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Best Retargeting Platforms

Best Retargeting Platforms

Companies invest a lot of time and resources designing promotions that reach prospective consumers through multiple platforms when it comes that ads, all with the intention of bringing certain potential customers to access their websites.

And that makes sense. That’s half the fight if you get anyone to visit your website, right?

Ah, that might be. But an significant fact to keep in mind is that just 2% of users turn to a website for their first visit.

Yeah, you heard that right—2%.

What this actually suggests is that all that effort and resources is being poured through a commercial operation that produces a performance rate of just 2 percent. That’s when it comes to retargeting.

In a nutshell, the trick to re-engaging the 98 percent of future clients that you neglect during their initial exposure to your website is retargeting.

These people landed on your website for some cause, maybe they took a bit of a look around, and wanted to go. It doesn’t actually imply that they were not interested in what you had to sell, it may also be the case that at that point in time they weren’t in a place to purchase.

Taking this into account, among several other considerations, retargeting allows you the chance to target (or, more simply, re-target) these individuals anywhere they are surfing online. When the buyer is in a great mood to shop, all this means is hold the brand and service or product proposition top-of-mind, which could result in them revisiting the website and switching.

It can be very tricky to manage the retargeting environment, which is why you would more than definitely require a retargeting tool in your marketing technology stack. The key explanation for this is that retargeting services provide far greater connections to blogs and networks where the commercials can be viewed, greatly raising the odds of being at the right moment in front of the right audience.

As a bonus tip, applying your retargeting pixels (which can be conveniently identified in your Google AdWords, Facebook, or other ads accounts) to unique short URLs that you make can take retargeting one step further.

This is called connection retargeting, which essentially helps you to create your retargeting communities much faster for individuals who have never viewed your website before.

Now let’s dig in to have a peek at the best retargeting platforms on the market without additional ado.


Mailchimp - best retargeting platforms

Through offering AI-powered, user-friendly resources that everyone can use to be effective, Mailchimp’s all-in-one marketing platform supports companies. In order to deliver marketing emails and automatic communications, develop tailored remarketing promotions, construct landing pages, send postcards, promote monitoring and review, and sell online, Mailchimp places the audience at the middle.


Retargeter - best retargeting platforms

ReTargeter is a retargeting application that provides advertisers and agencies highly personalized, data-driven, programmatic display ads, designed for and tailored to all business needs and objectives.


Adroll - best retargeting platforms

Through its E-commerce Development Engine, AdRoll helps corporations thrive digitally and increase sales. This forum allows trade brands to collaborate together to boost market development through their display, social and email ads. Brands are better equipped to structure, measure and sync their marketing activities, driven by industry-leading automation and personalization.



Finteza is a network for analytics and advertisement that accommodates a retargeting choice, allowing users who have previously visited the website and taken a particular activity to view optimized advertisements. Finteza helps you to set various triggers for retargeting, from registrations and trial sign-ups to when the conditions of individual guests are fulfilled.


Criteo - best retargeting platforms

In order to serve up the most important advertising in real time, Criteo uses the world’s biggest open shopper data collection and machine learning. It blends big data with super-smart, shopping-focused AI, allowing you to target shoppers with customized video advertisements, reach shoppers on scale with engaging video advertisements, created on demand to view your goods across the network.

Perfect Audience

Perfect audience - best retargeting platforms

Perfect Audience is a leading smart remarketing network that helps marketers to remarket visits to past blogs, email users, and fans on social media. They provide free service, no minimum investment, and their network covers more than 90 percent of the internet.


Fixel - best retargeting platforms

Fixel is an innovative, easy-to-use, AI-based viewer segmentation solution that boosts campaigns significantly. Their AI-based platform discovers how the web deals with users and highlights the users who contribute most to the organization by implementing sophisticated machine learning algorithms. This communities are built on the advertisement channels directly (Google , Facebook, etc.) and can be quickly added to current campaigns.


clickmeter best affiliate marketing tool

To increase the conversion rate, you can track, compare and optimize all your marketing links in one place with Clickmeter.

Retargeting is a cookie-based application that uses quick Javascript programming to track visitors around the Site anonymously.

Now what if your traffic doesn’t go to your website directly, instead you land on a link that you can’t control? In certain instances, it will happen:

You’re an associate and you’re advertising the product / website of another.

You deal with social networks such as Twitter or Facebook a lot and exchange links to interesting content (articles, blogs, images, etc.) other than your website with your audience.

You are a company who have to buy who deliver traffic to your consumers, but you do not have connections to their pages.

You could submit traffic to the website of your organization, however you do not have time or do not want to ask the IT department to put the remarketing codes on the main website.

For all these factors and many more, the only way to grow your retargeting list would be to have the option to retarget directly via a tracking connection.

And there you have it, allowing you to select from the right retargeting platforms. The forum you chose, obviously, has to suit your business. So while it’s not as easy as choosing a forum out of a hat, we hope you can help make the right choice with this knowledge.

For other retargeting sites, have you had any success? In the below, let us see!