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Best Online Fax Service

Best Online Fax Service


Both the sending and receiving of email faxes are provided by eFax. It has a user-friendly online interface and a conveniently navigated smartphone device for account holders that is free of charge. As well as 24/7 customer service by phone, email and live chat, eFax provides unrestricted fax storage. EFax allows various ways to send and receive online faxes, including an online site, an e-mail extension or a mobile computer. With your mobile device, eFax lets you take a photo of a text and send it directly as a fax as well. It also provides a digital signature feature and an option to exchange files at no extra expense.

You need to pick from two plans in order to sign up for eFax: eFax Plus and eFax Pro. A monthly allotment of 150 pages of incoming faxes and 150 pages of outgoing faxes for $16.95 a month is offered by the eFax Plus package. You get two months free if you sign up for one year of service. For a rate of $19.95 per month, or $199.50 a year the eFax Pro package raises the number of all incoming and outgoing faxes to 200 daily. Char eFax char


In order to easily get important patient details into the right hands, medical practices around the world depend on faxing. However, they must do so in accordance with the Personal Health Information Security Act (PHIPA) and its Canadian counterpart, the Health Care Portability and Transparency Act (HIPAA). With some tight federal government rules, these small companies have to rely on an online fax service that can cooperate with the legislation in order to manage confidential data safely. In our study we found that without losing functionality, SRFax provides multiple layers of data encryption.

SRFax has various coverage levels, including its regular and healthcare-specific plans, like about any other online fax enterprise. A 60-day free trial comes with each regular package, while the HIPAA-compliant plans include a 30-day free trial.

Standard plans vary from the Simple package, which provides 25 fax pages for $3.29 a month, to the Standard Advanced plan, which pays $45.95 a month and comes with 2,500 pages per month. Multiple individual user accounts and unrestricted cloud storage are also provided with both of those plans. However only some of those arrangements contain unrestricted approved email addresses.

There are healthcare-specific plans that have extra protections and optional PGP encryption measures:

  • Healthcare Lite: Contains 200 pages of this HIPAA-compliant package and charges $7.95 a month (or $6.50 a month with annual payment).
  • Healthcare Basic: 500 pages are included with this package and it pays $10.95 a month (or $9 a month with yearly payment).
  • Healthcare Basic Plus: 800 pages are included with this package which pays $16.95 a month (or $14 with yearly payment per month).
  • Healthcare Standard: 1,500 pages are contained with this package which pays $30.95 a month (or $26.20 with annual charge per month).
  • Standard Plus Healthcare: This package contains 2,500 pages and charges $49.95 a month (or $42.50 for annual charge per month).
  • Healthcare Professional: 5,000 pages are included with this package and it pays $92.95 a month (or $83 per month with annual payment).
  • Healthcare Provider Plus: 10,000 pages are included with this package which saves $185 a month (or $165 with annual payment per month). Each supplemental page costs 3 cents.
  • Healthcare Provider Premium: 20,000 pages are included with this package which pays $395 a month (or $360 for annual payment per month). It costs 2.5 cents for each extra page.

All should be informed by now that there are persons on the internet who are seeking to access confidential information for personal gain. The details will place consumers at risk without adequate protections. To better prevent that from happening, SRFax has introduced protections. For its transmissions, SRFax has 2048-bit SSL certification, 2048-bit public RSA keys, PGP encryption and conventional password protection. Furthermore each user gets a cookie with an encrypted session ID that detects when they are logging in to the device. Their messages are encrypted until they’re online.

The safeguards for protection don’t end there. SRFax keeps its manufacturing equipment outside the control of its employees; it is open only to its team of authorised engineers and security specialists. The facility containing the equipment of SRFax is 24/7 under guard and has generators and other backup equipment to guarantee consistent protection and uptime. The commitment of the group to encryption and data management is among the most remarkable of the businesses we have investigated.

It does not have its own smartphone app for either iOS or Android, but SRFax has an intuitive interface which allows all sending and receiving faxes. The service is available, however, from any internet browser.

While when it comes to data security, SRFax is obviously impressive, we were a little let down by not being able to digitally sign or upgrade faxes before transmission. For most organizations, this may not be a big concern, but whether they and their patients choose not to print and scan records that require signatures, medical practitioners may need this feature.

September 2020: SRFax was purchased by internet communications giant J2 Global earlier this year. SRFax was added to the Cloud Computing division of the company, according to J2 Global, joining other businesses including eFax, eVoice, iContact and KeepItSafe. The acquisition would help increase their customer base, give access to new customers and extend their product portfolio, according to J2 Global.


Thanks in large part to its robust feature set, intuitive interface and tight security measures to keep confidential details safe from prying eyes, RingCentral is our pick as the best online fax service for small companies.

For its online faxing service, RingCentral provides four pricing options, but only two are prominently displayed on its web page: Fax 1500 and Fax Unlimited. A single mutual fax number is included in each subscription tier, but you can buy additional numbers per customer for $4.99 a month. These price ranges are provided by the firm:

Fax 750: This package pays $12.99 a month for an annual subscription and $14.99 for a weekly subscription, with coverage for up to 750 pages submitted and/or obtained in a given month. It costs an extra 5.9 cents for any page submitted or received above the monthly allotment. For this tier, customer service over the phone is not available.

Fax 1500: This package supports up to 1,500 pages for $17.99 a month for an annual subscription or $22.99 for a monthly subscription and costs 4.9 cents per extra page.

Fax 2500: Under this package, for an annual subscription or $59.99 for a monthly subscription, you can send and receive up to 2,500 pages per month for $49.99 per month. Any page over 2,500 costs an extra 3.9 cents.

Fax Unrestricted: Listed as “corporate plan,” this package provides unlimited faxing, unlimited screen-sharing video sessions, unlimited file-sharing team texting, and unlimited calls, emails, and phone calling. For an annual membership, you get all of it for $39.99 a month, or $49.99 for a weekly subscription.

RingCentral does not offer a free service, unlike some of its peers, but it does have a free 30-day trial. Often each page is deemed to be equivalent to one minute of operation, meaning the speed of the internet access will influence what counts in the calculations of the business as a page. Your allotments will extend a little further if you have a speedy connection.

You can either keep your current fax number during setup or pick one from a list of toll-free, local and vanity numbers, with free personalized caller ID information available. Faxes can then be viewed from the company’s browser-based dashboard, a supported email client, or iOS and Android applications from RingCentral. RingCentral, like Windows Office, Dropbox and Google Drive, will connect with several big business software suites.

If a signature is required in advance for your outgoing faxes, RingCentral’s platform enables you to generate an electronic signature to apply to documents. It is also possible to incorporate digital annotations and create personalized cover pages. For easy reading on most computers, each fax you send and receive is translated into a PDF, with the RingCentral platform capable of supporting the most popular file formats.

Although there is a lot to like about RingCentral, for certain small firms, a few aspects about it might be a concern. The most apparent problem is that the enterprise does not have a particularly low-volume alternative. In a month, most small companies do not need to submit 750 pages, but even the lowest amount could be overkill for others. It is also unfortunate that pages on a 1-to-1 scale are not measured by the organization, because internet access varies very much across the world. Any discrepancy may lead to an unequal system of pricing, which can put some users off.


An online fax service that accommodates more than one user at a given time is required by small organizations composed of several teams. We considered mFax to be one of the most versatile choices for businesses in need of a simple online fax platform that suits their needs during our study.

The plans of mFax run on a monthly or annual basis, with different price choices to appeal to most small firms. A variant of the same plan is delivered by and service tier and does not include a configuration charge or long-term contract.

Companies seeking to take advantage of the multi-user capabilities of mFax are going to have to skip the Solo tier. And if it is the cheapest alternative at $9 a month (or $84 a year as the name implies, it does not allow for more than one person at a time. Many who wish many users to sign up for the team tier or higher on the same account need to sign up. You can get additional fax numbers for an extra monthly charge, along with a complimentary toll-free call.

You will need one of these plans if your small company wants to handle many people on the same account:

Team: For 500 pages and up to five users, this package costs $25 a month, or $20 a month for an annual membership. Supplementary pages cost 8 cents each. Per month, additional toll-free numbers cost $4 each.

Business: For 1,000 pages and up to 15 people, this package costs $50 a month, or $40 per month for an annual membership. Supplementary pages cost 6 cents each. Per month, additional toll-free numbers cost $3 each.

Infinity: For 2,500 pages, this package costs $95 a month, or $80 a month for an annual membership. It supports up to 50 users, and for $2 per per month, you can add still more users. Additional pages cost 4 cents each and cost $2 each a month for additional toll-free numbers.

With its simple web-based interface, mFax helps you to send messages as well as receive them. It provides a toll-free fax number for all member accounts to use and has full fax-to-email functions. If you prefer to send faxes via the word processor of your device, mFax offers a free print-to-fax driver that gives fax sending capacity to any application with printing capability.

October 2020: mFax’s parent corporation, Documo, has introduced more functionality to its online faxing capability with the latest mDrive upgrade. Users will save faxes directly to mDrive with the update to version 3.4.5, display details for each fax there, drag and drop faxes into directories, and offer account managers the option to control their own access to individual items.

Many web-based email clients are reminiscent of the overall gui. The machine records all incoming and outgoing faxes, while all saved files are stored and encrypted in the cloud. To allow quick categorizing and fast browsing later, you can add tags to each fax.

While we find much to enjoy about the online fax solution of mFax, we were a little worried that the international faxing capabilities of the organization remain in beta. With global business being so inextricably linked through the internet, suggesting a scenario where the narrow overseas reach of mFax might be a challenge is not a stretch. In its present form, mFax is only able to transmit messages to 23 countries other than the United States and Canada.

The failure to manually edit or sign faxes before you send them is another area of concern. This omission should be kept in mind for those involved in the usability of a digital signature feature and its future elimination of paper waste.


There are not too many solutions out there for enterprises that only need to accept faxes without the use of a conventional fax machine. Most online fax solutions prefer to concentrate on sending messages, so after checking the service, we were pleased to call FaxBetter as our best option for free incoming fax solutions.

For your small company, what you get for no expense may or may not be enough. You may get up to 20 pages a month without paying a penny when you sign up for a free account (which FaxBetter does not need a credit card to do, unlike some of its competitors).

A paying option of $9.95 per month (with automatic renewal) is available after you go past the 20-page allotment. When you opt for an annual or bi-annual membership at $95.40 or $142.80, the price goes down. You get 500 pages a month with this paying account to deal with and can submit faxes as well. Unlimited lifetime capacity also comes with the paying account.

FaxBetter is a fax-to-email service, which ensures that incoming faxes are addressed in the same manner as any form of email you may get. This company’s interface is very similar to any email service you might have used, with incoming faxes landing in a virtual mailbox like the one you might find in Gmail or Microsoft Outlook. For improved searchability, FaxBetter lets you navigate your mailbox, sort faxes and add labels to faxes.

The free incoming fax package from FaxBetter gives the company a dedicated toll-free number to use and sufficient digital storage to file up to 1,000 pages for the duration of the account. That last part is important, because once your account is deactivated, you only get 60 days to recover any files you want. All is permanently erased after that window.

The opportunity for account deactivation illustrates a big drawback to the free service of FaxBetter. You would do it at a reasonably consistent rate to manage your account. You will forfeit the free fax number that the company sent you if you do not get any faxes within seven days. Obviously, if you send that number to buyers and leads, that may create issues for your company. If your business gets faxes infrequently, you will then need to make sure that you get a fax with your current free account and fax number at least once a week or get used to signing up for a new account (and number) when you need to receive a fax.


Not every small organization that faxes papers wants to sign up for a monthly online fax solution subscription. GotFreeFax is our top option for a pay-per-use fax service and the best free outgoing online fax service for small companies that just fax every once in a while, due to its easy interface and versatility as a forum.

Notice that this firm only deals with the sending of faxes, whether or not you use the free option. Even it’s nice to know with a name like GotFreeFax that its free edition is a capable platform for small companies that do not frequently submit several faxes. Under its free deal, GotFreeFax allows you to send two faxes a day, each with a limit of three pages. You would need to rely on the pay-per-use or prepaid business service tier of the firm for something more than that.

You gain access to more features and the option to submit more faxes with the paid offers of GotFreeFax. Both paying service levels skip the annual membership fee routinely received by GotFreeFax’s rivals, instead billing for the amount of pages submitted at any given time. This is the standard pay-per-use model’s price framework, for instance:

  • Total of 10 pages: 98 cents
  • Up to 20 pages: 1,98 dollars
  • Up to 30 pages: 2,98 dollars

You can buy page credits that never expire and can be used at any time under the company prepaid program. Businesses who want this package often get access to the feature of fax broadcasting, allowing multiple recipients to send one fax. For enterprises who only have sporadic faxing requirements, but realize they can fax documents in the future, this plan makes sense. The price framework of this tier deals with hundreds and thousands of pages, so it makes a difference to your potential number.

  • 100 credits for the page: $9.955
  • 300 credits for pages: 19,95 dollars
  • 1,000 credits for the page: $49.955

Although GotFreeFax has affordable rates for its prepaid pay-per-use and business services, it would be reasonable to ask whether any functionality were skimped on by the firm. We found that, even with its simple, single-page interface and obvious disinterest in pressuring individuals to sign up for an account, GotFreeFax still offers some basic features. In a basic HTML-enabled text box, which has rich text formatting options to increase the graphic flair of your post, you can edit the body of your fax. In the text area, you can also create cover pages; upload one as a separate PDF, JPEG or DOC file; or use the ad-free alternative of GotFreeFax.

GotFreeFax delivers its messages through its servers, which are operated by qualified engineers, protected by Gateway AntiVirus software and transmitted over an encrypted network, as far as data protection measures are concerned.

Although it is often cheaper than spending too much for a service free or almost free, such low prices always have a caveat. The caveat is not an inbound fax service in GotFreeFax’s situation. Although GotFreeFax recommends for that service either RingCentral or Faxage, we also suggest that you choose FaxBetter, our best free incoming fax service choice.

Of course, with GotFreeFax, you get what you pay for, so you can temper your standards of the features and functionality. This program doesn’t have many of the nice features, such as paper collection, a smartphone interface and software convergence, that come with paying plans.

GUIDE OF Purchase

Features for Online Fax Service

You should think which features mean the most to you when considering an online fax service for your small company. You don’t need a service with a high monthly page allotment for submitting faxes if your business just wants to accept faxes from time to time. It will be up to you if you operate a private practice, to seek a facility with strict data security controls.

After analyzing the online fax industry thoroughly, we observed some simple features that are commonly accessible and useful to most organizations. Keep an eye out for these features of the typical service package if you shop around for an online fax service:

Intuitive interface: In today’s high-tech environment, accessibility is key, and fax facilities online are no different. Users are also left confused whether their faxes came in the correct file format, contained a cover letter or were still sent at all without a clearly readable gui. An online fax firm, with some even having smartphone applications in the mix, can provide a comprehensible web interface. If you can quickly access the structure of a business, you can spend less time delivering customer service and more time going where they need to go with your documents and communications.

Included fax number: A fax number is included in all of today’s internet systems, with the possibility of purchasing extra ones on the hand. A dedicated fax number allows others to conveniently deliver messages to your account via a conventional fax machine, although most internet fax services can work by email these days. For a toll-free, local or vanity call, certain businesses offer to provide or charge an extra fee. Whether certain specialization numbers are a significant function is solely based on the needs of the organization.

App support Nearly everyone has a smartphone, so any enterprise that provides a mobile app gets a leg up on the rivals immediately. When you and your staff are always on the move, the opportunity to reach your online fax account anytime can be a big benefit. It is also useful for that reason to be able to read and email faxes from a mobile device. When looking at this functionality, make sure the software follows the operating system on your mobile device.

Number of users In order to use an online fax account, certain businesses require more than one or two staff. We found that community plans that come at a higher cost are sold by only those providers.

Electronic signature capabilities: Often, before it can be sent a wireless fax has to be signed. It is not a very common feature of the suppliers we investigated to be able to affix a signature to a digital file before transmission, but that functionality supports one of the technology’s main advantages. Being able to sign a contract electronically ensures that before submitting it, you no longer have to print it out, sign it and scan it back into a digital format.

Experts on the Community

There are many reasons why you’d like to sign up for an online fax service for your small company. We checked out and addressed the issue with people from businesses who have done so to help understand why others have made the move.

The decision to move from a physical fax machine to MyFax came down to competitiveness for Ryan Turner, co-owner of 3Prime Online Solutions.

“It seems ridiculous to us to handle a typical fax machine, and trying to segment the phone number or worst, have a separate line seemed inefficient,” he said.

Though he is considering looking at a new service because his business does not submit as many faxes as it used to, Turner said his company “has never had a [online fax] crisis. We build and upload documents to fax. Dealing with it is far simpler than the fax machines I recall.”

Likewise, Alex Kovalenko, director of IT recruiting at Kovasys, said the move relied on how much his organization was spending to operate a conventional fax machine with an additional phone line. “We don’t have to pay for a dedicated fax line anymore, which will cost us between $40 to $50 a month, when online faxes cost just about $10 a month.”

While a cost analysis may cause one organization to make the move, Matt Schmidt, founder of Burial Insurance Pro, said that ease of use and usability were crucial for the needs of his team.

“Now our faxes come into our email system and can be downloaded into our sales system automatically,” he added. “It also helps us to submit the records to the responsible party directly without any further processing or copying.”

Since the need to buy ink and paper is minimized by these systems, some environmentally aware enterprises naturally turn to an online fax solution. Torben Lonne, a diver and co-founder of the web publication, said that because of the lower carbon footprint, his company has used RingCentral’s fax service for years.

“Nowadays, where we can digitize anything the amount of paper produced by fax machines is totally unnecessary,” he said.

Frequently Asked Questions Online faxing

What are the benefits of faxing online?

Perhaps the most common rationale for adopting an online faxing service is to reduce office expenses. Constant focus is also demanded by an office fax machine. When the whole procedure can be completed remotely from a person’s desk, routine repairs, ink and toner prices, and morale decreases as workers stand around a computer while delivering or waiting to accept faxes are removed.

Often, fax services encourage you to store your faxes sent and retrieved online. For certain organizations especially those with regulatory faxing requirements, digitally saving messages instead of printing out the letters and packing them in filing cabinets may be a lifesaver. Any service providers make the faxes searchable so that they can later be quickly found.

As each letter is sent over the internet and processed in the cloud, businesses seeking to go green may also find online faxing helpful. There is less paper waste and the need for printing papers.

What’s the difference between internet faxing and daily faxing?

Removing a dedicated piece of office equipment from the equation is the greatest difference between internet faxing and traditional faxing. Such equipment will cost thousands of dollars, with extra costs in the form of substitution of paper, ink and toner, and a dedicated transmission telephone line. Remote faxing, though only requires an internet-capable computer to send and retrieve digital files and a secure internet link.

How can you give FREE online faxes?

Although the best fax options online charge either a monthly or one-time fee to use their services, there are several ways to deliver a free online fax. The free options that are available online are the easiest to consider. In fact, as part of this segment, we have reviewed a free incoming fax service, so be sure to read our FaxBetter review to see why it’s our best choice for free incoming faxes.

As the transfer of a file requires more work from the server of an organization than obtaining a file does, you are unlikely to find any free fax solution that helps you to submit faxes. Any organization that claims it provides free online fax sending services typically means that it offers a free trial, in which a monthly fee can be paid. Before committing to something, make sure to read the fine print if you find such a facility.

In an online fax facility, what do you look for?

“It depends” is the simplest answer to this issue. The faxing solution that fits well for you depends on how much you plan to use it and what functionality you need.

A mixture of three things are featured by successful fax service providers: secure incoming and outgoing fax capabilities, an easy-to-use interface or integration with current systems, and stellar customer service.

Will you fax through WI-FI?

The need for fewer equipment is one of the advantages of having an online fax service. Instead of relying on a clunky piece of office equipment to deliver faxes over a land-based telephone line, online faxing simply involves a working computer, an internet connection that works, and the digital file or group of files that you want to transfer.

Since it doesn’t matter whether your internet link is hardwired or distributed through Wi-Fi, during transmission, you can ensure that your wireless connection is strong and reliable. Some interruptions in the transmitting or receiving process may create problems with the documents’ transmission.

What are the various kinds of fax facilities online? When it comes to selecting which online fax service you want to use, it is necessary to remember in the first place how you want to send and receive faxes. Different approaches will be accessible to you at the same time depending on the provider, mostly depending on the equipment you have on hand.

In most instances, programs that allow you to send and/or receive faxes from your internet browser would be of the “internet fax” type. A web-based dashboard that houses your Inbox and Received messages folder, as well as a long list of settings that you can modify, is used with this process.

Some providers provide email-to-fax or fax-to-email in a similar manner. This form of service helps users to send and receive faxes using their email provider. Users who use this form usually send faxes by inserting the fax number of the receiver in the ‘To’ area, with the website of the provider at the end of the number (e.g. If anyone wishes to give you a fax via this service, they will do the same, entering the domain name of your fax number and service provider in the ‘To’ area.

Mobile on-line faxing is available for some of the more advanced networks. You can use your mobile device as a de facto fax machine with this style. Typically, this includes an interface such that faxes can be submitted and received anywhere.

There are several unusual occasions where an online fax service may include a device to serve as a connection to the internet between the actual fax machine in your office. Your internet faxing facilities still remove the need for a dedicated land-based telephone line with that system mounted, but leave the current equipment intact.

How do you pick the right fax service online?

The response to this issue is incredibly subjective. If your organization has to send or receive a fax only periodically, so you can suggest a service that costs on a per-use basis. If you prefer something a bit more reliable, it is better for your small company to offer a program with a monthly subscription. An online fax service that provides good data security should be considered by businesses who need to keep their data safe and protected. To the end, you want to find a firm that also caters to providers of hospitals and other organisations managing confidential information.

In all seriousness, by understanding the needs of your business and searching for a company that can meet those needs, you can find the right online fax service. Your decision should take into account price, reliability, protection and functionality.

In order to use an online fax facility, do you require any external devices? In most cases, when it comes to having an online fax service, whether you have a Mac or Computer that is wired to the internet, you are ready to go. The majority of programs actually require an internet browser to run. However in special cases, some providers allow users to use applications to send and receive faxes on their phones, while in some situations, a provider may offer a special bridge system to allow legacy faxing equipment to connect to the online fax service.

Methodology of ours 
We investigated many providers of online faxing, including their plans and functionality. We started by compiling a vendor list. In addition to the service providers we were already acquainted with, we added vendors we identified in our report, others that appeared on other credible web lists and reviews on a regular basis, and businesses that reached out to us wanting to be considered for research. 

First, we went to the website of each provider, noticing its functionality and pricing mechanisms. We took advantage of evaluation times, watched product demonstrations and tutorials when available, and submitted trial faxes to obtain first-hand experience of the service when available. We removed businesses that had tons of secret fees in their plans and/or that paid exorbitant over-limit fees. 

We reached out to our finalists for the next step of our research, acting as a prospective client. We asked each firm’s customer service representatives a series of questions, mentioning the level of service we got. 

We weighed which businesses provided the best combination between affordability, robust characteristics and ease of use to arrive at our final decision. To determine each online fax software provider, below are the parameters we used: 

Structure for pricing. We were searching for faxing providers that provided a range of plans, making them affordable to organizations with a variety of faxing specifications and budgets. 

Limits on faxes and overage penalties. Vendors sell several plans with varying limitations regarding the amount of pages a person can send or receive in almost any instance. The higher the access tier, the more likely it is possible to transmit faxes. Along with the page cap, if more faxes are submitted or received than the amount allocated in the contract, virtually every organization charges an overage fee. 

Characteristics. In particular, we searched for features that made sending and receiving faxes simpler, such as scheduled distribution, electronic signature, the ability to edit records, the option to concurrently send faxes to multiple recipients, and integration with current software suites. 

Faxing worldwide and toll-free. Faxes are still used around the world. In a foreign country, some fax providers can sell you a fax number; most services, however, allow you to send international faxes for a small fee. Many providers offer toll-free faxing, which is an extra advantage for your employers and consumers if you regularly fax documents back and forth. 

Access via smartphone. Many business people never go without their cellphones anywhere. We looked for providers that either provide a smartphone app of their own or allow users to send and receive faxes through a web browser. 

Simplicity of usage. We appreciated services that provided a simple, intuitive interface, in addition to convenient functionality and rational pricing. To decide how easy it was to submit and receive a fax, we focused on product demos and sample copies. 

Consolidation is one big development in the online faxing industry. About a dozen online fax products have been purchased by J2 Global. During our study we found various consumer concerns about deceptive billing policies, inadequate customer care and almost scam-like practices, which led to the Better Business Bureau earning a F ranking for J2 Global and its holdings. Related grievances are reported to Public Affairs and the Appeals Board by consumers. 

Although some of these subsidiary companies are listed below on the list of our provider, we have acknowledged their parent corporation in each case and excluded them as a best choice from consideration. 

If you’re considering using one of these providers, thoroughly examine whether the organization is the right alternative for the business or not.