Best Mobile App Hosting Servers

Best Mobile App Hosting Servers

One of the main rising markets for spending your time and resources right now is the creation of smartphone applications. A decent investment in an app or a brilliant project will let you raise a lot of money and help you build up the dream business you’ve always desired. According to Venturebeat, in the first quarter of 2017, worldwide smartphone game sales stood at an all-time peak of $11.9 billion, which is almost double that of Q1 last year. It takes multiple aspects to operate a good mobile app, such as a fantastic bug-free code base, daily customers, in-app sales and, most notably, the best hosting servers for mobile applications. There are a number of hosting servers accessible on the market, but the crucial part is selecting the strongest and correct among them. Don’t be scared! I have come up with a list of the top 5 best servers for hosting mobile applications that will help you get started.

  1. Firebase
  2. Rackspace
  3. Amazon Web Services
  4. Windows Azure
  5. IBM

No.1 Firebase

Firebase, recently purchased by Google, is a fantastic forum for creating high-quality applications, increasing the user base and earning cash. This network, backed up by Google servers, is extremely secure and has functions such as real-time analytics, security, storage, crash notification, etc. The firebase removes the responsibility of handling backend repositories, user experiences and options for monetization.

Without thinking about the infrastructure, Firebase lets you easily and quickly create applications on different platforms. As it is on Google Cloud, server scalability is as simple as a button press (can even be automated). Until mass release, there are several tools to build and validate the app. With in-house resources such as analytics and AdWords, it’s really simple to monitor development and promote the product.

No.2 Rackspace

The home of the world’s strongest hosting servers is Rackspace, one of the leading controlled cloud providers. Help is offered by the firm for VMware, AWS, Microsoft Azure, etc. Rackspace also provides dedicated hosting solutions, as per the need, in addition to offering services.

High efficiency and 100 percent uptime was assured by fully optimized and scalable servers. In order to better comply with PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX and FISMA rules, single-tenancy offers higher standards of protection. Rackspace is one of the most common mobile app hosting servers, with industry-leading experts and ties to top hosting firms.

No.3 Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services ( AWS) provides, without a doubt, one of the strongest hosting sites in the world. Through their 10-minute learning guides, the setup and tuning can be performed by even a newbie. Amazon Web Services, trusted by organizations such as Netflix, Adobe, Comcast, Airbnb and more, is extremely secure and provides uncompromising protection solutions.

Amazon’s pay-as-you-go is a fantastic gesture to support fledgling start-ups or people who are searching for several ways to cut costs. Instead, there is no set fee; you compensate for as many you consume.

No.4 Windows Azure

Windows’ Azure Cloud is a new player in the game for software giant Microsoft. With the introduction of Azure, a direct rivalry with AWS is being designed by Microsoft. Azure is one of the strongest hosting servers you can trust, boasting over 40 server locations across the world, which is more than any other service company.

At present, more than 71 items come with each license you buy. There’s no initial expense, no termination costs, just pay for what you’re using, like AWS, and there’s also a package that you’re going to be paid every minute.

No.5 IBM

Web hosting services are now sold at a rather affordable price by IBM, the founder in information systems. Promising ultra-low latency, this storage device is stable and cognitive. Big data storage, file storage, hybrid cloud storage, object storage and others are among the storage options.

The agency also makes all cloud and on-premise server choices.