In order to streamline and enhance a wide variety of workflows and projects, it also offers comprehensive automation and customization capabilities.

A feature-packed solution that organizations of any scale would need is this multi-awarded audit app. For example, it facilitates smooth field-to-office coordination between teams and offers an automated solution for inspection. Similarly, the complex ways improve audit accuracy and speed while retaining a consistent version of the facts.

What’s more, for enterprises in diverse industries, this optimized approach has ready-made audit and inspection kits. In addition, it includes features that automate data processing, management and monitoring. And it can quickly match the current architecture until you deploy

Key Features of

  • Integrated framework for audits
  • Audit and checklists for systems
  • Offline, mobile-capable forms
  • Extremely scalable, in every industry, can be used
  • Real-time data processing in audits

3. Cygna Auditor

Thanks to its comprehensive auditing and compliance capability, as well as its sophisticated monitoring and analytics and smart business management functionality, Cygna Auditor (formerly Information Vault) is considered the top alternative for auditing software. This cloud-based auditing system provides a wide variety of tools and services, including auditing and analysis, as well as business and legal regulatory enforcement.

Sophisticated and cost-effective inspection, discovery, monitoring, and management functionality is supported by this approach. These features allow cloud-based productivity suites to be secured and configured by IT managers and cloud administrators.

Lastly, to help enterprises gain substantial cost savings, it optimizes licensing control and service use. Moreover, it will streamline the government, monitoring and analytics of strategy.

Key Features of Cygna Auditor

  • Monitor and monitoring of migration projects from Exchange 365
  • Optimize service utilization and authorization control
  • Tighten security with proactive perspectives into authorization and other improvements and events related to protection

4. Netwrix Auditor

Netwrix Auditor is another forum for auditing, granted a high ranking from both our experts and consumers. It is designed specifically for use by IT auditors and administrators of programs. This easy-to-configure and user-friendly auditing program also lets organizations perform audits to ensure conformity with internal procedures and policies. As a consequence, this helps ensure rigorous security of company data and solid regulation of entry.

Moreover by helping customers to quickly identify security threats and risks to company data and IT processes, it acts like an IT security app. In order to readily assess the degree of system conformity to internal and external security protocols and laws, it also offers convenient access to regulatory records.

These auditing solutions, implemented either as an on-premise or cloud-based IT system, can effectively manage data usage and produce reports on any improvements made to an IT network by users or employees.

Key Features for Netwrix Auditor

  • Tracking the habits and actions of consumers
  • Real-time warnings on active directory changes
  • Overexposed Data Lockout

5. iAuditor

For the building sector, iAuditor is a common auditing software application that is designed to help project teams properly perform and handle safety audits and quality inspections. In order to create more agile approaches to the conduct of safety and organizational audits, the platform basically digitizes safety audits and site inspections.

It is also useful for creating checklists and reports directly from any device while on project sites, particularly from mobile devices. Filled with various audit and business resources, iAuditor makes it simpler and more comfortable for auditors and inspectors to conduct their duties using their mobile device, without the hassle and criteria typical of on-site inspections. What’s more, it can be used with an internet connection or without one.

Key Features of iAuditor

  • Including over 57,000 models, access to the online library
  • 24/7 access inspection forms, from any location, from any point
  • Annotation or drawing on pictures

6. Intelex

Used by over 1.6 million customers around the world, Intelex is today one of the market’s reliable audit and EHSQ management solutions. This comprehensive and scalable web interface lets organizations build up an automated framework for saving, accessing and handling data in a single venue.

In the meantime, Intelex has a wide variety of comprehensive audit management features, root cause analysis, compliance management, risk evaluation, monitoring and monitoring, etc. In any browser and any computer, this fully flexible solution can be used, providing quick connectivity and seamless communication from different locations with team members.

Key Features of Intelex

  • Resources and System for Enforcement Monitoring
  • Good practices and setup for audit and safety
  • Output Metrics on Sustainability

7. Asset Panda

For organizations of all types, Asset Panda is an easy-to-use, robust audit and asset protection solution. This cloud-based business suite, inexpensive and flexible, lets facilities managers fulfill their key tasks, such as asset management and protection and compliance. It also includes a comprehensive maintenance control instrument for maintenance-related activities.

This audit tool is also designed for use on any computer in order to facilitate real-time, streamlined communication between work teams in the office and also from the field. In addition, to facilitate unmitigated activities and mission completion, it can be used by an infinite number of people.

Key Features of Asset Panda

  • Provides an automated asset monitoring scheme
  • A highly configurable unlimited-user application
  • With comprehensive roles-based protection and related access thresholds

8. MasterControl Audit

For life sciences companies and related entities, MasterControl Audit is a software audit management tool. This framework is part of a suite of integrated monitoring methods for consistency and compliance. In essence, this approach is intended to help these organisations perform audit procedures successfully and reliably.

It also allows regulatory agencies to gain substantial cost and time savings through efficient preparation and organizing of organizational assets, through a drag-and-drop schedule. It also offers automatic generation and acceptance of the audit report.

Key Features of MasterControl Audit

  • Increased control over complete structures of quality management
  • Managed selection of responses
  • Efficient monitoring features

9. Gensuite

Gensuite is a cloud-based auditing and enforcement system that allows companies, particularly in the field of EHS compliance, to manage their audit, compliance and organizational processes more effectively. This platform, with its insightful audit and inspection methods helps organizations to conduct risk and audit management activities efficiently in order to ensure compliance.

And Gensuite delivers clever, optimized apps for more than half a million customers worldwide that can be easily designed and distributed, targeting sustained innovation, quality support, and ROI.

Key Features of Gensuite

  • Establish a digital system of administration to guarantee compliance with ISO, VPP, etc.
  • Simple alignment with the EHS structures of third parties
  • Compliance Policy Training

10. Raken

Crafted for construction businesses, Raken uses groundbreaking smartphone technologies to automate the activities of construction job auditing, tracking and reporting. By allowing streamlined field monitoring capability, covering mission observations, time sheets, regular updates, etc., its’ automated toolbox’ practically unifies offices of staff working in field locations.

In effect, by helping them to streamline tedious auditing and report-generation tasks and giving stakeholders more flexibility to concentrate on project execution and other more important operations, Raken offers quick and quick auditing management for construction firms.

Key Features of Raken

  • Integrated data access, project monitoring, and insight development
  • Consolidation in a single smart dashboard of observations and data
  • Attach files and media quickly to records

11. Onspring Audit Software

Onspring Audit Software is a cloud-based software for internal audit management that lets organizations make business plans, execute more successfully, and inspire their internal audit teams for better performance. This platform is designed to facilitate improved monitoring, accountability, and team success of audit activities in the organization.

This audit solution helps organizations to match essential business priorities and risks with audit systems. In addition, it will generate audit documentation in diverse formats easily as well as introduce transparency for better resolution of issues.

Key Features of Onspring Audit

  • Numerous instruments to improve the efficacy of internal audit
  • Modulus of Conflict Management
  • Supports dynamic distribution of news

12. Jolt

Crafted for restaurants and related organizations, Jolt is a robust enterprise suite for auditing and enforcement that combines workflows, forms, checklists and other main business processes effortlessly. Its automatic record-keeping features make for fast real-time reporting.

Similarly, enforcement tools from Jolt allow, among others, accurate and reliable auditing, employee forms, and checklist juggling. Furthermore, this approach provides a variety of organizational functions, such as scheduling of staff, messaging, time and attendance, information library, etc.

Key Features for Jolt

  • Access to mutual market data easily
  • Streamlined monitoring of compliance
  • More successful and safe contact with teams

13. MoreApp Forms

MoreApp Forms is a tech audit and form maker developed to help organizations gain savings in time and money. Its ability to effectively digitize all business types makes it possible for organizations to complete mission-critical activities more quickly especially audits, inspections, reviews, reports, etc.

This solution, which can be implemented on-site and online, also allows users to perform both internal and field audits and inspections. Data is submitted and exchanged privately over SSL, which provides company owners and administrators with peace of mind, enabling them to concentrate more on items that matter more with their work.

Key Features of MoreApp Forms

  • Average monthly uptime of 99.99 percent
  • Using the API or Hooks to integrate with favorite applications
  • Supports standards on branding

14. ZenGRC

ZenGRC is an organizational audit and compliance solution that is cost-efficient, low-maintenance, and easy to incorporate. This agile framework, deployable on-site and online, helps users to seamlessly incorporate it into their day-to-day audit and regulatory function.

And it allows organizations achieve higher efficiency and greater effectiveness with a user-friendly and conveniently navigable dashboard. Around the same time, in resolving external demand shifts, it empowers management to become more strategic.

Key Feature of ZenGRC

  • Regulation of Centralized Power
  • Single Fact Source
  • Quick view of controls and analyzing differences

15. AuditBoard

The AuditBoard is an audit solution developed primarily to ease both company auditing and regulatory requirements. It provides a fully customized approach for compliance with SOX accounting, company audits, ERM, and a lot more.

Businesses can interact, monitor, analyze and share critical knowledge about business controls in real-time by using this sophisticated framework.

Key Features of AuditBoard

  • Automated enforcement framework with SOX
  • Robust automated features in job management
  • 360-degree visibility of procedures of audit and enforcement

16. Field iD

Field iD is a forum for audit and EHS compliance monitoring that offers a comprehensive range of specialized business tools. They are designed to help organizations increase performance, minimize risk, stay legal, and inspire workers.

This smart audit program also helps users to perform audits faster, more reliably, and avoids double entries, which guarantees consistency of data and documentation. Even, for on-time work completion and error avoidance, users can simplify schedules and updates.

Key Feature of Field iD

  • Barcodes and RFID
  • Email reminders for missed or future assignments
  • Android and iOS Lockout / Tagout Workaround

17. Fastpath Audit Trail

Fastpath Audit Trail is an auditing platform for detailed research that helps organizations to track transaction data changes more accurately and produce reader-friendly documentation. This auditing software offers streamlined models and analyses for auditing high-risk market areas using its patented Fastpath Assure® tool.

What’s more, this program is meant to ensure that organizations obtain the best knowledge to produce useful insights.

Key Features of Fastpath Audit Trail

  • Broad selection of models for the audit trail
  • Speedy deployment for quick ROI
  • Export multiple format study

18. Qualtrax

Qualtrax is a software for auditing and compliance designed to help organizations save time and money while enhancing operating performance, accuracy, and results. Qualtrax has been assisting organizations to streamline auditing and regulatory tasks and systems for more than 25 years to achieve streamlined audit and accreditation management.

Its ability to automate nearly any business process is at the heart of this program, thereby allowing greater enforcement and business outcomes.

Key Features of Qualtrax

  • Integrations of apps from third parties
  • Efficiency monitoring for staff
  • Simplified management of accreditation

19. is a personalized audit program that is easy to use and developed to help organizations simplify all auditing activities. This app removes documentation and manual data inputs from the filing of audits to reporting, which translates into as much as 50 percent time saves.

Moreover this user-friendly auditing platform enables all auditing activities to be handled by even inexperienced admin users and even produces data from each Q&A entry automatically.

Key Features of

  • Convenient arrangement for pay per use
  • Drag-and-drop vault for audit
  • In visual statistics, audit findings

20. Isolocity

Isolocity is a cloud-based framework for auditing and quality control that helps organizations streamline their operations for audit and quality compliance. Intended to fully simplify the audit process, this program helps organizations to minimize audit time for ISO and GMP certification by as much as 50 percent and compliance management time by about 25 percent on a regular basis.

In addition, Isolocity will assist organizations to conserve time and money so that they can do more stuff quicker and more effectively.

Key Features of Isolocity

  • Reports of Disciplinary Action
  • Part inspection and data from SPC
  • Calibration and upkeep


You’ll actually already have working knowledge of which platform to use for your company after reading our reviews of today’s leading auditing tools. However a word of caution: don’t just go for tech auditing because it’s common or the price is appealing.

With that said, first undertaking a detailed analysis of the relevant program and operating requirements is sound practice. Then, make an inventory of mandatory features and a shortlist of add-on tools so that a logical selection can be made. Our list here points you in the right direction from which, starting with top solutions like Prontforms, you can explore your options.

It is recommended that you supplement the internal controls with matching external security software systems for maximum security and enforcement performance. For peace of mind, only select solutions from proven cybersecurity vendors.