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100+ Best Excel Add-Ins, Plugins, and Apps, Ultimate Guide – App Sofa
100+ Best Excel Add-Ins, Plugins, and Apps, Ultimate Guide

100+ Best Excel Add-Ins, Plugins, and Apps, Ultimate Guide

Many Excel users do not know that there is a whole ecosystem of add-ins for spreadsheets only itching to make their work and lives so much easier.

To increase your productivity, there are add-ins, and even snazzy visualizations are added to make the spreadsheets stand out from the snoozefests you are used to. Others will help you more efficiently manage your company, research smarter, and save time analyzing your results.

Today we will review the top 50 (mostly free) Excel add-ins together, broken down into 8 categories to help you access all these amazing options:

  • Productivity
  • Visuals
  • Charts
  • Study
  • Finances
  • Marketing
  • Data Analysis
  • Miscellaneous

You can move around to the add-ins you specifically need easily, but we really urge you to read our guide in its entirety so that you can find all the add-ins that you have missed out on.

Boost productivity

To start, to make you more effective, let’s hop right in with the top 5 Excel add-ins.

The Power User Excel add-in has your name on it if you’re trying to up your productivity game, get more coordinated, and smash all your company objectives this year.

Bear in mind, in the marketing and consultancy spaces, Power User is best suited for freelancers. Macabacus has features built with the unique market interests in mind for those in finance.

By locating all of your duplicate spreadsheets and conveniently removing them for you, Duplicate Finder and Deleter will help you save a lot of time. It frees up time for you as well as space on your drive.

You can opt to send bits and pieces of your spreadsheets or the whole shebang by email with this mail add-in.

Strengthen efficiency

To launch, to make you more effective, let’s hop right in with the top 5 Excel add-ins.

  1. The Power User Excel add-in has your name on it if you’re trying to up your productivity game, get more coordinated, and smash all your company objectives this year.
  2. Bear in mind, in the marketing and consultancy spaces, Power User is best suited for freelancers. Macabacus has features built with unique market interests in mind for those in finance.
  3. By locating all of your duplicate spreadsheets and conveniently removing them for you, Duplicate Finder and Deleter will help you save a lot of time. It frees up time for you as well as space on your drive.
  4. You can opt to send bits and pieces of your spreadsheets or the whole shebang by email with this mail add-in.
  5. By giving you time-saving shortcuts, ASAP Utilities lets you do more in Excel. The average user saves an average of 30 hours a year according to their site!

Visually jazz up your spreadsheets

You will also be able to shave time off your busy day by keeping your maps tidy and easy to comprehend. Here are the best add-ins from Excel to your spreadsheet playing.

  1. One of the easiest ways to make your data easier to grasp is to mark your maps. Using this Excel add-in for chart labeler and the charts can be even less confusing.
  2. To plot positions and visualize data with this Bing Maps add-in, paste a chart right into your spreadsheets.
  3. And this Pickit Free Images add-in will support you if you’re trying to add images instead. In the Best Overall Software category, this add-in took second place at the 2017 Workplace App awards.
  4. Reach for this Web Video Player add-in for readers who need to add videos to their spreadsheets.
  5. Using various colors, this Geographic Heat Map add-in lets you coordinate areas of the globe so that you can have a clearer idea of where it is spatially. This guide leads you through the creation of your first map.
  6. Using this add-in if you need to combine a couple of the tables.
  7. Here and there, adding a splash of color will even help keep the spreadsheets tidy. This add-in to Colorizer was meant to allow you the versatility to do exactly that.

Create unique charts not found in Excel

Are you ever involved in getting the Excel charts to the next level? Say hello to the add-ins that rendered the past a relic of those bland static maps.

  1. In a visually fascinating way, radial charts aid present results. Instead, try moving to this add-in to create a radial bar map if you are still using a pie chart type.
  2. The monotony of typically modeled charts can also be broken up by bubble-style charts.
  3. It’s perfect for organizational maps that let everyone on the team know who’s responsible for whom. Use this HierView add-in if you need one for your company, instead of wasting time making your own.
  4. Gauge maps will also allow you to interpret information like a velocity meter which typically only calculate those data point amounts. Look for this add-in if this looks like a map you need.

Study more efficiently and give better presentations

The next series of add-ins will help you learn more easily and provide the necessary boost to your presentations.

  1. Consider the Quick Notes add-in if looking at a blank page causes you to zone out and off the phone. To nudge you to get started, this nifty tool uses a mosaic prototype.
  2. Why not move to a digital form that you can quickly view, edit, and share for learners who enjoy making flashcards to study? This add-in to the Flash Card Assistant would provide a much-needed break to your writing hand while also allowing your brain the exercise it requires to remember valuable details.
  3. With the Excel Training and Tips add-in, catch up on your Excel skills. Get free access from the famous GoSkills Excel course to the “how-to” cheat sheets. Inside your spreadsheet, learn formulas, features, and more.
  4. Let this Mind Map add-in make it easier to grasp and avoid beating yourself up if you struggle with organizing large volumes of details.
  5. Try using a Lucid Chart to make all the details beautifully pleasing, easy to interpret, and catch the attention of your viewers when it is time to send the next presentation.
  6. It will also help you visualize big complicated topics by putting the data into graphics.

Manage and simplify finances

The next bunch of Excel add-ins makes it less overwhelming to manage your finances.

  1. If what you’re after is simplifying finance spreadsheets, this financial reporting add-in wants to help. Thanks to real-time alerts, it also helps you keep track of your spending.
  2. Avoid the old-fashioned approach and use the Checkbook Assistant instead for readers who need to handle their checkbooks.
  3. You can also create and validate your trading plans with this Excel add-in, before investing a dime on real trades.
  4. And this Analyzer XL add-in aims to help you do exactly that whether you are trying to build trading structures or carry out a technological review.
  5. Calculations such as weighted average cost of capital (WACC) and compound annual growth rate (CAGR) are streamlined with the Analystix financial analysis add-in.
  6. Grab this add-in to customize the portfolio without the assistance of a specialist.
  7. You can also obtain market details on various stocks through this one.
  8. It can be tricky to apply and appreciate how a loan works. Fortunately, the procedure for you can be streamlined with this Loan Assistant add-in.
  9. Every time you attempt to translate different currencies, the same misunderstanding will happen. But all the hard work is done for you with the help of this currency conversion add-in, so you can enjoy your journey.

Optimize marketing and branding

Hoping to boost your efforts at promotion and branding? This next party of Excel add-ins doesn’t want to be skipped.

  1. Continuing to set up the branding colors and time you need to build or use a spreadsheet is a pain. This add-in saves the colors of your business, so you don’t have to waste time constantly doing this job.
  2. The SEO Gadget is an Excel add-on that lets you arrange all your SEO data in one central place so that you can see how your site functions immediately. Check out these actionable SEO tips for startups if you’re trying to up your SEO game.
  3. And this add-in is for you if you need SEO software to really get the job done.
  4. You will import the Google Analytics marketing data into a spreadsheet using the Excellent Analytics add-in.
  5. Thanks to this add-on, you can also build QR Barcodes in Excel.

Analyze data more efficiently

The next collection of add-ins has you covered whether you’re just trying to evaluate the organization as a whole and not just your marketing efforts).

  1. With engineers in mind, the Analysis ToolPak was designed. It will assist you to build mathematical reports that go well beyond the basics.
  2. This Solver add-in encourages you to uncover options that fall beyond the limits of the topic at hand.
  3. Trigger the PowerPivot add-in built into Excel 2016 and 2013 if you’re simply trying to examine your results. Or if you’re using Excel 2010, update this version.
  4. There is a collection of tools in the Spreadsheet Studio add-in that allow you to help evaluate the structure and formulas in your workbooks.
  5. With the assistance of the data mining Forecast Wizard add-in, forecasting is also made simple.
  6. PowerApps lets you link the dots between data points and allows you the opportunity to communicate with your team these results.
  7. Another related tool helps you to more easily datamine your squad. It allows everyone to identify trends in assignments such that less time is taken for the task.
  8. In order to help you quantify the risks, this risk analysis add-in uses Monte Carlo simulation.

Miscellaneous Excel add-ins

Curious of all the other add-ins that we haven’t yet classified? In a number of different areas, the next add-ins will assist you.

  1. Use this free Excel add-on to do exactly that if your chess club needs assistance in rating its participants.
  2. And if you want to create a location to store all of your favorite folders and workbooks, use this add-in to Bookmarks.
  3. Looking for a way to fast and effectively track down economic data? To drastically cut down your study time, use the FRED Excel add-in.
  4. Inside a single browser, function on several documents with the Office Tabs add-in.
  5. If you need to split down time units into smaller ones that are easier to grasp, aim for the add-in Time Dimension.
  6. And this tool will make you lose less time if you’re still trying to come up with a bunch of random numbers.

Start using today’s Excel Add-Ins

Not only can you save a lot of time in your crazy hectic day by taking advantage of one or more of these Excel add-ins, you and your spreadsheets will become ultra-effective, mega-efficient stars.

This list includes every add-in you may like, if you’re trying to build a smoother presentation or prepare smarter for finals. Check out our compilation of the best Excel templates to up the ante further.

So feel free to share this resource with everybody you meet who is struggling with their spreadsheets and they will also thank you for enhancing their productivity!

Wait, please don’t walk away! Here we have 80 more Excel Add-ins that you may be interested in and will save you tons of time:

Microsoft Excel is the most used data collection program by far. In many industries, mastering Excel is a must-have talent. It can also be a massive time-saver: tens or hundreds of times more effective than a novice can be an Excel master. We mention and explain more than 75 add-ins, plugins and applications in this post that complement Microsoft Excel with additional functionality and options to be even more effective and inspire you with your Excel skills. Some are free and some are not, but each executes activities that will profoundly help you become an Excel rock star.

1. Power-user l The power-user is an Excel, PowerPoint and Word add-in. It has hundreds of outstanding features that are tailored for someone who frequently uses the Office Suite:

  • Ability to build new maps, such as charts for Mekko and Sankey,
  • New and efficient functions such as SumColor, CountColor, CountVisible, IsFormula, IsMerged, LastCell, LastRowNumber, LastColumnNumber, SumFromAllSheets, VlookupMax, SlicerItems, CAGR, etc.
  • Copying and pasting only visible cells,
  • UnPivot a table from a crosstab, change it to a database,
  • Excel easily formats numbers, currencies and dates,
  • Tools for cleaning your merged cell results, removing empty cells, or simplifying formulas
  • Swap the location of charts or cells,
  • Format the tables with horizontal or vertical boundaries with ease,
  • …and much that!

Yet Power-User also brings fantastic new PowerPoint and Word features:

  • A rich library of 500 gorgeous models for PowerPoint,
  • 250 maps that are editable,
  • 6,000 icons for vectors,
  • 1+ million photographs of high quality,
  • Dashboard instruments, such as gauges, traffic signals, balls from Harvey, etc.
  • Value chains, circle graphs, associations or pyramids,
  • The automated maker of the Agenda,
  • Charts for Waterfall, Mekko, Sankey, Earthquake or Gantt,
  • … Effective tools for formatting names, harmonizing fonts or colors, cleaning a presentation, manipulating several tables, aligning or shifting shapes, language adjustments, etc.!

2. Tableau Desktop – $999 to $1,999 l The add-in for data visualization is Tableau. By attaching it to your records, you have to start. It may come from an Excel spreadsheet, but also from one of the add-on supplied data sources. Then by drag-and-drop on the Tableau workspace, you begin generating reports or dashboards. Tableau claims that its software is one of the quickest on the market; a well-created Tableau report can allow a particular question to be answered easily by filtering or zooming on part of the results. You can run Tableau on both Windows and iOS.

3. F9 – Only on quotes l F9 helps you to work, file and send financial information to a community of contacts in the company on your accounting results. It’s possible to connect any of your data between Excel and your accounting system. F9 is only available for operating on a PC, for versions from 2003 to 2019, but not for iOS on a Mac.

4. Excel Stock Market Functions – Free l This add-in offers new user-defined capabilities which can be used directly in Excel to retrieve stock market data from the internet. Using these features, you will for example, download a company’s market capitalization by entering its market symbol, time dates, and quotation frequency (ex: daily). This add-in is perfect for creating a personal portfolio dashboard, and then only updating it on a daily basis. Excel’s Stock Market features are only available on Windows.

5. Kutools – $39 l Kutools have a very large range of tiny resources and Excel functionality that in many cases will result in valuable time-savers. The downside to this add-in is that it has a variety of attributes, but you would actually never see a significant amount of them. The benefit is that some methods, such as the ability to paste data only to visible cells, to count cells by colors, or to merge boards, can be very helpful. Kutools runs on a PC with Excel 2007 to 2019.

6. XLhub – $15 l To transfer data from Excel to SQL Server, the XLhub add-in is made. It may be used to store the contents of several spreadsheets at a single location (hub) in order to prevent sending data emails with the associated security risk. XLhub runs on Microsoft Excel 2007, 2010 and 2013 PCs (32-bit only and SQL Server beyond 2005 or SQL Azure databases.

7. PowerPivot – Free l PowerPivot is an add-in from Microsoft designed to convert Excel into applications for business intelligence. Basically, it is possible to characterize PowerPivot as’ Microsoft Access for dummies.’ You can create relationship tables that will be much quicker than Excel’s time-consuming classic VLOOKUP feature. Our own experience with PowerPivot, though is that it still lacks consistency and also creates faulty Excel files…. PowerPivot has been built-in since Excel 2013 and doesn’t need to be downloaded. Like other add-in, you should trigger it. You need to import it from the Microsoft website for the previous versions of Excel.

8. XLGL – $299 l XLGL is an accounting and reporting application that updates Excel spreadsheets by fetching data from Sage accounting tools. GL stands for General Ledger, an accounting term. You may use calculations using XLGL to work with modified customer order details, employee hours, inventories, etc. Report templates are provided as well. XLGL fits for versions of Excel 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019 on PCs.

9. ASAP Utilities – $49 l An Excel add-in to save time is ASAP Utilities. Although certain characteristics are not rocket science, others are fascinating, such as the ability to sort tabs alphabetically or by colour, or the tool to insert cells in the collection before or after each cell. Starting with Excel version 2000, ASAP is one of the only add-ins available and fits with any PC version up to Excel 2019.

10. MonteCarlito – Free l MonteCarlito is programmed to run Monte-Carlo simulations in Excel, as well as other statistical tests to measure mean, median, standard error, variance, bias, kurtosis, etc., as the name implies. It is quite an old and basic add-in, but MonteCarlito fits for Excel versions of both Windows and Mac iOS.

11. Spreadsheet Studio – Free l This Excel add-on helps you to quickly and more collaboratively audit the calculations in your workbook. For eg, you can leave feedback or queries to be considered later by researchers, or you can deconstruct Excel formulas to document mistakes or components. Spreadsheet Studio operates exclusively for Excel 2007 and 2010 on Windows.

12. Analystix Tools – Free l Analystix offers a free financial reporting add-in for Excel. It includes CAGR, WACC (weighted average cost of capital), Black & Scholes formula estimation methods, and a distribution visualization histogram creator and a date arranger. Analysis Tools runs on a PC running Excel 2010 and later.

13. People Graph – Free l This plugin helps you to build and update graphs of persons, a standard infographic method. This add-in works with Excel 2013 to 2019 PCs, Mac Excel 2016, Excel Online, and iPad Excel.

14. Analysis ToolPack – Free l The Analysis ToolPack is a Microsoft add-in that makes it easy to analyze statistics, such as correlation analysis, descriptive statistics or histograms. On any machine that uses Excel 2007 and later, Mac or PC, it is supported. You just need to get the add-in ready.

15. Solver – Free l The Solver is a tool that Microsoft provides for Excel 2007 and later as well. It can be used for what-if analysis, under restrictions restricting other formula cells, to find optimum value for a formula in a cell. Basically, by modifying some other cells, the Solver can determine the maximum or minimum value that a formula will take.

16. Power Query – Free l This Microsoft add-in is intended to better view and analyze data in Excel, such as through Business Intelligence applications, by allowing various data sources to be imported, converted or merged. On Windows, Power Query includes Excel 2010 or 2013.

17. StatPlus:mac – €189 l StatPlus:mac is one of the few mathematical Excel add-ins that operate on Mac. It is a statistical analysis kit that allows correlations to be studied, regressions to be performed, time series or analysis of data processing, statistical charts to be generated, etc. On both PCs (2007 to 2019) and Macs (2004 to 2016), StatPlus is actually available.

18. FRED – Free l This free add-in is provided by the St Louis Federal Reserve Bank and offers access to macroeconomic data from various outlets, such as the BEA, OECD, BLS or the Census. You can import a time series into Excel with a few taps, and you can then measure the growth rate or adjust the data frequency automatically. For the latest up-to-date info, you can also refresh your spreadsheet and see the entire dashboard react to it. The add-in for FRED fits for Excel 2010 and Excel 2013.

19. To run Monte Carlo simulations and risk analysis in Excel spreadsheets, Simtools – Free l Simtools adds 32 statistical functions. Cumulative likelihood, correlations between random variables, decision analysis, discrete probability distribution analysis, regression analysis, or random discrete distribution generation are covered by functions. On a PC with Excel 2003 and later, Simtools functions.

20. Formlist – Free l Formlist is an auditing method that offers a protocol for every selected number of cells in Excel to view formulas. It’s a very simple, limited-option add-in, but it’s cheap, and it works on a PC running Excel 2003 and later.

21. NXPowerLite Desktop 8 – $50 l NXPowerLite compresses files and optimizes them for computer, print, or handheld devices, not only for Excel, but for PowerPoint, Excel, and Word, as well as JPEG or PDF files. It can also compact your email attachment files automatically, a function you can also temporarily disable if you don’t want to. For Mac iOS, NXPowerPointLite does not function.


22. Jensen – Free l Jensen has also developed many Excel add-ins that execute different functions, primarily for the purpose of evaluating statistics. One is for analysis of Markov, one for random variables, one for analysis of decisions, one for simulation, etc. These add-ins are very vintage, and on Windows they were designed for Excel 2003.

23. Anomaly Server – Free l This platform allows you to classify in a data collection irregularities and outliers. US directly from into Excel. This Excel tool functions with PCs and Macs, as well as Excel Online for Excel 2016 and up.

24. XLSTAT – $235 to $940 l XLSTAT functions as an add-on for sophisticated statistical analysis with around 100 features: linear or non-linear regressions, k-means, key component analysis, etc. XLSTAT is extremely compatible, operating until 2019 on PC version 97 and Excel 2011 and 2016 on Mac.

25. Dashboard Tools for Excel – $44.95 l Dashboard Tools for Excel is an add-on for building visually pleasing dashboards with several additions: heatmaps, traffic signs, mini charts, bump charts, special charts such as Waterfall or Mekko charts, and audit tools. The add-on is compliant with the 2007, 2010 and 2013 versions of Excel, but not with the Mac.

26. Table Research Software and Data Mining Client – Free l Microsoft offers these 2 add-ins for Excel for data mining. Table Research Tools for Excel leverages data mining models from an Excel spreadsheet on SQL Server 2012, while the Data Mining App helps you to explore data mining models. Excel 2010 or 2013 on Windows are required for these tools.

27. Dose – EUR 33.84 | The Dose is a fantastic set of Excel resources. It includes several many features, such as a date picker, an auto back-up solution, efficient features, duplication detecting software, list folders, row management, clean data, words count, and more. The add-in on your PC is compliant with Excel 2007-2019.

28. ProForecaster – €189 l To help you make forecasts, this Excel plugin uses forecasting methods. For example, you can produce time series forecasts, clean them out of outliers, or perform regression analysis. Just the 32-bit versions of Excel 2007, 2010 and 2013 on Windows work with ProForecaster. For Mac, it is not available.

29. Office Tabs – Free l The Office Tabs add-in creates a simple interface for any Microsoft Office application to switch between windows that have been opened. It creates a tab bar in your standard PowerPoint, Excel or Word window, displaying a tab for each of the same application’s currently open documents. You will click on the title of a text to turn to it much as on your Internet browser. Instead of saving them individually, you can also save all open documents with one click. Office Tabs can function on Office 365 and all versions of Office beyond 2003, but not on iOS on Mac.

30. ParallelDots – Free for restricted use | This useful option helps you to use a text analysis AI. Among the great tools it offers, the AI API can be used to evaluate emotions, create keywords, identify text (taxonomy), locate abusive content, and more. For Windows 7, 8 or 10, the add-in requires Excel 2010, 2013, 2016 or 2019 (64 bits only).

31. VICONS – $99 l VICONS is a 600-icon library that can be added to Excel, Word, or PowerPoint. Using keywords to scan for icons or simply pick them up in the library. For Windows, vIcons runs on Office 2007, 2010 and 2013, but the add-in does not run on Mac.

32. Random Number Generator – $29.95 l This Excel add-in produces numbers randomly, as the name suggests. If you can select the format of the data you want to generate: times, boolean, integers, real numbers, etc., it may be seen as an enhancement of the RAND() Excel function. It can also be used to produce character strings such that random passwords can be generated. The Random Number Generator works for versions of Excel 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019 on Windows computers. On a Mac, it does not function.

33. Random Sorter – $29.95 l If you sometimes choose to randomly extract 25 percent of the population, for example to make a poll, Random Sorter can be very helpful. Your details will be shuffled into the add-in. Random Sorter operates for versions of Excel 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 or 2019 on Windows machines. On a Mac, it does not function.

34. Audit Tickmark Toolbar – $25 l This small toolbar may be helpful for audit, accounting or finance, allowing GL (for General Ledger account), PBC (Prepared By Client), PY (agrees with Prior Year), TB (agrees with Trial Balance), etc. to be seen by tickmarks. The toolbar operates on a PC with Excel 96 to 2019, but is not usable on a Mac.

35. QR4Office – Free l The QR4Office plugin generates QR codes that allow a pre-defined url of your choosing to be opened in your text. You can use it to make the Excel file or presentations in PowerPoint more interactive, for example, so that people can review it from their smartphone or vote for a ballot. QR4Office is available on Windows for PowerPoint, Word, and Excel versions later than 2013, and on Mac for version 2016.

36. Geographic Heat Map – Free l The Excel Heat Map app helps you to view colors based on data on a map of the USA or the World Map. For each condition, you can also shift your cursor to show its name. This software runs on a Desktop with Excel 2013 and later, and on a Mac with the 2016 update.

37. Password Recovery – $29 l This plugin will be of benefit to you if you encrypt Excel files with passwords and you seem to lose them. However, success is not assured, and retrieving a password will take up to 36 hours, so if you are in an emergency situation, don’t depend on it. Password Recovery runs on Windows with Excel versions 2003-2010. On Mac, it is not available.

38. Ultimate Suite – $99 l All add-ins from the office-addins website (a Microsoft-independent company) are grouped in this set. These resources include Password Recovery, Random Number Generator and Random Sorter, as well as tools for identifying and removing duplicates, column splitting, cleaning data from different sources, detecting broken connections or cells similar to your preference, etc. This kit is available on Windows for Excel versions 2003 through 2010 but is not available on Mac.

39. Lucidchart – Subscription required l This Excel software helps you to build workbook flowcharts, UML, wireframes, mockups, org charts and more. The software functions for Windows for Excel 2013 or older, and Mac for Excel 2016.

40. Supermetrics – $99/mo l Supermetrics is a perfect platform for digital marketing individuals searching for an Excel data processing solution. It will attach to a wide range of outlets, such as Google Analytics, Google Advertising, Social Networks, and more, enabling you to explicitly crunch traffic and conversion numbers in Excel. You may also use it to build dashboards and automatically refresh and email them. It is open, online and offline, for Excel 2016 and 365.

41. Free l GIGRAPH generates network diagrams that can be used to visualize interactions between different individuals or organizations. GIGRAPH Network Visualization For one-way or two-way communications, for example with a ‘from’ and a to’ columns, the details will need to be arranged. On Windows computers with Excel 2013 Service Pack 1 or later, as well as Excel Online, GIGRAPH is open.

42. Selection Diff Tool – €3.99 l This tool is designed for you if you need to compare two strings of text and find the variations between them. This software operates on both Excel and Phrase, and if you are updating a different version of a paper that was not created using Track Shift, it may be of great support. The software does not function on Linux, and Excel and Word 2013 and later are supported by the app.

43. XY Chart Labeler – Free l This plugin helps you to retake ownership of Excel’s chart labels. It can be very annoying to deal with marks, because you have restricted choices. So this plugin helps you to apply labels to your XY map data series data points or shift XY labels. Currently, the XY Map Labeler functions not just with the XY maps. It is available on both Windows and Mac 2011, but not Excel 2016 on Mac.

44. Hoadley Finance – $AU176 l This add-on can be a valuable addition for individuals working a lot on Excel in finance. It helps you to evaluate the portfolio, quantify option costs, uncertainty, risk value, distribution of funds, valuation of firms, and even more. It is also possible to use calculations to stream quote values from Internet sources in real-time. With Excel 2003 to 2019, the Hoadley Finance add-ins operate on Windows but not on Mac.

45. ModernCharts – $4.99/mo l This Excel app allows you to show, with a variety of charting resources and options, what the data includes. Creating infographic maps in Excel or PowerPoint, depending on a large chart library, can be useful. The software is available for all versions older than 2013, including Mac versions.

46. Microsoft Dynamics – Free l Link your Excel spreadsheet to, read, analyze, or feed your dashboard to your Microsoft Dynamics data, and publish improvements to your Microsoft Dynamics data back into Microsoft Dynamics. You can handle templates on Word that will be fed by Microsoft Dynamics info. If this CRM is being used for your company, then you will need this software. It’s available for models of Excel and Word 2016 and older.

47. Risk Analyzer – $49.95 l This add-in allows you to conduct risk analysis of Monte Carlo, histograms and tornado maps, what-if analysis, etc. It does not function on iOS, but on Windows, it is compliant with Excel 2007 and above.

48. Panel Charts – $29.95 l It can quickly become difficult to read as you create Excel line charts of several series as lines overlap each other or as the legend’s scale grows. You can divide lines by divisions in various panels with the Panel Map add-in, so that it’s much easier to interpret and understand the chart. Panel Map fits on Windows with Excel 2007 and beyond, but is not available on Mac.

49. BulkQuotesXL Pro – $74.95 l This Excel add-in lets you import free quotes directly into spreadsheets from various data outlets. Yahoo! Finance historical prices and dividends, Google Finance historical prices, PiFin historical prices and CBOE can obtain data from the tool. BulkQuotesXL is available for Excel 2010 and later on Windows computers, but not for Mac computers.

50. Vertex42 Templates Gallery – Free l Vertex42 offers a gallery for Excel and Word with over 150 professionally crafted templates. Calendar, planners, budgeting, inventory, invoices or financial statements contain models. The software functions for Windows with Excel and Word 2013 and later.

51. Model Analyzer – €354 l This Excel add-in offers several modeling solutions for Excel. In the spreadsheets, you can centralize input and output variables, but you can also conduct mathematical analysis, such as what-if analysis, scenario analysis, multiple target search, break-even analysis or Monte-Carlo simulations, with tornado maps, spider charts and sensitivity tables. The Model Analyzer is designed for financial analysts, researchers and economists. Only the 32-bit versions of Excel 2007 and 2010 are available. It is also not Mac compliant.

52. Weather by Visual Crossing – $5/mo l This little Office add-in helps you to immediately get weather and climate records and predictions into Excel. There is reference to the details down to the hour. It also involves geocoding to get a precise address for the weather.

53. Spreadsheet123 – Free l Occasionally you might want to pick up a nice example and focus on it before beginning to create spreadsheets from scratch. With Spreadsheet123, a library of templates for financial statements, budgeting, accounting, invoicing, time sheets, checklists or templates for resource control, you can do just that. Spreadsheet123 fits with Service Pack 1 or later from Excel and Word 2013, as well as online from Excel and Word, but is not available on Mac.

54. Capital Budgeting – Free l This Jensen add-in is made for optimized portfolios to be found. By offering the initial contribution, annual return, salvage worth and life, identifying a future portfolio. To predict risk, the model will use the standard deviation and will classify the optimal portfolio.

55. Inventory – Free l This Jensen add-in measures inventories with the potential of combining backorders, missed revenue, replenishment rates, finite or infinite. With price splits, the model identifies the optimal lot size.

56. Bubbles – Free l This software helps you to create cool, vibrant bubble maps to display details in 3 or 4 dimensions. To view complicated details in a simplistic fashion, use the horizontal and vertical axes, bubble size and colors. Bubbles functions for Windows on Excel 2013 and later, as well as for Mac on Excel 2016.

57. Excellent Analytics – Free l The must-have add-in for diving into your Google Analytics data straight from Excel is excellent Analytics. Use it to crunch the data from Metrics and identify how more traffic can be taken to your website.

58. SEOTools – EUR 79 l This add-in helps you to merge data directly into Excel from Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Google Search Console, SEMrush, Twitter, Ahrefs, Moz and other channels, enabling you to work through your SEO data and recognise main website trends.

59. SEOGadget – SEOGadget helps you to analyze the analytics data in Excel free of charge. It will access Glorious SEO, Moz and Grepwords data and bring it to Excel so that you can work on it and recognize how you can improve the ranking of your website. The tool runs on versions 2010 and above of Windows with Excel, but does not work on iOS on Mac.

60. Checkbook Assistant – Free l This add-in will help you handle your personal finances, helping you to use Excel to produce checkbooks and bank statements. With a single press, you can move the rows up or down so that you can sync your Excel documents with your bank statements. The first unprocessed row is identified by the tool and illuminated. The Checkbook Assistant functions on Windows with Excel 2007 and later, but is not usable on Mac.

61. Loan Assistant – $19.95 l This software helps you to quickly measure loans, playing with the monthly flat interest rate, the credit sum and the payment of the balloon at the end of the load to calculate the final balance and overall interest due per cycle. The plugin will also produce year-by-year load information with payments of due capital and interest, as well as the remaining capital. The Loan Assistant will work on Windows with Excel 2007 and later, but is not available on Mac.

62. Flash Card Assistant – Free l Use this quick plugin to transform Excel into a Q&A program. Defining a list of questions and their responses, picking or randomizing the order and running it to ask questions like flash cards and making it a game in a private or technical setting. The plugin fits for Excel 2007 and later and is free of charge. On Mac, it is not supported.

63. ActiveData – $249 l ActiveData adds capabilities to Excel for data analytics and time-saving worksheet and workbook management. Join, merge, query, summarize, locate duplicates, break results, etc are functions. The tool operates on Windows with versions of Excel 2007 and later, but is not available for Mac.

64. Mekko Chart Maker – $29.95 l With this application, create Marimekko maps, so you can view 3 data measurements in an attractive way. This plugin runs on Windows only for Excel 2007 and later.

65. Conditional Row Delete – Free l This tiny add-in simplifies the method of selectively deleting rows depending, for example, on the meaning of a particular column.

66. Power Utility Pack – Free L This add-in is one of the better available solutions for Mac users. Created by Ron de Bruin, it includes a set of utility resources that in many cases can be relevant time-savers.

67. Exchange rates – $35.94 l This plugin allows you to translate currencies from the Internet to real-time rates. Rates are obtained from the website of MSN Money Central Investor. The method only operates on Windows, on any edition of Excel older than 2000.

68. XLTools Calendar – Free l It can be a hassle – and a potential cause of errors – to manually type several dates while dealing with dates in Excel. You can now easily choose a date in a calendar using this software and it will be formatted automatically as a date. The software runs on Windows with Excel 2013 or higher, on Mac with Excel 2016, and on Excel Online.

69. Favorite Bookmarks – Free l Use this add-on to bookmark your favorite workbooks, sheets, or spreadsheets, so that you can search and open them from any spreadsheets in Excel at any time. The tools are available only for Windows, 2007 and newer versions of Excel.

70. BrushTools – $37 l This add-in automatically colors the text in each spreadsheet cell, applies the given color code, differentiates input cells, connections, formulas, etc. It simplifies the cell coloring process, thus providing a special Excel visual language for all to understand each cell’s existence. BrushTools functions with the 2007 and 2010 models of Excel, but is not available on Mac computers.

71. RDBmail – Free l This Ron de Bruin Excel mail add-in helps you to simplify the sending process of boards, details or workbooks. When you open a workbook, you can easily press on the ribbon buttons to send it to an Outlook inbox, with the options to send the whole workbook, just the active worksheet, or to send it with values instead of formulas. RDBmail runs on Windows for Excel 2007 to 2019.

72. Intrinio – Free l Intrinio helps you to scan all U.S. equities using 500-parameter filters to classify equities that satisfy your criteria, such as current stock price, asset return, dividend rate, price-to-earnings ratio, business, number of employees, etc. Intrinio only operates for Excel 2013 or older on Windows.

73. Excel Preparation and Advice – Free l This app lets you master more Excel with a list of mastering formulas, formula Q&A for beginners, intermediates or Excel experts, and other knowledge you need to remember whether you want to use Excel regularly. The software runs on Windows, as well as Excel 2016 for Mac, with Excel 2013 and older.

74. Spreadsheet Image Tools – $9.95 l Helps you to add a spreadsheet image to Excel cells or Excel remarks. Many images may be inserted from a direction at the same time. Compatible with PC versions of Excel 2007, Excel 2010, Excel 2013, Excel 2016 and Excel 2019. For Mac, there is no version.

75. Quick Dashboard Charts – $29.95 l This add-on lets you build specialized graphic forms in Excel during the process. The tool comes with 9 different types of maps, including charts of Waterfall, charts of Marimekko and Tornado. It is compliant with the 2007 and later PC versions of Excel. For Mac, there is no version.

76. Intis Telecom – FREE l You can send SMS directly from Excel with the Intis Telecom plugin. In your spreadsheet, pick the list of phone numbers and the plugin will give them the SMS of your choosing. The plugin is free, but SMS sending involves buying credits. On your PC, Intis Telecom is compliant with Excel 2003 to 2019. On Mac, it is not available.

77. Spreadsheet Consolidator – $44.95 l The Spreadsheet Consolidator add-in enables data from one or more sheets of one or more workbooks to be condensed onto a single sheet. You may merge sheets into one sheet per workbook from several workbooks, consolidate sheets of the same name, etc.

78. Model Assistant – $399.95 l The Model Assistant Suite includes 6 tools that allow you to create, inspect, review, and display your Excel modes (that can also be purchased individually). Here there are hundreds of features. The resources on the PC are compliant with Excel 2003, 2007 and 2010 (only 32 bits).

The Conclusion:

In most industries, Excel is one of the most used applications in the world, and a key tool for industry. The basic edition of Excel, while incredibly rich and complex, is only only a fraction of what can be achieved on it with the variety of add-ins that have been built for it.

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