URL and Link Shorteners in 2021

URL and Link Shorteners in 2021

URL and connection shorteners are useful resources that transform long URLs under 20 characters into manageable connections.

They can help maintain connections, monitor data from clicks, facilitate sharing on social networking sites, and even make online income.

There are a lot of alternatives, though.

I’ve ranked and checked the leading and strongest connect shorteners to help you choose the best one. Such ratings are focused on ease of usage, features, assistance, pricing, and more.

Let ‘s start off.

What is the best Shorten link?

Here’s my collection of this year’s strongest URLs and connect shorteners to use.

1. Rebranding.

Best Advertised Connections for Making & Sharing ($29 a month).

Rebrandly-website for connection management

Rebrandly is a forum for connection management that allows you to use a custom domain name to map, brand, shorten, and exchange short URLs. It also helps you to quickly communicate with multiple team members. Basically, to communicate and access a particular collection of labeled ties without any misunderstanding, you may build team-specific directories.

What’s more, the destination URLs are modified and custom URL slugs are generated. You may also build expired ties and enable quicker redirections.

Rebrandly is a full forum for the branding and maintenance of relations.

Here is all that it will do for you:

  • Branding-put your market name on the ties you post to increase the exposure of your market.
  • Integrate-Integrate the relations with the latest instruments and workflows.
  • Track-Monitor the entire marketing plan for social networking and email.

Other than that, Rebrandly lets you directly from the dashboard to handle 404 traffic and SSL. You may also connect and maintain your branding to several custom domains. It also helps you to create and plan personalized traffic updates to be submitted to the teams concerned.

Main Functionalities:

  • Deep Linking-Routing traffic to a single landing page quickly. Or guide them based on device, language, location, and other factors to your mobile app.
  • Retargeting links-Easily connect AdWords, Facebook, and Twitter traffic to the retargeting chart. You may also explicitly submit retargeting pixels via labeled connections.
  • Custom SSL, 404 redirect control, SSL, key domain redirect, and other domain names are handled through Domain Management.


  • Expedite the phase of sign-up and sign-in with a single sign-on (SSO).
  • It includes usage cases, FAQs for items, and automated alerts.
  • Effective incorporation with business tools.
  • Different layers of access for handling broad teams.
  • Dedicated support and email support for engineers.


There are five plans offered by Rebrandly:

  • Free: 0 dollars a month
  • Sarter: 29 dollars a month
  • Pro: $69 a month a month
  • Premium: 499 bucks a month
  • Business: Custom Price

For all the paying plans, you will get a 30-day money-back guarantee.

2. Bit.ly.

Best for Social Network Partner Connections to Shorten ($29 a month).

Custom connection shortener for Bit.ly

Bit.ly is a New York-based custom connection shortening and management tool. It encourages you to construct short ties that are instantly identifiable.

You will gain access to greater visibility into 20 data points with bit.ly, like channel and regional reference. This allows you to make better strategic choices that are data-driven.

Analytics via Bitly Connect

The Bitly API and collaboration with over 700 apps help you to efficiently simplify and scale your workflow. Through text messages and referral links to your partner channel, you may also exchange custom short links in bulk. To ensure full confidentiality, Bit.ly encrypts all HTTPS connections.

Bit.ly may also be substituted with custom names for improved branding such that your clients can easily remember your business.

All and all, Bit.ly is most fitting for:

  • Control of ties
  • Creating branded relations
  • Mobile Ties Formation
  • Management & analytics for initiatives

Main Functionalities:

  • Auto Branding-Create bulk custom links and get in-depth analytics about your content ‘s results.
  • Extensive Integrations-To keep it easy, incorporate a multitude of enterprise applications into the software stack and workflow. Using Sprinklr, HootSuite, and Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you can even build mobile-friendly deep connections.
  • Effective analytics-The immersive real-time dashboard of Bit.ly measures business-critical indicators such as shop visits, open-rate and demographics.


  • Generate QR codes with powerful tracking features for your custom connections.
  • Save per-character payments for shorter connections on SMS.
  • Watch measures including sharing of organic connections and the content’s overall efficiency.
  • It provides a comprehensive library and awareness of services.
  • Automate the size of the distribution of custom branded ties.
  • Via the OAuth2 authentication workflow, Bitly API provides powerful protection and versatility.


There are three plans provided by Bitly:

  • Free: 0 dollars a month
  • Basic: 29 dollars a month
  • Customized: Schedule based on quotes

With an annual subscription, you can save up to 17 per cent.

3. TinyURL.

Small Businesses Free Connect Shortener (Free).

Cover illustration for TinyURL

TinyURL is a website for connection shortening that generates short aliases for long URLs, rendering them simple to share and monitor.

In order to prevent inaccurate redirects, TinyURL provides a nice link preview functionality to check the final shortened link beforehand. It also lets you add a shortened connection to the toolbar of the window. You can then only press a button to shorten the connection after that. By constructing a smaller Address, you can also navigate to any website.

That said, TinyURL does not have any advanced features for monitoring and handling connections.

Main Functionalities:

  • Clean User Interface- A basic user interface is supported by TinyURL. Only placed the site connection in the box and click on the button “Make TinyURL”. Right away, you can get your shortened URL.
  • URL Forms-Three URL forms, including a long connection, a short connection, and a preview link, are available.



  • Generate for free an infinite amount of short connections.
  • Compatible for all common web browsers and networks.
  • It disables spam or unauthorized connections immediately.
  • For your personal branding, it builds personalized ties.


100 percent free is TinyURL.

4. ow.ly (HootSuite).

Good for those using HootSuite (Free) for their social media promotions.

Image of Owly feature

Ow.ly is a connection shortening tool which shortens URLs from certain links and monitors the incoming traffic. To push traffic, it also produces tamper-proof custom connections. To shorten connections, you may also interact and provide access to several team members.

What’s more, you can log clicks in emails, Facebook, comments, and micro-sites using Ow.ly.

It tests all of the connections against Google’s Secure Browsing blacklist to stop phishing and malware. On top of that, as per SEO best practices, all custom URLs are completely redirectable and indexable.

Main Functionalities:

  • In-depth reports- To distribute them externally, download in-depth data analytics reports in PDF and CSV file formats.
  • Monitor Promotions: Monitor different metrics for the promotions, including date ranges, click-through rate, and demographics.
  • HootSuite-HootSuite convergence lets you simplify the ties when preparing social networking messages.


  • Add monitoring via Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics for connections. Custom analytics may also be developed.
  • Even, if available, you can pick connection presets from multiple choices.
  • Track your success on social media.
  • It also enables you to track the progress of your social networking messages.
  • Customize your professional branding to the name of condensed ties.


With all the Hootsuite options, even the Freemium package, you get free access to Ow.ly. However, the paid plans offer you more sophisticated functionality.

Here are all the plans that Hootsuite offers:

  • For up to 3 social accounts, Freemium: $0
  • Professional: $29 for up to 10 social accounts a month.
  • Team: $129 for up to 20 social accounts a month.
  • Business: $599 for up to 35 social accounts a month.
  • Business: quote-based strategy

5. Shortener of URL by Zapier.

Best for Automatic Connection Shortening Workflows Development (Free).

Shortener URL by Zapier

Zapier’s URL shortener generates and stores short links instantly, helping you to construct automated workflows. For eg, a connection from a social networking post can be shortened instantly and stored simultaneously in Google Sheets.

And Zapier’s URL shortener will automatically shorten the connection if you want to share a link via SMS. It also allows you to save more money on extra text characters.

Zapier also offers connectivity to connect and post instantly shortened URLs for over 2,000 users, including Google Sheets.

Main Functionalities:

  • Automated links-Add Zapier URL shortener to every workflow, and shortened links and monitoring parameters would be taken care of automatically.
  • Extensive Connectivity, including social media software, Google docs, email marketing software, and survey formats, provides collaboration for over 2000 applications.
  • It comes packaged with Zapier for free with Limitless Connections. There is an infinite amount of condensed ties that you may make.


  • With 100 assignments every month, the free package offers incorporation.
  • Include shorter access to email addresses and customized addresses.
  • Track connection output on multiple data points, including demographics and clicks on posts.
  • It offers email assistance easily.
  • Through employing a Zapier Specialist, you will even get customized assistance.


For all the Zapier plans, Zapier’s URL shortener comes for free.

6. BL.INK.

Best for the efficiency and importance of connection calculation ($12 a month).

Photo Blink Cover

BL.INK is a leading application for managing links that will help you create custom short links. To build a memorable brand experience, it involves customized terms in the contacts.

The USP of BL.INK is solid analytics to calculate the efficiency and importance of your connections. It lets you handle any contact and contact with your contacts and monitors them.

All BL.INK will do for you is here:

  • BLINK in Social- By building simple to share social networking connections, it enhances your social importance.
  • BLINK in Messaging-It generates ties for sharing through WhatsApp, SMS, Skype, and Messenger messaging platforms.
  • BLINK Everywhere-BL.INK may be used to shorten connections to different media, such as QR codes, texts, PDFs, and more.

BLINK-Post on Social Media

At any point in time, you can also edit any detail. Moreover, the open API enables you to interact with your own technology stack. Not just that, you can link it with thousands, like Zoho Flow and Zapier, of automation software.

To support you service vast multinational teams, broad brand collections, and various initiatives, BL.INK is also flexible.

Main Functionalities:

  • Branded Links-Create branded ties with custom short domains quickly.
  • Advanced Analytics: In order to refine the campaigns and track results, combine BL.INK with Google and Adobe Analytics.
  • Flexible Pricing-It includes various layers of pricing to guarantee that you you pay for the services you need. For more functionality, you can customize your subscription plan instantly.

Pros: Pros:

  • The route clicks dynamically through location, language, date, unit, and time.
  • With tags and comments, create labeled ties.
  • BL.INK supports redirects from 301 and 307.
  • To make sure that only short ties are available in the address bar, it covers long links.
  • Remove a shortened connection and its details immediately.


BL.INK provides five plans for pricing:

  • Expert-12 dollars a month
  • SMB- 99 bucks a month
  • Team-299 dollars a month
  • Business-599 dollars a month
  • Enterprise-Custom routine
  • You get a 21-day free trial as well.

7. Firebase Dynamic Connections.

Best for Mobile App Marketing (Free).

Dynamic Connections Firebase via Google

Firebase Dynamic Links by Google is a modern connection shortener. It enables you to create interactive, shortened ties to make further installations of the software. Links may be generated to enable consumers open the same mobile app page they visited on the mobile website. This would allow you to turn more consumers of mobile web applications into consumers of native mobile apps.

It offers many distinctive features, such as A / B checking, cloud messaging, efficient analytics, complex connections without limitations, and more. The Google URL shortener also includes Site, iOS , and Android API references to expand the consumer base of the app and create further sales.

Main Functionalities:

  • Effective Marketing-Dynamic connections enable consumers to display, as with your desktop campaign, the same marketing material in the app.
  • Migrate Desktop Users- To update the mobile app, send links to smartphones via text message.
  • Fall-back URL-Invites the customer to install the software immediately if it is not installed on a device.


  • Conversions can be quickly monitored and the Firebase dashboard taps.
  • In order to represent your brand in the connection, you may add your custom domain.
  • To monitor the marketing plan, add UTM parameters instantly.
  • Track various indicators, such as first-open, press, re-open, and install.
  • Integrate it into the latest app ventures seamlessly.


The usage of Firebase Dynamic Connections is 100 % free.


(Free) Best Easy, Open-Source Method.

Yourls-Shortener ‘s Free Connection

YOURLS (Your Own URL Shortener) is a shortening method for open-source URLs. This encourages you to build both private and public relations. Via its tiny PHP files, it can even help you operate your own URL shortening service.

It also offers a wonderful plugin interface to encourage you to include new custom functionality. To build connections in both sequential or custom URL keywords, you can use YOURLS.

It also provides powerful analytics, including referrer monitoring, historical click analyses, and geo-location, to monitor various parameters.

YOURLS-Strong function for analytics

Main Functionalities:

  • Bookmarklets-Create quick links quickly and share them with helpful bookmarklets in your browser that you can save.
  • Developer API: Configure the program with its developer API and incorporate additional functionality.
  • Output Formats-Offers different output formats, such as XML , JSON, or plain raw text.


  • Add fresh functionality conveniently without changing key data. When you update to the new edition, it will help you keep making improvements.
  • Deactivate or play plugins automatically via the admin app.
  • It’s a solution that is safe and passwordless. You may still authenticate with a password / login, however.
  • Links to specialized documents, guides, plugins, and more is offered.
  • Supports numerous Python, Ruby, Pearl, Drupal, and more frameworks and platforms.


YOURLS is a website that is open-source. It’s 100 percent free to download, thus.

9. AdFly.

Make extra money (free) through exchanging shortened ties.

AdFly-free shortening option for URLs

AdFly is a free shortening method for URLs. Not only does it allow you to shorten ties, but it also monetizes certain relations.

Everything you have to do is just sign up for an account and build it. After that, each time a consumer clicks on a shortened connection, it will help you make money. Finally, for more clicks and exposure, put your links on various social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter , and LinkedIn.

Without a popup, you even get to advertise safely. In addition, AdFly lets you monitor the success and measurements of your ties to make data-driven marketing decisions.

Main Functionalities:

  • Secure Advertisement-It delivers secure advertisement by round-the-clock advertising screening through anti-malware and virus servers.
  • Fraud Filter-It means that only real traffic for better ROI is redirected to your connections.
  • API-Create Adf.ly connects immediately through its API via the platform, widget, or app.


  • After making a minimum of $5, you can remove your payout from PayPal.
  • To get charged quickly, load clear files.
  • Services in ten languages are offered by AdFly, including English , Hindi, Spanish , French, Thai and more.
  • Easily sign-up by signing into Google.
  • Monitor traffic through various points of data.


AdFly is a platform for open source and free connection shortening.

10. Tiny.cc.

Best Quick Connection Shortener ($5 a month) for small businesses.

TinyCC-Optimal URL and shorteners for connections

Another easy-to-use URL and connection shortening method is Tiny.cc. Only paste your long URL into the text box and click on the button to shorten it. The shortened connection will be given within seconds. You may configure certain ties as well.

Tiny.cc also lets you create smart goals to automatically redirect users dependent on languages. To gauge the success of promotions and optimize your ROI, you may even incorporate retargeting pixels.

In comparison, if you don’t have the budget to acquire a branded domain, you should use tiny.cc domains. It also lets you build vanity URLs for improved branding and exposure, or keyword-rich short links. To make it more believable, you may also add your brand name to the connection.

Main Functionalities:

  • Logo Exhibit-In your simplified links, introduce the logo demo to generate more effect on new users.
  • Effective Management-A single account handles several consumers and custom domains.
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)-Leverage short links for asset monitoring and proximity marketing with BLE Beacons.


  • Run campaigns for remarketing with dedicated ties.
  • Manage projects through organisations with multi-tier account entry.
  • Detect the language needs of tourists via smart ties.
  • Generate, via shorter connections, trackable QA codes.
  • Track through a centralized dashboard viewer responses and social network measurements.


Four paying plans are accessible from Tiny. CC:

  • Basic: 5 dollars a month,
  • Business: $25 on a monthly basis
  • Pro: $44 a month, a month
  • Business: Quote-based

You will choose the Freemium Option as well. The free plan, however, offers just the connection that will inevitably expire. The paid plans, however, allow you to create non-expirable links which you can edit later on.

What is a shortener for URLs and links?

A URL or connection shortener lets you cut down the URL’s duration. It also helps you to rename and configure the URL to comply with your branding needs.

For most of us, memorizing a long URL is difficult , especially when they have random numbers and signs. You can memorize a shorter URL with a custom name quickly, though. Not only that, it is often simpler to handle and post shorter URLs.

That’s where the connection shorteners and URLs fall into place.

Here are some main explanations why a connection shortener is needed:

  • A quick URL demands fewer room for characters. It implies that, without reaching the character cap, you can conveniently share it in a text message or post.
  • To monitor key metrics including place, site, geography, and demographics, you can set parameters in a short URL. This lets you monitor the traffic coming from a specific connection.
  • You may also add a custom domain of your own to the URL shortener. As the basis for short ties, you can use this custom domain. As an example, you should choose your own branded domain name instead of using rebrand.ly or bit.ly.

In a Shortener, what features do you search for?

You can find the market saturated with shorteners for URLs and ties. In making the right decision, an excessive amount of choices and specific characteristics can confuse you.

Here are a few must-have features for a URL shortener to search for:

  • Effective analytics: In-depth descriptive analysis could help you track unique URLs for the traffic going in. Using main indicators like click-rate, geography, and demographics, you can easily research the success of your marketing strategies. Real-time monitoring can also enable you maximize and achieve a great ROI for your marketing strategy.
  • Branded ties- It is important to sell for branded ties in order to get a higher brand recall benefit. Thus, search for a URL shortener for more targeted ads that provides custom branded domains.
  • Extensive Collaboration-Simple collaboration with your CRM and other marketing resources can help you more easily rebrand and shorten ties. Tools like Zapier’s URL Shortener support you simplify the workflow, too.
  • Domain Management-Large organizations, with many custom domains, frequently operate several initiatives. Look for a method for handling various domains, such as SSL, 404, and redirecting domains.
  • Free Plan-You don’t necessarily have to pay for the URL shortener if you operate a small company and may not need specialized features. Like TinyURL, you can use free software.

Executive summary.

That’s my compilation of some of the better connection shorteners and URLs. A few USPs and some basic features are provided by each tool. Some are open, and some have pay schedules that are adjustable. Only your marketing needs, expenditure, and the size of your business / team can depend on the right choice.

If you’re still using HootSuite, for instance, you get free access to Ow.ly. If you want to use connection shortening in an automatic workflow, URL Shortener by Zapier is an excellent choice. And if you’re looking for an easy, free alternative, then TinyURL could be a good option.

On the other side, businesses with big staff and big budgets will go with Rebrandly to easily handle large advertisement strategies.

Until making the final order, study all the tools carefully.