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Best CyberSecurity Software in 2021 – App Sofa
Best CyberSecurity Software in 2021

Best CyberSecurity Software in 2021

One kit to secure your PCs, Macs and Mobile devices.

If you’re searching for an antivirus download that goes beyond just shielding your device from ransomware, then a better option could be full-on internet protection suites.

They give your online devices a robust set of security. Although simple virus security is often the key feature, ransomware protection, a VPN, and even a password manager are those that these packages might provide. There are all-singing, all-dancing online security downloads for those who want the best defense possible.

And since there are also models for Android and iPhone devices, it is not just desktops and notebooks that will benefit from Internet protection suites. Because they cover several devices (usually five or more with one simple package – all Windows and Macs included – you can secure all of your and your family’s gadgets.

Some companies also have a recovery disk feature to rollback any ongoing attack, and it is also popular to provide encryption features for additional security protection. Some now also come with extra privacy functionality, as well as a traditional firewall.

Although internet security suites and antivirus packages are typically targeted at domestic users, offerings directly targeted at companies, such as cloud antivirus and endpoint defense, are often noted to provide business-grade security. To further develop personnel understanding, online data protection courses are also available.

Whatever internet security suite you’re searching for, and for whatever computer, with our range of the best, you’ll end up with more than just basic apps. Here are the ones we think are best on the market at the moment.

  1. Bitdefender Total Security
  2. Kaspersky Total Security
  3. Norton 360 Deluxe
  4. Trend Micro Maximum Security
  5. Avast Ultimate
  6. Webroot Internet Security Plus
  7. ESET Smart Security Premium
  8. McAfee Total Protection Multi-Device
  9. Bullguard Premium Protection
  10. Panda Dome Advanced

1. Bitdefender Total Security

Beefy protection on all fronts, plus repair equipment for PCs

Operating system: Windows and Mac, Android and iOS | Maximum protected devices: 10 | Features: Safepay online banking protection, high-quality defense against ransomware, module for network security

Bitdefender Total Security is the top-of-the-range bundle of the well-respected security company, and as a result it comes positively bristling with functionality.

You get antivirus plus impressively capable malware support, a firewall, Wi-Fi security assistant, a protected online banking browser (Safepay), file shredder, vulnerability detector, password manager, email spam blocker, parental controls, webcam and microphone protections, and more (including a fantastic malicious URL blocking site protection module).

Total Security offers different PC repair and enhancement tools, as well as security functionality. These are very helpful in themselves to clear out superfluous files and streamline boot times, but more specifically, the flagship kit of Bitdefender also includes more than just Windows computers, along with Android and iOS mobiles, providing applications for Macs.

As it is only slightly more costly than Bitdefender Internet Security, the mid-tier security suite of the business, if you have several computers to secure across various platforms, it is well worth upgrading to Complete Security.

About the only fly in the ointment is that on the efficiency front, Bitdefender Total Security will exact a little more of a toll than the best of the competition, but we considered it to be about average in terms of any downtime on our PC. Your mileage may differ, and you may not even notice anything at all.

With Absolute Security, another plus point is that there is a 30-day trial, with no payment information required; you only need to have an email address. That means that before you commit to buying, you can check out the protection suite yourself for a full month, and see if there is any performance effect on your own PC.

2. Kaspersky Total Security

An ‘smart’ defense suite that’s excellent value for money

Operating system: Windows and Mac, Android and iOS | Overall protected devices: 10 | Outstanding features: stable web explorer with safe money, smart adaptive security, parental controls for safe children

Kaspersky Total Security is another security world veteran, and it offers top-quality protections with some impressively clever ‘adaptive protection’ capabilities, as you would imagine (such as alert you if a password you have just selected is too weak).

One of the problems with the Kaspersky Anti-Virus entry-level kit is that when it comes to additional functionality, it’s very flimsy, keeping to the main basics and not offering anything more. This is why it makes good sense to go with Kaspersky Total Security, mostly because it has much more features and does not cost any more than Kaspersky Anti-Virus (in truth, it may be the same price or even cheaper to get Total Security with the discounts on plans at the time of writing, so you would be foolish not to, really).

Complete Security provides you with all the basics, including fast, precise and highly configurable scans of viruses. In addition, you get a smart firewall (it doesn’t plague you with pop-up notifications asking what to do a protected web explorer, webcam hijacking security, a program updater, a file recovery app, a powerful password manager, and the Safe Kids module from Kaspersky.

The latter is an impressive parental control system with some clever methods for tracking social media. Although not all the features are up to this standard-some extras are wobbly around the edges, such as the troubleshooting wizards and spam blocker, overall, you’re getting a lot of hell for your buck here.

3. Norton 360 Deluxe

It offers an optimized VPN and keeps the whole family secure.

Operating system: Windows and Mac, Android and iOS | Overall protected devices: 5 | Excellent features: Parental controls, VPN, online storage, Dark Web (US) surveillance.

When we reviewed all the security suite choices of NortonLifeLock, we chose Norton 360 Deluxe as the best all-round value choice for someone looking to secure more than a single computer, which is probably the majority of people.

There are a range of features here including outstanding antivirus protection combined with a very light touch when it comes to resource usage, packaged with webcam security, and dark network tracking (only for US consumers, mind), and a parental control scheme.

By the way, the parental safeguards are top-notch, with in-depth surveillance programs to keep an eye on what your children do online, and even GPS tracking for their mobile devices. In this department, Norton’s much better than Kaspersky, and that’s saying something.

Some really worthwhile extras, including a fully optimized VPN (which may be a major money-saver in itself and 50 GB of online backup capacity (ditto), are also included here.

Norton 360 Deluxe can protect up to five computers (which ensures that for such five pieces of hardware you will still use the VPN), including Windows or Mac PCs, plus Android and iOS smartphone applications. Compared to competitors, pricing is incredibly competitive, so you should certainly consider this Norton kit, particularly for family use, considering the very detailed parental controls.

4. Trend Micro Maximum Security

In a beginner-friendly kit, Sterling malware and ransomware security

Operating System: Windows and Linux, Android and iOS | Overall protected devices: 10 | Illuminated features: anti-ransomware folder shield, high-quality URL filter, password manager,

The flagship security suite of Trend Micro – Trend Micro Maximum Security – has a lot to appreciate, not least of which is its polished and user-friendly interface, backed by robust malware detection and multi-layered anti-ransomware defenses.

For safer site surfing, the kit also offers you better-than-average URL filtering, and this system is smartly configurable, too. That said, one small weak point with the offering of Trend Micro is that there is not a large amount of low-level power, such as virus scan options, so it might be missing here for more demanding consumers.

Parental controls, social network safety, and PC repair tools are all covered by Full Security, although the latter is not a strong suit. It also boasts countermeasures to deter data loss, a secure vault to hold confidential information, and an impressive advanced password manager.

The ease of use here, which also extends to competent mobile applications, would be enjoyed by less tech-savvy types. There’s still a 30-day preview, but before buying, you can thoroughly try all this out for yourself.

5. Avast Ultimate

A value all-rounder defense solution

Operating system: Windows and Linux, Android and iOS | Overall protected devices: 10 | Features stand out: Ransomware Shield, Wi-Fi Inspector, SecureLine VPN, SecureLine VPN

Avast is best known for its outstanding free antivirus product, but in the form of Avast Supreme, the company still offers an amazing all-round security solution. This is another offering that packs a total VPN, providing you with much more online security than a traditional antivirus suite, and making Avast Ultimate a value-packed option for those who already intend to pick up a VPN. 

Avast’s SecureLine VPN does not rank with the strongest VPN services out there but it offers a service that is solid enough and speedy enough. Avast Ultimate also has a good password manager, a stable interface, and other impressive security mechanisms for the network. 

In terms of setup, this suite has several possibilities for experts to play with and has strong enough antivirus protections, backed up by a very commendable Ransomware Firewall for additional security on that front. 

There are some minor irritations here, particularly some of the unexpected attempts by Avast to flog its other items in a paid-for suite, and in our review we observed a little system slowdown. But these niggles aside, Avast Ultimate is a perfect option if you need a VPN as well as an antivirus.

6. Webroot Internet Security Plus

Defense suite supremely streamlined and fast-performing

Operating system: Windows and Mac, Android and iOS | Overall protected devices: 5 | Features stand out: password manager, encryption of identity, 70-day money-back bonus

Webroot specializes in being highly lightweight and fast-performing. Indeed, since the product’s virus concepts are all stored in the cloud, it has a minuscule memory footprint which takes up virtually no room on the device disk.

Yet Webroot Internet Security Plus comes with plenty of functionality despite this limited effect on your computer. Online banking and identity theft protection, plus webcam authentication, an accurate anti-phishing scheme, and a password manager (which is actually operated by LastPass, one of the most trusted password management names, so you can be confident of the consistency here are available.

The disadvantages? Well you could get lightning fast malware scans, but in recent times, the antivirus engine of Webroot has not been tested by the big-name independent testing laboratories. That’s not really poor, but there’s more of a mixed image of its antivirus accuracy from what we’ve seen ourselves and what scores are out there. Keep in mind that malware scanning is not supported by the iOS software (it consists of a secure browser, backup, and password manager).

Even, Internet Security Plus is a well-rounded bundle, and Webroot’s confidence in its suite is illustrated by a 70-day 100% money-back guarantee.

7. ESET Smart Security Premium

Demanding consumers truly enjoy the configurability of ESET

Operating system: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android | Maximum platforms covered: 5 | Features highlighted: network authentication, password manager, anti-theft features

There are several features in the ESET Smart Protection Premium kit. This is an interesting bonus, including parental controls, network surveillance, extra network support, camera protection, protected file encryption, and an anti-theft feature for Windows devices (allowing location tracking, and more).

That said the quality of certain features will vary: the parental control system, for instance, is fairly barebones, but the password manager is fleshed out very well. ESET also provides plenty of programming choices, which would impress specialists, although it could be difficult to get to grips with computer novices in certain respects.

The main antivirus security of ESET appears good, although with some mixed reviews from independent testing laboratories.

Bear in mind that ESET Smart Security Premium is still not a perfect value proposition for longer-term subscriptions, but it is perfect for a one-year contract and a good cry for a strong all-round security package (plus it also includes Linux).

8. McAfee Total Protection Multi-Device

Great value than the entry-level antivirus from McAfee

Operating system: Windows and Mac, Android and iOS | Overall protected devices: 5 | Features stand out: configurable firewall, password manager, tools to improve performance

As the name indicates, Complete Security Individual, the baseline product of McAfee, only protects one individual device. And if you’re thinking of buying a McAfee Total Protection Multi-Device and you own more than just a Windows PC, then you’re almost certainly better off buying it. You get a sound protection package that covers up to five Windows or Mac machines, and Android or iOS smartphones, for not much more space. In the form of identity theft security, US consumers even get a handy extra addition.

The gui of McAfee is quick and streamlined, which makes it convenient for newcomers, but for more advanced users it would definitely be too sparse. Any irritating quirks often make the UI suffer.

Independent test lab reports suggest that McAfee Total Protection provides sufficiently solid, if not class-leading, antivirus defenses. Overall, in the Multi-Device package, McAfee’s suite represents reasonable value and a decent choice, with some nifty extras for boosting web browsing and app performance.

9. Bullguard Premium Protection

A strong kit for defense

Operating System: Windows and Mac, Android | Overall protected devices: 15 | Features highlighted: Secure Browser, Game Booster, Identity Protection

Another internet security suite worth exploring is one from BullGuard, which provides a triple-layer of security to combat existing and potential ransomware attacks backed by sophisticated machine learning.

A built-in firewall, a vulnerability detector, and a home network scanner are all available to guarantee that your Wi-Fi access is safe and secure. Although some functionality that others provide are absent from Bullguard, parental controls to prevent children in the household from accessing malware websites are special.

There is also the possibility of shielding several devices, and overall, this comes out cheaper than certain competing vendors. In which case, without all the extra equipment others bundle in that you would not need anyway this alternative will suit those looking for a more simple internet protection suite.

10. Panda Dome Advanced

Want to get a lot of sensors covered? Go no farther than,

Operating system: Windows and Mac, Android | Overall protected devices: Infinite | Features stand out: Identity protection, anti-ransomware, USB rescue drive, etc.

For those who own a lot of pieces of hardware they wish to secure, Panda Dome Advanced has quite a proposition, protecting an infinite range of gadgets (subject to ‘fair home use as a caveat).

You get the same key security as Panda Dome Necessary for not much more cash (which is solid enough while Panda’s malware defenses are classified inconsistently by the independent testing labs). In addition, Panda Dome Advanced offers identity protection, parental controls, and advanced (including anti-ransomware) threat protection.

This is a decently well-featured and lightweight suite that is certainly worth a look, say, for larger families that may have a lot of security equipment.

What’s the difference between Internet Security and anti-virus?

Whereas antivirus software provides the device with a simple degree of protection, complete internet security extends with functionality optimized for Internet use such as scanning files and software, activity detection and threat search.

Indeed, since they include many separate programs that can be accessed from a single gui, many internet security devices are sold as ‘suites.’

This may include a firewall, anti-spam controls, ad blockers, camera security, parental controls, keylogger protection, and credit card protections. Additional protection against web-specific forms of malware such as spyware and adware may also be available.

Running too many different software types, however may mean that internet security suites use more power than standard AV for your device.

May I build a free internet security suite of my own?

The buying of a premium internet security package from a reputable provider has many benefits, but it is perfectly possible to build your own modular suite by choosing the most acceptable free products.

Although this will mean that you save money, it does mean that you have to do a great deal of the job yourself. If it’s malware security, firewall or backup tools, you’ll have to find the right components and address any bugs yourself.

The further elements you add will improve sophistication and the utilization of machine capital. You will also suffer from the dangers of using free utilities, such as repeated commercials that force you to upgrade.

Using a premium internet protection suite ensures that many systems are bundled into a single bundle by the provider, and can be operated from a single device. What’s more, they may cover many different system categories and provide different degrees of security.

In the following advice guides, if you choose to create your own suite, you can select the best of each component:

  • Disk Rescue
  • Software for encryption
  • Confidentiality
  • Firewall
  • Antivirus cloud
  • Security of endpoints
  • Free classes on data security

In an internet security suite, what do I look for?

Efficient capabilities are provided by all the goods on this list, but the distinction is in extra capabilities. If there is a particular form of vulnerability you are concerned with such as malware or phishing, search to see if specific protections are included.

Banking protections, firewalls and parental controls, particularly if there are numerous users on your device, are also areas you should consider. And you can, of course, consider whether various devices such as smartphones, require security.

However the amount of optional features and equipment can have an effect on prices.

Finally think about accessibility and the impact on the efficiency of the device. Do you want a high degree of customization or do you want an easy-to-use interface and do you want a fast-scanning application or one that needs limited resources from the system?