Ace Cloud Hosting Review

Ace Cloud Hosting Review

Ace Cloud Hosting (ACE) is an application hosting company with headquarters in Florida , USA. Recipient of awards such as the K2 2019 Consumer Loyalty Award, Accountex USA 2016 User Choice Award in the application hosting segment, and FinancesOnline ‘s Great User Experience Award 2018, ACE is recognized for its hosting services in diverse sectors such as banking, construction, real estate, legal hosting,

Intuit Certified Commercial Host and QuickBooks Solution Provider, Ace Cloud Hosting offers a wide variety of cloud resources, including controlled domain hosting, private server hosting, application hosting, Desktop as a Service ( DaaS), among others, to help customers meet their business goals by offering the best-in-class cloud solutions.

Ace Cloud Hosting also collaborated with SSAE-16 Tier 3 + and Tier-4 data centers in various locations such as Phoenix, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Tahoe Reno and Las Vegas to have smooth access across the globe. To deliver all-time availability and no latency, the data centers install multi-level hardware and service redundancy.

Ace Cloud Hosting provides a hub with cloud applications that help deliver at an unpredictable speed for your company. With advantages such as connecting workers to the same network, tracking company processes in real time, and more, our tools are filled with the best-in – class functionality to bring efficiency to your enterprise.

Ace Cloud Hosting’s operated servers and device hosting platforms are powered by high-performance computing and compliant with all leading appliances and operating systems. You achieve better visibility and management of the enterprise and software with a comprehensive cloud distribution framework and pro-active support.

QuickBooks Accountant is a major cloud hosting product served by Ace Cloud Hosting.

QuickBooks Accountant Desktop is an accounting solution for bookkeepers, accountants, and finance practitioners in particular. It is loaded with time and cost-saving features, along with the features of QuickBooks Pro and Premier, that make it easier to execute tasks.

However, QuickBooks Accountant Desktop comes with its fair share of drawbacks, much as every desktop program. The program and its upgrades need to be updated manually; it takes storage space on your local hard disk; you are unable to access the data remotely, and much more.

Why QuickBooks Desktop Hosting for Accountants Is A Perfect Option

The same has been realized by most accountants and accounting firms and has moved to the cloud. QuickBooks Accountant Desktop cloud computing presents accountants who represent consumers from various sectors with a full end-to – end company solution.

These qualities may be leveraged by accountants to remain a class away from their rivals to best represent their consumers. Let’s see in depth these characteristics:

1. Access globally

It is impossible also for seasoned and professional accountants to be physically present in the office to perform all the duties and support any customer on the QuickBooks Accountant laptop edition.

Yet CPAs and accountants can view their QuickBooks at any time from any part of the world with QuickBooks Accountant hosting, as it can be downloaded from any internet-connected smartphone.

One of the strongest aspects of QuickBooks Accountant Desktop hosting that accountants leverage to increase their competitiveness and better support their customers is global connectivity.

2. Access to Multi-Device

Desktops and tablets are not the most-used machines in today’s modern era; smartphones are. Users like to carry apps in their pockets. Mobile accounting is favoured by accountants, too.

The simplicity that accountants require and want is provided by QuickBooks Accountant Desktop hosting. From their smartphones, notebooks, tablets and other compatible devices, they will access their QuickBooks account.

From the computer of your choosing, you have the right to use QuickBooks Accountant.

3. Information Security

Your computer protection is in your possession as you use QuickBooks Accountant Laptop. However, since they can take hours to fix, accountants and CPAs do not spend their time coping with Them and computer protection concerns. This way, their attention will deviate from their main accounting practices.

Your hosting company takes all the requisite steps to guarantee enterprise-level data protection for QuickBooks Accountant hosting. There is a team of experts in IT and cybersecurity who manages and tracks the results, carefully scanning any suspicious behavior.

Data protection, usage of the new antivirus and firewalls, automatic intrusion detection, physical data monitoring, and more are several monitoring steps that resulted. You will concentrate on the job this way and let the professionals take charge of data protection.

4. Updates automatically

Since it interferes with their everyday jobs, upgrading QuickBooks Accountant Desktop is a boring job for CPAs and accountants. They have to interrupt their job to upgrade the program if a new update is available.

However, the hosting company can deploy the new upgrades during non-business hours through QuickBooks Accountant hosting. This means that the job is not interrupted and, when it is usable, you get to work on the new apps.

Typically the specifics are intimated way in advance of you so that you can plan the job appropriately.

5. Access role-based

On a project, many accountants work. This does not imply that access to any record should be open to any person. The knowledge that is available to users has to be limited.

If you host a QuickBooks Accountant on the cloud, users are granted role-based access by the hosting company. An accountant doing a client ‘s income, for example, won’t be allowed to view his financial preparation records.

This functionality is helpful for stopping people who shouldn’t access confidential information from doing it.

6. Reduced prices with IT

You ought to spend a large sum of money in building up the IT system if you are running a physical server. For the management and proper operation of the server, you must also employ trained IT engineers.

For QuickBooks Accountant Desktop hosting, however, a nominal monthly subscription charge is everything you need to spend. To fulfill your needs, your hosting company will provide access to the necessary IT services through the Internet.

You may concentrate on your duties and fail to set up or manage an in-house server.

7. Productivity Rose

Modern-day accountants require versatility to deliver their best when employed. It renders the operation monotonous and limits their efficiency if they are limited to a certain routine.

However, accountants have the right to run on QuickBooks Accountant according to their convenience, with functionality such as remote control and multi-device control. The right to work from home , for example, creates a positive improvement in efficiency. Accountants will use the time and resources gained on their jobs instead of being trapped in traffic for hours.

They are more effective in this manner and work best to satisfy consumers.

8. Shortened carbon footprint

Day by day, our carbon footprint is growing. Either one of us is accountable and needs to do something about our world.

QuickBooks Accountant Desktop Hosting allows effective usage of energy and lowers accountants’ carbon footprint. Cloud storage often facilitates paperless accounting, which supports the ecosystem directly.

QuickBooks Accountant hosting, in brief, is a win-win for accountants and the community.


The greatest gift CPAs, bookkeepers, and accountants will receive is the cloud-based QuickBooks Accountant Laptop. There are various advantages, such as remote control, connectivity with different devices, improved protection, enhanced security, and more.