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Best Affiliate Marketing Platforms in 2021 – App Sofa
Best Affiliate Marketing Platforms in 2021

Best Affiliate Marketing Platforms in 2021

Affiliate marketing is a very wide business which, for many thousands of skilled bloggers, has been a primary source of online sales. When more and more online companies get interested in affiliate marketing, bloggers, including you and I, have more possibilities to earn money from their site. And to build passive sources of income in the process.

Many affiliate marketers can use an affiliate marketing network to check for deals for their blogs for a broad selection of organizations who deal directly for affiliates. Although these affiliate platforms take a small cut of any charges produced, they serve a valuable role in the climate of affiliate marketing.

  • Aggregating deals from multiple manufacturers
  • Creating a registry or search engine to identify deals for affiliate marketers
  • Manage the logistical tasks of managing an affiliate network

  1. Affiliate Window – (AWIN)
  2. Shareasale  
  3. Flexoffers
  4. MaxBounty
  5. Tradedoubler
  6. CJ Affiliate
  7. Viglink
  8. JVZoo
  9. Rakuten
  10. ClickBank
  11. Skimlinks
  12. Peerfly
  13. AvanGate ( 2Checkout )
  14. ClickFunnels
  15. BuilderAll
  16. Sendible
  18. ConvertKit
  19. StudioPress
  20. Leadpages

No.1 Affiliate Window – (AWIN)

This network, previously known as Affiliate Window but now formally referred to as “AWIN” since purchasing Zanox a few years back, claims to partner for more than 13,000 participating marketers and 100,000 affiliate publishers. Formed in Germany, while the U.S. network is increasing rapidly, AWIN’s merchants mainly come from Europe ( especially Great Britain). AWIN is involved in 11 countries at the moment.

Founded in 2000, this business has since developed into one of both the UK and the world’s most well-respected partner networks. It already boasts over 1,600 labels in 11 regions worldwide across 77 markets.

They also have a user-friendly, simple dashboard, as well as a variety of helpful resources that will certainly help you improve the marketing strategies for affiliates.

A full list of AWIN’s sponsors, including several major names like Etsy, can be found here.

Knowledge on a specialty

AWIN is a rather full network of affiliates that operates in both verticals. That being said, financial, retail shopping (fashion), sporting, cosmetics, home and garden, and travel goods are mainly focused.

Forms Of Commodity

AWIN partners for digital and tangible items, including Hyatt, Etsy, AliExpress, and HP (Hewlett-Packard), from several very wide retailers.

Average cost of commission

All depends on the initiative and the advertiser / merchant. Price information is disclosed on the dashboard only after acceptance of the application to join AWIN. AWIN deals are not monitored by Affscanner and OfferVault, but without becoming an authorized publisher, it is very difficult to calculate commission prices and earning capacity.

Period of Cookie

The length of a cookie is fixed by the advertiser.

What will that be for?

Without much input or suggestions from the network, AWIN is generally better for established affiliates who can hit the ground running. To become an associate, there is a $5 fee paid to register, so if you’re accepted, your account will be applied to the $5. However, if your submission is rejected, you will forfeit the $5 charge. AWIN is internationally active, but it focuses most intensely on British and EU merchants.

AWIN has several important resources, like a “Opportunity Marketplace” where exclusive one-off offers (like supported posts) can be pitched to retailers. AWIN now has its own WordPress plugin, making it very easy to turn a connection into a connection unique to your affiliate. There’s even a Chrome plugin from Google as well.

As one of its retailers, AWIN contains Etsy, rendering AWIN an exceptional choice for bloggers who want to support Etsy goods.

A short round-up of this program’s pros and cons:

AWIN’s pros:

It pays out twice a month (minimum $20).

Reports in real-time.

There are heavily vetted publishers / advertisers.

The dashboard is really simple to use and loads of plugins are available.

900 people in 15 branches around the world.

AWIN’s cons:

Sign-up needs a $5 advance deposit.

Accounts not authorized do not get a $5 fee returned to them.

No.2 Shareasale

ShareASale is one of the main networks with affiliates and is now independent from AWIN. There are over 4,000 merchants listed on the Shareasale website, of which over one thousand are unique to them. ShareASale publishes a vast volume of detail about each of the deals it runs, including:

Per-Click Earnings

Reversal rates

Mean Selling Sum

The Commission Average

Although these statistics are not promises that you should receive payouts, they are undoubtedly very useful in judging a campaign.

ShareASale’s Pros:

Network with Large Partners. Other than 1,000 that are unique involve the 4,000 + retailers.

Simple Deals to Compare. ShareASale makes it very simple to compare the right deals based on metrics while choosing to select between the many deals available.

Period of Fast Payment. On the 20th of each month, ShareASale will pay out, provided the account balance is greater than $50.

No.3 Flexoffers

Another major affiliate marketing network is Flexoffers. In the business, they compensate you (the affiliate) even quicker than anyone. He has more than 10 years of sector experience. While they do not deliver something that is neither innovative nor creative, they do offer a solid set of resources and functionality that will definitely support you with your campaigns. Flexoffers helps you to select from thousands of partner services to promote, provides multiple formats of content distribution, and more in addition to the quick payouts.

FlexOffers links tiny, medium and high budget marketers & brands to blogs, content producers and other forms of publishers.

They have a variety of tens of thousands of diverse partner services. These partner services have been split into thousands of wide and hundreds of sub-categories, making it easy for the publisher ‘s existence to find out what will fall into their niche.

Flexoffers often have their own partner network, which is a cash printing authorization. You receive commission, too, if you refer anyone to FlexOffers and they earn commission. You may receive as much as 50% of any profits produced by any of the affiliates you apply to. How awesome that is!!!

FlexOffers’ Pros:

Share of Sales. Like I already said, you get a share in what they receive if you refer anyone to FlexOffers and they produce sales.

Affiliate Boss Committed. You are left on your own devices through a lot of networks. FlexOffers not. To ensure you make the best out of your affiliate marketing activities, you make your very own Affiliate Boss.

Vast numbers of services for affiliates. Well over 15k partner services to register for and pick from.

FlexOffers’ Cons:

The only payment choice for those globally dependent (outside of the US) is Paypal.

No.4 MaxBounty

MaxBounty, a relative newcomer to the affiliate space, was established in Ottawa, Canada in 2004. MaxBounty continues to be the first expressly designed partner network for affiliates. MaxBounty is strictly a CPA (Cost Per Action / Acquisition) business and does not compete with ad banners or the like, only consumer connections that the publisher (blogger) wishes to put on their website.

Knowledge on a specialty

In the market niche, MaxBounty runs and reports to have more than 1,500 ongoing projects.

Forms Of Commodity

MaxBounty works solely with digital products , usually by providing an email or subscribing to a newsletter. MaxBounty has campaigns for CPA, Pay-per-call, and CPL that you can pick from. MaxBounty is active in a wide variety of verticals, including market analysis, real estate, social games, banking, dating, and diet, it is mainly meant for advertisers who are looking to gain new leads.

Average cost of commission

The cost of commission is based on the form of initiative. A peek at their website reveals anything from $2.50 to $85 per CPA, when a given amount of a transaction is paid out by other campaigns. Five percent is the referral board.

Period of Cookie

In order to monitor CPAs, MaxBounty doesn’t use cookies. The way MaxBounty operates is that, utilizing an affiliate-specific connection, the affiliate sends a prospect to a specified landing page.

What will that be for?

By imposing rather stringent anti-spam laws, MaxBounty is attempting to get ahead of the pack, even onerously so. MaxBounty deals exclusively for digital items, not actual object purchases. MaxBounty from mobile devices makes CPA (and therefore earning) activity.

As such, for mid-level to top-level internet marketers who are confident in handling and sending traffic, MaxBounty is possibly best. MaxBounty is obviously not going to win you a lot of cash if you’re only starting out in the affiliate game.

MaxBounty is fairly easy to navigate through, and since it specifically lists the best deals for your niche, the dashboard is fantastic.

A short round-up of this program’s pros and cons: 

Pros: Pros: 

$1,000 incentive in the first three months for members that receive $1,000 or higher. 

Through verify, Paypal, Intercash, eCheck, ACH (direct deposit), bank wire, or Cryptocurrency, weekly transfers ($50 minimum) 

Any high-profile labels have partnered with them. 

Easy to use dashboard for high-paying deals with a useful capacity to sort. 

The Cons: 

A bad encounter has been documented by a significant number of affiliates. 

For little to no clarification, accounts are sometimes terminated. 

It may take a long time, like a voice call, to get accepted.

No.5 Tradedoubler

Two young Swedish entrepreneurs created Tradedoubler in 1999. They have branches in the United Kingdom and in various European countries, including Sweden, Germany , France, Poland and Spain. Via technology, their emphasis has always been to have smarter outcomes for both consumers and associates. They have amassed an arsenal of 180,000 operating publishers in 18 years, linking them to more than 2,000 merchants in Europe and the UK. Many of those merchants are names of families.

No.6 CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate is known to be the largest online affiliate platforms; you will obviously come across them if you have operated for some length of time in the affiliate marketing room.

Almost every big retailer has CJ Affiliate (formerly Fee Junction) affiliate services, which brings them as similar to a one-stop shop as you can come in the affiliate marketing industry. Many retailers have several partner ad sizes available, allowing you more influence of the deals you feature on your site.

It allows it reasonably straightforward to evaluate and segment distinct offerings for such a vast variety of marketers on the CJ Affiliate site. It is also simple to locate the affiliate tracking code to put on your blog; once you are allowed to advertise a deal, you can run loads of different deals on your website in only a few short hours.’s Pros

Network with Large Partners. There are over three thousand promotional partners in CJ Affiliate, all of which have loads of innovative sizes and diverse opportunities for affiliate connections.

Dependable Payments. They give a net-20 payment period, which ensures that every month you can get your commission paid out in a timely manner.

Strong Options to Report. The CJ Affiliate reports suite is very impressive, which is a huge bonus for marketers planning to invest their time improving their sales results.’s Pros

Curve for Steep Learning. While the reporting capabilities are great, they are also quite difficult to get to grips with for beginners. Before you are comfortable navigating the reporting suite, you will need to spend time on the dashboard and can then begin to take full advantage of the tools on offer.

Customer Service Minimal. It’s clear that customer service is very minimal because of the vast number of affiliates and merchants. Although it can only be limiting to use a communication type as the primary means of keeping in touch with the help department.

No.7 Viglink

VigLink operates a little better given that it is primarily tailored for bloggers than most partner services. Instead of picking and choosing which merchants to work with associates, VigLink uses complex connections that adjust dynamically to work with merchants that VigLink has decided are at any given moment providing the highest discussion prices and/or commissions.

In effect, by searching the material of the publisher and automatically generating connections to publishers that are selected “in real time” based on their payout / conversation prices, VigLink acts as the middleman between a publisher (blogger) and merchants. This makes VigLink a very hands-off affiliate network for publishers who, instead of handling their affiliate connections, tend to concentrate on content.

Knowledge on a specialty

VigLinks deals with advertisers / marketers of all sorts, yet categorizes them through “trends” or what is common. It is important to remember that, not VigLink itself, this knowledge regarding patterns comes from third-party pages.

Forms Of Commodity

VigLink is mostly about the sale of physical goods, but it still deals with certain products and services that are digital only.

Average cost of commission

VigLink helps members to filter between services from CPC, CPA, or both CPA and CPA. The commission prices, not VigLink, are fixed by the retailer.

Period of Cookie

It relies on the dealer and/or bid.

What will that be for?

VigLink is an intermediary network, meaning it will act as a loophole for associates that have been forbidden from collaborating with other partner systems such as Amazon previously. And though you can select individual merchants or deals, through searching your published content and creating affiliate links dynamically, VigLink can be set up to function automatically, making it a perfect option for existing content creators who are looking for an easier way to generate sales from an affiliate program.

A short round-up of this program’s pros and cons:

VigLink Pros:

Fits great through social media / apps and websites.

The one-page dashboard is quite easy and effective to use.

Good for bloggers that want a program for more hands-off affiliates.

A suitable choice for persons barred from Amazon or other franchise services.

You may schedule the ties to be automatically modified to optimize your profits.

VigLink’s cons:

You have to be individually accepted by each merchant.

In order to optimize earning potential, the “automatic production of connections” needs to be fine tuned (specifically the WordPress plugin).

Massive differences in merchant / offer payouts.

Pay out about once a month.

VigLink can carry the commissions / income into a balanced slice.

No.8 JVZoo

JVZoo was established in 2011 as one of the most successful affiliate programs out there, and has since rocketed to near the top. In that there are no upfront expenses for either publishers or retailers (advertisers), JVZoo is unique. The revenue of JVZoo is exclusively from charging commissions after a deal has been rendered (to both the merchant and the affiliate). It is also unique because, like most partner schemes, it pays commissions “instantly” through PayPal rather than once a week / fortnight / month.

Knowledge on a specialty

JVZoo deals solely for digital goods, mostly e-commerce, online courses and offers for internet marketing. Since there are no limitations on the amount of connections, order keys, or calls to action on a page, both in terms of deals and items, JVZoo may also be of very poor standard. Nevertheless, for enterprises like ClickBank, it has proved itself to be a fierce foe.

Forms Of Commodity

JVZoo is mainly for offering educational classes or allowing users to distribute their data to marketing agencies, but it has played a leading role in the regular launch of advertising goods.

Average cost of commission

Commission prices differ depending on the product / merchant, although many give returns of 50 percent or more.

Period of Cookie

Cookies Unlimited / Lifetime.

What will that be for?

JVZoo helps you to both host and build landing pages on your own website, but it’s much more appropriate for experienced marketers who choose to spam the internet with deals, many of them for money-making courses. To join in JVZoo, you don’t need your own platform, so in order to gain from becoming a JVZoo partner, you would need to know how to push traffic to a landing or squeeze link.

The beauty of JVZoo is that, when setting up promotional funnels and personalized landing pages, it helps seasoned marketers to gain access to product releases and a wide variety of online courses. It ‘s certainly not about those that by making people click through to purchase actual items wishes to monetize a site or raise income. JVZoo might be a great match if you have built out a powerful online presence in the marketing room.

A short round-up of this program’s pros and cons:

JVzoo’s Pros:

Free to participate and you can apply for immediate payouts (Paypal) (later).

Ideal for selling latest releases of goods.

You don’t require a page of your own.

Using lifetime / unlimited cookies, you can (sometimes) employ second-tier affiliates.

A wide variety of goods and categories of comprehensive program / merchant statistics.

JVZoo’s cons:

Lots of videos and documents are available, but you have to pay (a one-time fee) to view them.

Most of the goods are of very poor quality, if not actual “spam.”

To get automatic Paypal payouts, you have to sell 50 items or more.

The user’s dashboard is a little clunky and will misfire occasionally.

Most commercials for merchants / sellers are hyperbolic and manipulative.

No.9 Rakuten

Rakuten LinkShare is considered one of the largest networks of affiliate partners, and is still much smaller than some of the major players in the affiliate market. There are a few sleek Rakuten LinkShare features that separate this network from the others.

They have the power to cycle seamlessly across the different banners for a commodity, for instance, which is a big benefit when attempting to maximize the deals. LinkShare enables several iterations to rotate in just one small piece of code, instead of needing to manually pick which ad you want to run on your site.

LinkShare also provides for a more versatile “deep connection” to specific landing pages of retailers, enabling the kinds of promotions you may operate to be more personalized.

LinkShare Pros:

Rotation ad. This might sound like a relatively minor element, but when it comes to improving the advertising, it can make a big difference.

Deep Choices Connecting. LinkShare helps you to pick the page on which you wish on submit your traffic on their platform , allowing you more options to advertise multiple deals from affiliates.

LinkShare Pros:

The Far Fewer Network. There are about 1,000 partners in LinkShare, which is slightly smaller than the broader networks including CJ Associate or ShareASale.

Unpredictable Affiliate Fees. Only after the fees are received by their associates does Rakuten LinkShare pay out to their members.

No.10 Clickbank

The “OG” of affiliate marketing services is ClickBank which has been around since the early days of the internet. ClickBank (or ‘CB’ to many in the industry) has updated the evaluation mechanism and built a far improved dashboard after suffering from low-quality goods that verged on spam back in 2012.

There is a valid explanation why ClickBank is still a powerful competitor, but it appears to concentrate more on digital goods that could be of poor standard. Yeah, these days, the evaluation process is more professional, but it’s still mostly based on selling digital goods , especially courses on “how to make money” and the like. That being said, there are some truly high-quality items on offer and few affiliate services , especially in the sale of (primarily digital) books, are larger than ClickBank.

Knowledge on a specialty

ClickBank previously concentrated mainly on digital items , particularly marketing style courses, but its offering to cover both digital and physical goods has now been greatly extended.

Forms Of Commodity

While they have also extended into several physical items, the emphasis of ClickBank appears to be mostly on niche e-books, online classes, and e-courses.

Average cost of commission

Up to 75%..

Period of Cookie

The length of the cookie depends on the object, but none is infinite.

What will that be for?

ClickBank helps you to participate for free, and the acceptance process is practically instant, so for individuals playing the affiliate game for the first time, it’s a perfect option. ClickBank has a lot of data online, including FAQs, walk-throughs, and images, so the entry barrier is very tiny. With seminars and help from seasoned marketers, there’s even a (paid) curriculum named ClickBank University.

There is also a second-tier package called the “joint venture package” that helps you, a form of second-tier affiliate program, to operate with ClickBank partners. For this, there’s an acceptance phase, but the commissions are larger. For publishers (bloggers) operating in smaller niches, ClickBank is superbly placed.

A short round-up of this program’s pros and cons:

Pros: Pros:

Daily payouts and several common opportunities for payouts.

For even better profits, the joint venture scheme makes.

One of the largest and most resilient partner services out there.

ClickBank enforces a 60-day money return guarantee for ALL goods, with no questions asked.

Phase of Instant acceptance.

The Cons:

The rebate scheme increases conversion rates, but will eat into your profits.

Strong rivalry from other affiliates who market the same products.

Any digital items being advertised are of very poor quality.

Initial purchases are made via check only; you can collect payments via wire transfer or PayPal only after a minimum amount of sales.

Small physical product selection.

No.11 Skimlinks

SkimLinks operates quite closely to VigLinks except that it is structured to engage in an affiliate scheme with bloggers who do not want to do a lot of hands-on work. Like VigLinks, SkimLinks often functions in that it uses a plugin or script to build interactive links in the material to send visitors to merchants’ higher paid deals. SkimLinks claims to partner for more than 24,000 marketers and retailers.

However, one major distinction between SkimLinks and VigLinks is that you can opt to partner with any merchant or program on the website until you’re accepted by the business. A white paper discussing its relationship with Buzzfeed has already been released by SkimLinks, offering SkimLinks a lot more legitimacy. SkimLinks now has a premium tier of “Preferred Partner” and “VIP” vetted merchants that all offer higher fees than regular merchants.

Knowledge on a specialty

With a broad variety of goods, SkimLinks fits, however is more biased towards tangible objects.

Forms Of Commodity

SkimLinks deals for traditional items as well as interactive ones. However, it appears to rely more strongly on physical items, like fashion (apparel) from big-name companies and tons of items from Amazon, Target, and eBay.

Average cost of commission

Commission prices differ by merchant, but the 400 + participants of their Chosen Affiliate and VIP programs receive the highest commissions (up to 100 percent).

Period of Cookie

The period depends on the merchant.

What will that be for?

SkimLinks is specifically for existing creators of content (bloggers) who want their content to be monetized. Setting up SkimLinks is really simple, with a strong WordPress plugin and scripts for just about every sort of website. And because once you are accepted, you have access to all deals on their website, SkimLinks is really well built for affiliates that don’t want to waste any time fiddling with settings and other fine-tuning.

Instead of inserting referral links to established items, SkimLinks is generally better for bloggers who choose to write content about a referral connection. In order to tailor the content to maximize the revenue, SkimLinks provides a lot of resources to evaluate commission prices and offers. The good part of SkimLinks is that it provides tons of items, like famous UK labels such as John Lewis and Tesco, for non-US developers.

A short round-up of this program’s pros and cons:

Pros: Pros:

Fantastic customer care.

“Email updates for” favorite “retailers.

A really simple incorporation with the new website.

The gui is efficient and simple to use.

Links to Amazon and Ebay are automatically targeted to the correct area.

The Cons:

It is free to join / use Skimlinks, but 25 percent of all commissions would be collected.

Pay out about once a month.

The number of dealers / advertisers is rather small.

After you install the SkimLinks code, some websites load more slowly.

No.12 Warrior Plus

The website and gui of Warrior Plus look like anything from an earlier age, but Warrior Plus is a successful competitor in online advertisement courses and marketing campaigns to “make profits.” The immediate payments (via PayPal) and paying out on all goods in the sales funnel are where Warrior Plus shines.

Since it takes a lot of time and resources to vet the goods (including reimbursement rates), Warrior Plus is ideally suited for seasoned advertisers who are trying to gain commissions from a wide spectrum of services.

Knowledge on a specialty

Warrior Plus is exclusively devoted to internet marketing (or Warrior + as it is called in some circles).

Forms Of Commodity

Digital ones, including one-time deals and ‘free’ courses offered in return for contact details, are the only items available for sale through Warrior Plus. The bulk of Warrior Plus items are courses (known in the industry as MMO / BizOpp) about how to earn profits.

Average cost of commission

Depending on the commodity, Commission rates differ wildly.

Period of Cookie

The durations of cookies differ by product.

What will that be for?

For seasoned internet marketers who want to receive commissions on (other) internet marketing deals, Warrior Plus is perfect. The clunky design and large amount of (often) low-quality items from Warrior Plus render their software better suited to seasoned affiliates that have specialized strategies to push traffic to designated links.

A short round-up of this program’s pros and cons:

Pros: Pros:

Method for simple and free clearance.

A wide range of offered (digital) items.

For such goods, rather straightforward activity and large payouts / commissions.

Useful metrics on manufacturers.

Through Stripe, immediate Paypal payouts or payouts.

The Cons:

It needs permission from each seller, which may take time.

It offers a vast range of items of poor quality.

Refunds will cut through your profits.

Before having the first bonus, you have to make five transactions,

Lack of transparency / info about some items.

No.13 Peerfly

Peerfly is a CPA network with a comprehensive list of both digital and physical products. Peerfly stands out from its competitors because it offers a second-tier affiliate program that will earn you five percent of everything your second-tier affiliates sell in their first year.

Although it has a dynamic and well-designed website, PeerFly has a limited range of offers at any given time (around 8,000). On the upside, it does offer good commission/payout rates, lots of FAQs and educational information, and regular contests and reward programs that can substantially increase your bottom line. Based on online customer reviews, Peerfly enjoys a very high reputation amongst participating affiliates.

Niche Information

There are a wide variety of products available on PeerFly, but the majority of them tend to be digital. That being said, PeerFly has landed some big customers, including Target, CBS, and Fiverr.

Product Types

Primarily digital but also a lot of physical products.

Average Commission Rate

Depends on the merchant.

Cookie Duration

Depends on the product.

Who Is it for?

PeerFly is for legitimate affiliates who don’t mind going through the rigorous application process. PeerFly spent a lot of time setting up their dashboard and website to make it super intuitive and easy to use, so once you’re “in,” things work very smoothly.

PeerFly only has a limited number of products at the moment, but they have tremendous momentum and are growing by leaps and bounds. Their payout rates aren’t spectacular, but everything is upfront and transparent, and affiliate satisfaction is very high. PeerFly is perfect for authentic marketers who want to offer high-quality products to their visitors as opposed to “get rich quick” schemes and opaque offers.

PeerFly’s second-tier affiliate program means that established influencers can earn quite a lot.

A quick round-up of the pros and cons of this program:


Very high satisfaction amongst affiliates.

Great UX/UI.

Stringent vetting ensures little to no spam or scammy products.

Super easy set-up and powerful dashboard.

Payouts every 7/15/30 days via PayPal, Amazon gift cards, checks, Payoneer, Bitcoin, or bank wire transfer.


Minimum payout is $50.

Only has 15 people on staff.

Limited number of products.

Rigorous application process.

Customer service can be quite slow and there is a limited amount of FAQ/educational info on their website.


LinkConnector failed to stick out from the crowd, but nonetheless succeeded in signing several exclusive agreements with major labels, including Writer’s Digest, Disney Shop, Ironman,, and Everly. For both merchants / advertisers and affiliates / publishers, their tightly regulated filtering method ensures that you can still count on the consistency of goods on sale.

That being said, the platform of LinkConnector looks and feels out of date and is built rather clumsily. Their dashboard often allows identifying “hot” items or contrasting conversion rates challenging, making affiliates somewhat dark on the goods to select from. Ironically, they provide some of the best customer support in the affiliate space, considering their low-quality website.

Knowledge on a specialty

Offered as CPA (click per action), CPS (clicks per second), PPC (pay per call), and PPL (pay per lead), LinkConnector operates with a large variety of items.

Forms Of Commodity

The goods of LinkConnector are almost equally divided between digital products and physical products. Instead of being e-books or educational classes, most of the software items are electronic commerce.

Average cost of commission

Commission prices are based on the provider.

Period of Cookie

The length of cookies is depending on the seller.

What will that be for?

LinkConnector is a mixed bag, but it’s generally better for seasoned affiliates that have been disillusioned and are trying to grow with other networks. The bizarre combination of high-quality goods and a low-quality dashboard from LinkConnector makes it impossible to even judge its feasibility, but their unique agreements with certain manufacturers will make it a complete home run for publishers operating in those niches.

Before being approved, LinkConnector needs a very thorough and long screening procedure, because you would need to show that you have a high-quality website and an existing audience. LinkConnector does have several really happy long-term affiliates, considering its somewhat schizophrenic method. And their “naked ties” enable for direct connection without having to be redirected via LinkConnector to the merchant website, which will offer your website an SEO lift.

For existing influencers who operate in design, clothing, and home niches, LinkConnector is probably better for those who can submit traffic to CPA sites for tasks such as phone calls or completing contact information forms.

A short round-up of this program’s pros and cons:

Pros: Pros:

Special links to several products of major stars.

Goods of extremely high quality that are heavily vetted.

Strong support for consumers.

Uses private coupon codes that avoid “hijacking” of coupons.

Offers “naked ties” that do not need rerouting, which is a big SEO boost, via LinkConnector ‘s website.

The Cons:

Poorly crafted dashboard and website.

Extremely stringent screening (up to 60% of applicants are rejected) procedure.

The merchant is able to monitor where the ties are shown.

Small physical product selection.

Heavily tilted over affiliates against merchants.

15. AvanGate ( 2Checkout )

AvanGate is still formally branded as 2Checkout, which has created many retailers a lot of uncertainty. Perhaps more complicated, although 2Checkout is the partner program, the initial Avangate name now applies to a payment processor, but 2Checkout requires AvanGate to handle all the payouts, rendering 2Checkout an Avangate subsidiary.

In comparison to sign-ups, type completions, or online classes, 2Checkout, the partner program, is solely centered on selling apps and other digital products. 2Checkout offers more than 22,000 different security apps, including Kaspersky, Hewlett-Packard, and BitDefender, from a large range of big-name businesses.

Knowledge on a specialty

2Checkout just operates with digital goods , especially tech, e-commerce, and SaaS.

Forms Of Commodity

2Checkout is solely interested in technologies for apps, digital goods, and SaaS (online as a service).

Average cost of commission

Commission rates differ from product to product, but range from 25-80%.

Period of Cookie

After 120 days, the cookies expire.

What will that be for?

Because 2Checkout offers tech and digital goods exclusively, it is most appropriate for existing influencers whose target audience is interested in purchasing items in this niche. 2Checkout is undoubtedly the industry leader in offering applications of all sorts, even very particular use case objects (such as applications that will transform Microsoft Word documents to PDF, for example), but you won’t find any physical goods for sale.

Unfortunately, the breadth of the 2Checkout dashboard is a little restricted, making it hard to get any data on conversion rates or even sorting through commission payouts. The alternative is to go to the Avangate website, which lists its best-selling items, and then check on the affiliate dashboard for them. That being said, 2Checkout sells items from more than 4,000 separate suppliers, rendering it the tech and interactive products’ leading partner network.

Latest organizational developments and the folding of 2Checkout into a broader organization engaged with payment and e-commerce distribution imply that often the partner network will feel quite overlooked. However, the opportunity to create personalized coupon codes and the extensive knowledge base render 2Checkout a decent alternative for seasoned user-based affiliates. But if you are only entering for the first time in the affiliate sector, 2Checkout might not be where you want to start.

A short round-up of this program’s pros and cons:

Pros: Pros:

An market pioneer for tech and SaaS goods in associate revenues.

Lengthy duration of cookies (120 days).

Unique coupons may be produced.

A very generous rate of commission.

Payment via PayPal, bank deposit, or by a branded MasterCard (Avangate).

The Cons:

Minimal reward of $100.

The dashboard has restricted choices for search / sort.

Reports on valuable data are small.

Quite significant percentages of consumers are disappointed, many of whom are angered by unintended or unauthorized costs.

Bad support to consumers at times.

No.16 Sendible

Sendible is a fantastic management platform for social networking that helps web marketers to plan updates and handle several social pages all at once. For the first 12 months, they give 30 percent on all sign-ups, which ensures you will receive up to a massive $716 per sign-up.

Knowledge on a specialty

Concentrated solely on the management room for social network marketing.

Forms Of Commodity

In the Sendible partner network, the only “stuff” for sale is the Sendible web app, which is a concept focused on subscriptions.

Average cost of commission

Commission prices of 30 percent are set.

Period of Cookie

Cookies every 30 days.

What will that be for?

Current consumers who wish to recommend the usage of Sendible to their peers and family, or people who own websites that generate material for individuals who are normally involved in a software such as Sendible.

A short round-up of this program’s pros and cons:

Pros: Pros:

To enter instantly and conveniently.

It pays fees for up to 12 months on good referrals.

You receive a 30 per cent fee on every effective referral.

No need to negotiate with sellers with mysteries.

PayPal transfers.

The Cons:

60 days are expected to get compensated.

Multiple pay runs, meaning you might wind up with 3 or 4 tiny monthly installments, which may be bothersome.


For people involved in developing eCommerce shops, Shopify is a really common tool for site building. It has been operating for the last few years and has witnessed strong development during this timeframe in its user base. For any new client you refer to, you will receive a whopping 200 dollars per transaction, which ensures that there is up to $2400 every new client on offer.

Shopify is potentially the internet’s largest e-commerce solution provider. For all recommended sales of Shopify goods and services, their partner scheme offers fees. While it is a regular affiliate scheme, it is referred to by Shopify as their “Partner Program.”

Knowledge on a specialty

Shopify is an e-commerce website as well as a payment processor for storage services. Shopify now provides a wide marketplace where you can purchase applications and themes from third parties that fit under the overall Shopify platform. The affiliate scheme offers commissions on all of these goods for purchases.

Forms Of Commodity

As well as standalone third-party items such as themes and games, Shopify has three distinct account styles. Commissions, including users who sign up for a 14-day free trial and then convert to a paying plan, are paying for purchases of each of such goods. Shopify now provides a vast variety of blog entries, webinars, and video guides that can be connected to any produced purchases with the regular commission charged.

Average cost of commission

The total commission cost on the Shopify platform is $58. In compliance with numerous metrics, Shopify’s fees are charged. For eg, the reward is a flat $2,000 whenever a referral signs up for the Shopify Plus enterprise package (the highest tier). Referrals who subscribe to the regular package receive a commission of $598. For a simple plan, the reward is $58. Commissions are measured as follows: you can receive the monthly rate twice, but just two months after a paid client is the recipient.

For referrals, Shopify often offers a 20 percent sales share.

Note: The Collaborator Scheme (also known as their affiliate program) also encourages developers to build applications and pay a fee for all the product purchases.

Period of Cookie

After 30 days, the cookies expire. If a referred guest signs up within 30 days for a free 14-day trial but later becomes a paid client following the expiry of the 30 days, you can also receive the commission.

What will that be for?

Shopify is currently the most common source of e-commerce solutions out there, but beginners will quickly get overwhelmed since there are so many goods and choices. If you consider your audience has goods to offer and could profit from the goods of Shopify and are willing to explain the advantages of signing up with Shopify, through their partner network, you will certainly gain some huge money.

The drawback is that Shopify is only attractive to individuals who offer tangible or digital goods and need to set up a Shopify store, including web hosting, payment processing, and many of Shopify’s other services. This will greatly limit the attractiveness of this associate network. But if you can differentiate yourself by informing customers about how to use Shopify, how it can help their business, and/or make them cash, via the affiliate scheme, you might theoretically make huge money. Add on the 2 x monthly fee commission cost, and it will result in substantial earnings from landing only a few sales on their mid-tier and top-tier goods.

The revenue share scheme allows you to be a current Shopify customer and to have at least one referral to the Shopify production store, or one referral from an affiliate connection, or to have a current Shopify consumer update during the past 12 months to Shopify Plus (the highest level level tier).

A short round-up of this program’s pros and cons:

Pros: Pros:

Quite attentive customer support for live chat, text, and voice (phone).

A committed manager for affiliates.

Strong rates of commission.

PayPal twice regular payouts (for accounts over $25)

Shopify has a brand image that is really strong.

The Cons:

Unpaid profits below $25, even though you shut your account, would never be disbursed.

It’s a boring and time-consuming process to close the affiliate account.

Rather, it is a niche commodity since it applies mainly to individuals who wish to offer goods digitally.

No commissions for renewals were charged.

Before earning the fee on the deal, you have to wait two months after a customer became a paid member.

No.18 ConvertKit

ConvertKit, a relative novice that was only established in 2014, has taken the email marketing environment by storm. According to the agency, their email services already have about 20,000 active users. Their partner scheme operates by offering a 30 percent lifetime fee to current customers for recommendations who eventually become customers of ConvertKit or who sign up for webinars and other multimedia items from ConvertKit.

Knowledge on a specialty

The emphasis of ConvertKit is solely on the email marketing space.

Forms Of Commodity

In the ConvertKit partner scheme, the only “product” for sale is getting other persons to sign up for a ConvertKit account.

Average cost of commission

Commission prices are set at 30 percent a month, although this commission is charged on a monthly basis while the customer referred to is involved.

Period of Cookie

ConvertKit utilizes cookies for 30 days.

What will that be for?

ConvertKit is mostly for current users of ConvertKit who believe that their audience may benefit from signing up for an email marketing product, i.e. ConvertKit, convertKit. Because joining costs zero, in order to provide the custom connection to share, virtually any ConvertKit consumer can sign up for the affiliate program.

In order to receive fees, ConvertKit itself advises that affiliates write e-mails / articles to support ConvertKit. Some of these ideas involve getting your email readers to sign up for webinars on ConvertKit and writing posts about how you have helped create an email list for ConvertKit.

A short round-up of this program’s pros and cons:

Pros: Pros:

For current ConvertKit users, it’s fast and simple to join.

Pays lifetime royalties for successful referrals.

You receive a 30 per cent fee on every effective referral.

No need to negotiate with sellers with mysteries.

PayPal payments.

The Cons:

To get charged, it takes from 30-59 days.

For the company’s webinars and other items that they like associates to market, ConvertKit does not provide free / reduced rates.

No. 19 StudioPress

StudioPress is a hosting service and platform for WordPress that is intended to make it much simpler and easier to set up and manage a WordPress account. StudioPress, collectively regarded as the “Genesis system,” arrives with its own special themes and SEO resources. Their partner scheme is specifically for referrals to compensate for or order a StudioPress theme for a StudioPress system account. Previously, web hosting was still included in the partner network, although this is now handled independently by the owner of StudioPress, WPEngine.

Knowledge on a specialty

This partner scheme is exclusively centered on bringing people to pay for WordPress themes and the Genesis framework for StudioPress goods.

Forms Of Commodity

The partner items are limited to purchasing and/or signing up with the StudioPress framework with StudioPress (WordPress) styles.

Average cost of commission

Within 60 days of clicking your affiliate code, StudioPress pays a 35 per cent fee for all purchases made.

Period of Cookie

For tracking conversions, StudioPress uses ShareASale, and ShareASale uses cookies for 60 days. In order for the fee to be received, referred clients must make their transaction within 60 days of clicking on an affiliate connection.

What will that be for?

StudioPress itself is a niche product, since it is aimed at established WordPress users who have found it too challenging or time consuming to set up and maintain a WordPress platform. StudioPress is proud to be quick to use, but the biggest claim to popularity is that their hosted websites are “faster and safer” than other WordPress hosting firms and use the “Genesis system” that is meant to be more SEO-friendly than other WordPress builds.

In order to engage in their affiliate scheme, you don’t have to be an established StudioPress user, so if you have an existing audience who may be involved in the StudioPress structure and/or themes, you may profit from becoming an affiliate of StudioPress. On both purchases, StudioPress offers a flat 35 per cent fee.

However, it is necessary to remember that StudioPress is now a WPEngine affiliate, which is the organization that currently provides the web hosting in which the Genesis framework of StudioPress operates. The partner scheme functions only with the option of the platform and themes for StudioPress, not the direct hosting on WPEngine. For its hosting facilities, WPEngine has a different partner scheme that, indeed, is a little complicated.

In addition, ShareASale, a different organization, runs the affiliate site, so you’ll have to open an account there and be accepted before you can get your StudioPress affiliate links.

Basically, whether you believe your community is involved in installing a StudioPress theme (only for WordPress) or utilizing the StudioPress Genesis system (a kind of updated WordPress dashboard), then your time would definitely not be worth entering the StudioPress affiliate network.

A short round-up of this program’s pros and cons:

Pros: Pros:

StudioPress has a good history.

The affiliate program is straightforward to implement.

A really active Facebook forum network for StudioPress.

A very poor refund percentage.

The Cons:

Despite the hosting facilities being offered by StudioPress’ parent organization, the partner scheme does not provide hosting.

Commission rates are lower than those of similar rivals.

Without widespread market appeal, rather niche commodities.

No. 20 Leadpages

The primary product of Leadpages is a platform for marketing purposes to build personalized landing pages. Their affiliate scheme is only available to current customers and may refer new customers to Leadpages.

Knowledge on a specialty

The Leadpages partner scheme is only for referring persons to sign up for the goods of Leadpages.

Forms Of Commodity

In this scheme, the sole product is to get citizens to become a part of Leadpages with pay.

Average cost of commission

On both transactions, Leadpages offers a lifelong fee of 30 per cent. They also run exclusive deals for associates that make 10 or more transactions by a certain deadline, such as a $5,000 incentive.

Period of Cookie

Leadpages uses cookies for 30 days, but Leadpages pays permanent commissions for both purposes. Referrals from affiliates are monitored through Impact / Radius.

What will that be for?

Leadpages maintains that its affiliate platform is not only for affiliate marketers, which is accurate, but this niche ‘s limited target ensures that only affiliate marketers would ever be able to gain substantial revenue from the platform. The partner program of Leadpages provides quite a number of different opportunities (webinars, videos, blog entries, free marketing courses, etc.) to submit links to, which if performed correctly will lead to higher conversion rates.

That being mentioned, if you are not an current customer of Leadpages, then it is a must to sign up for their partner program. Commissions are charged on a lifelong basis, so for years, even a single good recommendation will continue to gain you cash.

Leadpages also provides members with an opportunity to submit referrals to join in a Leadpages webinar with regular fees charged on every webinar selling. Leadpages, though, enable you to get at least 150 people to sign up for and webinar (but not usually attend). Leadpages also gives members the option to access blog posts and videos on the Leadpages platform, again paying for all purchases through the regular commission.

If you are still a highly happy Leadpages client, their partner service is likely not correct for you.

A short round-up of this program’s pros and cons:

Pros: Pros:

Charge a fixed 30 percent lifetime commission, including renewals, for all purchases.

Payouts come on a weekly or quarterly basis.

Offers a broad variety of welcoming connections to posters, sidebar pictures, and social media.

There’s a lot of fun stuff for Leadpages to promote.

The online group on Facebook is really active.

The Cons:

Is open to current (paid) clients of Leadpages.

Leadpages is a marketing product, but you’ll want to offer a marketing tool to advertisers who have either learned about or are a current client about Leadpages.

It’s a specialty commodity.