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Best Whiteboard Animation Software in 2021 – App Sofa
Best Whiteboard Animation Software in 2021

Best Whiteboard Animation Software in 2021

One of the most common (and entertaining) forms of explanatory videos for corporations is whiteboard animation videos.

To get started, you don’t require any pricey machinery or expertise, only a machine and some whiteboard animation tools.

The app allows video editing simple and creates high-quality explanatory videos that you can use on your website, an educational course, or any other location that you like.

I ranked and analyzed the best whiteboard animation applications in this article to try out this year. Such feedback are focused on the characteristics of animation, video content, pricing, assistance and more.

Let ‘s start off.

What’s the Right Animation App for Whiteboards?

Here are my top picks for the best apps for whiteboard animations.

1. Videoscribe.

Best Tools for Total Whiteboard Animation ($8 a month).

VideoScribe-incredible tools for whiteboard animation

VideoScribe is an awesome program for whiteboard animation and video production to make simple, fast and cheap whiteboard videos. Its drag and drop role offers tremendous ease-of-use when making videos of whiteboard animation that are engaging.

You only have to choose pictures, audio, and add the voice over. Videoscribe performs all the heavy-lifting.

It also provides a simpler and more stable downloadable app than the online platform. You may easily upload photos, and it transforms them to SVG files automatically. It provides a repository of thousands of pictures to select from, on top of that. Or you may include photos of your own.

Not just that, you can access its wide copyright-free background music collection. For further customization, you can even download and add your own songs.

Finally, in various formats, including MP4, WMV, MOV, and AVI, you can download the video locally. You still have the opportunity to directly post the video on Twitter, Vimeo, and Sho. Co.

Main Functionalities:

  • Add Voiceover- You may explicitly add voiceover to the recording. It also helps you to blend it with text and background music.
  • Pre-built templates-VideoScribe includes pre-built templates focused on numerous categories, such as industry, school, culture, animation and tutorials. Within a couple of minutes, these templates help you build a video.
  • Vast Collection-You can install animation and stickers from its extensive selection. You may also upload your option of files.


  • The video can be exported as a photo set.
  • Without entering any credit card details, you get a 7-day free trial.
  • Both Mac and Windows have links to this video creator.
  • Add to the storyboard an infinite amount of pages.
  • Its help team is open 24/7.
  • Pre-built templates provide excellent opportunities for customization.


For single consumers, VideoScribe provides three pricing plans:

  • Monthly plan: 17.50 dollars per month
  • Quarterly plan: 35 dollars a month
  • Annual plan: 8 dollars a month

Team licenses with a team of over 10 users start at $150 per member.

2. Vyond.

Best Whiteboard Animation App Specialist ($299 a year)

Vyond-animated technical whiteboard footage

For business fields such as publicity, teaching, eLearning, and HR, Vyond produces professional whiteboard animated images. By strong narrative, repurposing, and customization of content, it lets you achieve better visual communication.

You can import MP4 files easily into your LMS (learning management system) to have a learning environment that is more interactive. Apps such as chat, lip-sync, and natural motions render the material more entertaining.

For any industry scale, it has everything, such as:

  • It includes several pre-built prototypes, a resource repository, and a complete range of resources to conveniently build videos for businesses.
  • It offers versatility in pricing for individuals & education reasons, but for a single video you don’t have to spend a lot of money. Unlimited videos can be produced affordably.

Vyond also provides thousands of characters, gestures, and colors to make the content more exclusive. Even, to add variety to your images, you get a sound effects library. Other than this, if you like, you can also import personalized songs. Via uploading icons, fonts, sound recordings, and images, you also get absolute artistic power.

With protection controls such as ISO / IEC 27001 Registration, GDPR enforcement, third-party vendor control, and more, Vyond also has strong security requirements.

Main Functionalities:

  • Lip Sync-The lip-sync automation character feature converts dull characters into actual people and gains more dedication.
  • Fast Edits-Update your videos quickly without high development costs with a fresh message or promotions.
  • Industry-driven templates-This helps you to look at the most fitting templates based on the position, design, and category of the job. You may also easily place a keyword in the search bar and the appropriate list of video models would be available to you.


  • Customize templates, characters, and objects as simply as you wish.
  • In making professional and more entertaining animations, life-like character animation helps.
  • It gives a free trial for 14 days.
  • For your email marketing strategies, it produces highly compatible videos.
  • You get hundreds of custom logos and texts to access.
  • A broad archive of cases of usage, case studies, and other instructional resources lets make awesome images.


It proposes four plans for pricing:

  • Crucial: $299 a year,
  • Premium: 649 million a year
  • Professional: 999 dollars a year
  • Business: Personalized pricing

For yearly plans, you get a discount of up to 50 percent. Features such as 2D characters, traditional whiteboard characters, colour changeable props, and more come with all the plans.

3. Fiverr.

Best Facilities for Whiteboard Animation ($5 and up)

Fiverr-Animated Explainers & Whiteboard

Fiverr is one of the biggest web sites for recruiting freelancers worldwide. To fulfill your standards, you will use it to employ a specialist to send you the video in the shortest possible period. You only need to connect to and type in its search box the keyword “Whiteboard & Animated Explainers”. Hundreds of gigs submitted by video makers can arrive on the freelance website.

After looking through their feedback, demos, and years of experience, you will pick the animator. If you are able to pay more capital, you may even get in contact with ‘Pro Services’. These professionals receive outstanding product of service and are especially checked by Fiverr.

The voice-over would be given by most animators, or you may have your own. You should also send them a comprehensive rundown so they can align things the way you like. All in all, it’s a fairly easy, secure, and healthy way to do your job.

Main Functionalities:

  • Pick Gig on Several Metrics-Based on the venue, the money they charge, and experience, you can finalize the gig. And most critically, to make an educated judgment, you should review their portfolio.
  • Review and Improvements-Even after the delivery, you may even ask the video maker to make changes or boost the video to meet the expected standard. This makes the video production method decidedly smooth.
  • Escrow- In order to preserve the rights of its consumers, Fiverr holds the premium balance safely in an escrow. That implies that only when you are pleased with the provided job can the money be released to the service provider.


  • Fiverr can help you gain access to thousands of experts who are eligible.
  • Only checked experts are required by the open scheme, meaning there is little or no risk of scams.
  • From every place around the globe, you can recruit professionals.
  • To help you employ a truly skilled person, Fiverr shows the checked certifications of professionals.
  • Per project, you should pay.
  • If the job does not meet the criteria, you have the option of refusing the payment.


A typical gig begins at $5 for each project. Pro Facilities, however, start at $500 and can go to $10,000.

4. Renderforest.

Best to render interactive videos ($59 a month) with ready-made scenarios and cloud-based software.

Cover illustration for Renderforest

With a quick whiteboard animation video utilizing ready-made scenarios, Renderforest lets you share breathtaking tales. Because it comes with a downloadable edition, it’s also a downloadable whiteboard animation app. To make videos for different ideas and topics immediately, it provides a wide catalog of animated artifacts and toolkits.

To kickstart your video editing quickly, you get access to 50,000 exclusive scenes. You will personalize your videos with a wide variety of custom logos, text , pictures, and color palettes. It also has a wide music track catalog that you can add as background audio.

With three basic measures, you can build any sort of video you want:

  • From a wide repository, pick the desired prototype.
  • Using messages, icons, colour palettes, and photographs to edit and personalize the design.
  • Add the video to a music track and import it to your device.

Production steps of Renderforest Video

In addition to this, Renderforest generates brief intro or logo images, including a YouTube intro, a 3D logo and a minimal logo.

Main Functionalities:

  • Freemium Edition-The free version produces up to 1 minute long videos and includes all the functionality that are relevant.
  • Explainer Animation-Create an explanatory animation conveniently in just three quick measures. Connect a scene, load the preset, and select the material you like. Leave the remainder at Renderforest. A beautiful explanatory video will be automatically stored for your access.
  • Build Logo- Renderforest provides hundreds of models for the brand to build a video logo. Only pick a prototype and type the name and tagline of your brand. Voila! Voila! There’s a completely new logo waiting. You should even personalize the branding on top of that.


  • With 3D animation, a thousand animated scenarios help you build images.
  • It has a comprehensive stock gallery of commercial videos that your videos can edit and combine.
  • High-quality, royalty-free video shots and music clips provide the images with further information.
  • Via both email and phone, it provides customer service.
  • Without making a charge, free previews help you work on a project with all the functionality.
  • To link to your videos, it offers highly-customizable lively animation.


Four paid plans are given by Renderforest:

  • Amateur: $59 on a monthly basis
  • Pro: $89 a month, a month
  • Business: 119 dollars per month
  • Enterprise: 299 dollars a month

There’s one freemium plan that helps you to build up to 3 minutes of content.

5. Animaker.

Suitable ($19 a month) for non-designers, newcomers, and practitioners from diverse fields.

Cover from Animaker

In only a few taps, Animaker lets you create perfect whiteboard animation images. Within a few minutes, you can make Live Action videos quickly. The basic video development method for drag and drop helps you to create strong characters for your storytelling. And you have the option of over a billion characters to pick from.

It comes with four new designs (why, after all, the whiteboard can just be white):

  • Images on the blackboard
  • Animation for Notepad / whiteboard
  • Stitchboarding
  • Glassboard Board

A large archive of over 100 million stock images and videos is now provided by Animaker. You have the choice to pick from over 1000 models on top of that. For any occasion and need, there is a prototype.

Extensive facial expressions for selfies, auto lip-sync, gradient backgrounds, and many more are some of the most popular video producing functionality.

Main Functionalities:

  • 4 K Content-Allows you to edit and share 4 K video standard videos.
  • Instant Resizing- For numerous social networking sites, including Facebook , Instagram , Twitter, and YouTube, you can alter the video instantly.
  • GIF and Quick Video-Create GIFs instantly and sort videos with custom text, background, video, font size and colors.


  • You can track all the adjustments in real-time with the live video editing function.
  • Develop characters with over 15 facial characteristics, 20 facial gestures, and 10 accessories slots that are fascinating and engaging.
  • With auto lip-sync, incorporate voice-overs and watch the characters talk in the voice.
  • With only a mouse, the ‘Smart Step’ function performs complicated animations.
  • String numerous animations together and quickly adjust the phrases.
  • Provide the video with screen effects, camera effects, audio tracks and high-quality transitions with a professional feel.


Three options, which contain one free account, are offered by Animaker.

  • Free (for individuals who are getting started): $0
  • Starter (for people and small teams): $19 billed annually every month
  • Pro (for start-ups and big businesses): $39 a month paid annually

The free plan just requires you to import watermarked videos. So, for professional use, paying programs are safer.

6. FilmoraPro.

Easily obtain professional-level video editing ($89.99 a year).

FilmoraPro Wondershare

One of the strongest video editors for making whiteboard animation videos is FilmoraPro. It provides a user interface that is simple to navigate and specialist equipment such as color correction and audio mixers. It also allows animations in 4k / HD and 2D/3D and offers seamless motion keyframes.

The background noise in the video can be eliminated immediately and substituted with your high-quality audio recording. There’s no limit to its audio features. In order to handle the audio effectively, you should even use audio encoding, noise removal, and audio transformations.

With Filmora Pro, you can conveniently attach text or graphics to the object’s moving points in the frame. Your own animations can either be personalized or you can use motion models. If you are not happy with gestures, to achieve smooth sync, adjust the length and speed animations. Not just that, in your film, you can even incorporate realistic zoom or camera motions.

Main Functionalities:

  • Auto-Correction-This allows it possible for every picture or video file to reach optimal color settings.
  • Review Improvements-It helps you to review improvements and offer your video a more coherent and eye-pleasing look.
  • Masking: By custom shapes or presets, you may hide portions or components of your video footage.


  • Edit or animate personalized text with ease.
  • To control the video in different ways, use the ‘Distort’ and ‘Warp’ functions.
  • Shadows, shadows, and midtones can be conveniently changed to increase the accuracy of photographs and footage.
  • It provides switches from presets.
  • The automated stabilization feature produces videos that are strongly balanced.
  • The built-in screen recorder allows you to produce video directly from your monitor.


It costs 89.99 dollars a year. For $149.99, you may even get a lifetime license.

7. Explaindio.

Suitable animation app, along with doodle sketches ($37 a month), to render 2D and 3D animation.

Explaindio-video drag-and – drop maker

Explaindio is a video maker for drag-and – drop that lets you quickly construct whiteboard animation images. It also generates full-motion images, images with explanations, doodles, and more. It comes with Mac and Windows desktop apps, so you can make videos offline, too. What’s more, it helps you to produce, process, and export infinite video numbers.

Explaindio offers several animations, more than 180 pre-made text animations for more personalization, to enable you make special animations. To make more entertaining content, you even get 300 font choices and over 200 animated scenes.

Any of its unique characteristics include:

  • Many simultaneous animations.
  • 3D templates and customization of animations.
  • The most common formats for uploading videos are AVI, WMV, FLV, MOV, and MP4.
  • Transitions Built-In.
  • And a great deal more.

Main Functionalities:

  • Pixabay Integration-Pixabay integration allows you access to thousands of free stock images. These videos may be manipulated and blended with your film.
  • Animated Characters-It provides six animated characters that allow you to easily say stories.
  • Multi-Timeline Editing- Edit your videos with complete multi-timeline editing at a quicker rate.


  • It provides transitions and keyframe animations built-in.
  • No requirement for coding or technological expertise.
  • More than 140 pre-made films, more than 800 animations of doodles, and pictures.
  • 3D animation and customization of templates will help you create videos that are more entertaining.
  • Play several animations concurrently.
  • Build richer videos of more than 100 context videos in complete HD.


It offers three payment plans dependent on the payment frequency:

  • Monthly plan: 37 dollars a month
  • Annual plan: 67 million a year
  • Single-time pricing: 497 dollars

Even, you get a money-back guarantee within 14 days.

8. MySimpleShow.

Creates videos of clarity in minutes ($129 a month).

Cover Illustration for MySimpleShow

Another outstanding whiteboard animation program for making short and easy whiteboard videos is MySimpleShow. In a few easy measures, it can generate a high-quality video.

You just got ta have to:

  • Choose a prototype
  • Write down an optimal script
  • Visualizing the storyboard footage
  • Speed and voiceover finalise the video
  • Finally, download the video and post it wherever you can.

You may either save the final video or export it directly to your YouTube channel on your device.

Measures of MySimpleShow

It recommends the most fitting plot and explains it depending on the example you chose, with related pictures. And if you’re not pleased with the outcome, the Explorer Engine suggests alternative ways to help create a better video for you.

Main Functionalities:

  • Text-to-Speech- MySimpleShow has you covered if you don’t have a voiceover to add. Based on your email, the text-to – speech application produces a high-quality voiceover within a few seconds.
  • Preview-A preview of the video at some stage in the timeline is produced. After each pass, check your video. If the outcome does not please you, you may still go back to editing.
  • Illustrations-MySimpleShow includes thousands of free illustrations. And even then, download files and conveniently include them in your videos if you can’t locate what you want.


  • For family, technical, and educational purposes, start immediately with its 16 video templates.
  • To build a pleasant video script, it offers appropriate examples and advice.
  • For greater personalization, upload the logo or text quickly.
  • To create interactive whiteboard animation images, it provides a specific pool of photos, audio, and graphics.
  • As a part of its trial kit, it also enables you to make a video for free.
  • You get a directed workflow, which for newcomers is helpful.


Three paid plans are provided by MySimpleShow:

  • Enterprise: $129 a month
  • Pro: $499 a month, a month
  • Enterprise: Pricing custom-based

It also offers restricted functionality of a freemium package.

9. Camtasia.

Mac and Windows capture and make quality videos ($249 per single user license).

Camtasia-program that is simple to use

Camtasia is a common app for screen recording that provides pre-made templates for animation. Pick a prototype or capture a screen on your laptop, install a few effects, and you’re all right to go. For users who wish to post tutorials and ‘how-to’ images, it is most fitting.

It also provides animations and effects with custom-templates. To make high-quality, skilled images, you can easily drag and drop these features. From its wide catalogue of Royalty-free tracks, you can even pick the tracks and background effects. On top of that, it helps you to quickly capture and edit your own sound recordings.

Main Functionalities:

  • Video Effects- Simply apply camera effects, like zoom in and out and pan motion, to your screen recordings.
  • Interactive Quizzes-By making quizzes, make your videos more interactive and inspire your learners and pay special attention to your videos.
  • Multiple effects- To personalize the video, you can drag and drop text, effects, transformations, and animations.


  • Download an MP4 file or post a video directly to Twitter, Screencast, Vimeo, or to your own website.
  • Add switches from slides to scenes.
  • Easily capture and edit the voiceover.
  • Get access to more than 500k of TechSmith subscription stock images, pictures , and videos.
  • To keep track of all the modifications prior to shipping the final file, use sample replay.
  • It gives amazing audio effects and annotations.


Per single-user certificate, Camtasia costs $249. Every update to the new edition of Camtasia will cost you $99.50. It also offers a free trial for 30 days.

10. Easy Sketch Pro.

Without any technological experience, produce amazing sketch videos ($37-one time payment).

Fast Sketch Pro-tool for doodle formation

Quick Sketch Pro is an app for drawing doodles that helps you to make incredible videos of sketches in just minutes. Only upload a video and the app would automatically create a sketch of the opening sequence. It makes it super easy to transition from the drawing to the actual footage. The length of the sketch video may also be set until it transforms into the video you upload.

In just three basic measures, you can generate whiteboard sketch videos:

  • To make your sketch video, use its drag-and – drop creator.
  • To create your film, import your own standard film or use hundreds of hundreds of photos produced by Quick Sketch Pro.
  • Select and import “Construct” into your system.

You can make the same style of video you like with over 50 markers, paints, chalk, and crayons.

Simple Sketch Pro Features

Other than that, you can also apply your voice over or music to the animated video or the uploaded video with ‘Fast Sketch’. You will have access to a large pre-recorded music collection. You may also incorporate animated text via its drag-and – drop feature for more personalization.

Main Functionalities:

  • Canvas- If you don’t want to start blank, to make live drawing videos, it offers professional canvas forms.
  • It provides over 50 brushes, markers, pencils, and chalks to suit the unique requirements of your marketing campaign. Sketch Customization
  • Royalty-free Photos-to achieve the necessary customization and artistic finesse, it offers hundreds of royalty-free photos.


  • Easily upload your MP4-format file.
  • Software may be mounted on an infinite amount of computers.
  • The one-time payment model makes it an alternative that is cost-efficient.
  • Import your own emblem, pictures , music, or soundtrack quickly and install them.
  • It operates for machines operating on both Mac and Windows.


Three paying plans are provided by Quick Sketch Pro:

  • Starter: 37 dollars-one-time charge
  • Company: $67-one-time charge
  • Company Pro: 97 dollars-one-time charge

Quick Sketch Pro marking comes with the Starter plan. Therefore, if you wish to professionally use recordings, then you will want to buy either the Company or Company Pro strategy. About 12,000 premium photographs and soundtracks ($360 worth) are also supported by the Company Pro plan.

11. Adobe Animate CC.

Best for immersive cartoon videos ($19.99-one-time payment) for TV shows, sports and the internet.

With various animation methods, Adobe Animate CC lets animators generate whiteboard animation. You can bring life into banner advertising and animated characters quickly with Adobe Animate CC. It also enables the video to be released on different online sites, including HTML5 Canvas, Flash / Adobe AIR, WebGL, and SVG custom sites.

Your animated images can also be shared as impressions in augmented reality ( AR). In order to build vibrant characters with features such as walk, speak, and blink, you can use Adobe Fresco live brushes. And quickly post them with a simple click on social media.

Main Functionalities:

  • Asset Panel-Assemble animation from a user-friendly panel from pre-developed assets. This will aid in making videos at a higher rate.
  • Layer Parenting- With a much more simplified tool, animated characters can easily be changed and personalized.
  • Auto Keyframe-Automatically attaches keyframes. It also enables you to quickly turn to the production of a video scene.


  • On Twitter , Youtube, and more, post your animations quickly.
  • Using basic measures, create a hand-on instructional video.
  • Build animation of 2D vector characters, configure its motion, and publish it in different formats.
  • Importing Adobe Stock photos and views.
  • To configure raw vector shapes and change the characters, use ‘Asset Warp’.
  • For varying resolutions and sizes, optimize images.


Two price options focused on the frequency of payment are offered by Adobe Animate CC:

  • Yearly Subscription: $19.99 a month
  • Subscription per month: $29.99 per month

12. Doodly.

Develop videos of whiteboard, blackboard, and glassboard animation within a few minutes ($20 annually billed every month).

Doodly-doodle video maker drag-and-drop

Doodly is a video maker for drag-and – drop doodles that produces whiteboard videos within a minute. For social network ads, purchases, and other special times, it develops films. All you need to do is just drag onto the canvas a picture of your choosing, and Doodly will produce a doodle of that image automatically.

In addition, the ‘Smart Draw’ technology generates custom drawing paths for point-and-click. That means you can draw and upload every photo that you like. You may also choose from a broad variety of hand styles, of varying measurements, ethnicities, and colours, with both male and female choices.

Features of Doodly Animation

When filming in real-time, you can even add your personalized voiceover and match with your doodle video with a simple press. If you don’t deem it acceptable for your requirements, the 30-day money-back policy still works.

Doodly is an acceptable alternative for:

  • Marketers for YouTube
  • Teaching and planning
  • Publicity on Facebook
  • Images for purchases (VSLs)

Main Functionalities:

  • Big Library-A large selection of hand drawn doodle illustrations is provided. 20 background scenes and 200 characters are also provided.
  • Doodly operates effectively on both Mac and Windows for several installs. On any amount of computers, you can even install it several times.
  • Different resolutions-Doodly helps you to export the video file from 480p-1080p in many resolutions. It lets you set custom resolutions as well.


  • Until uploading the final image, configure the file sizes (24-60 fps) and video quality.
  • It provides, for an unlimited time , free app upgrades.
  • You can choose their 30-day money-back policy if you don’t like the app.
  • It includes royalty-free audio tracks that you can conveniently use the drag-and – drop functionality to include in a film.
  • The 200 characters have 20 separate poses.
  • Build professional doodles by merely uploading photographs that are appropriate.


There are two price plans that you get:

  • Standard: $20 billed annually every month
  • Enterprise: $40 annually paid every month

For the annual package, you will save 49 per cent.

13. PowToon.

Develop ($19 a month) competent and highly personalized videos.

PowToon-forum for visual contact

PowToon is a website for visual communication that helps you to quickly make professional videos with whiteboard animations. For numerous genres, it provides a broad video template gallery, like promotion, recruitment, sales , HR, and schooling.

PowToon Features

In addition, it combines with the famous Adobe Photoshop CC photo editor to quickly convert your static PSDs into animated images. You may also export all the PowToon ArtBoards. Not just that, in Photoshop, you can also modify PowToon files.

You may either upload or post your video in MP4 format directly to Facebook , Twitter, or Vimeo. What’s more, custom pictures, royalty-free audio, HD videos, and voiceover expand the depth of your production.

Main Functionalities:

  • A broad archive of learning resources, including eBooks, infographics, tutorials, webinars, podcasts and journals, is offered by PowToon Laboratories.
  • Team Teamwork- Use mutual media libraries for quick teamwork when pursuing branding and innovative guidelines.
  • Integration of CMS-PowToon enables you to post, embed, connect and store with your CMS your creatives or images.


  • It provides 24/7 customer service from every venue with less than 1 hour of reaction time.
  • It offers 100 GB per customer of cloud storage.
  • Permanently remove all records, video, or file.
  • You get access to the full privileges of third-party resellers.
  • Post videos tailored for smartphone and social networking directly to Facebook Marketing Manager, HubSpot, Instagram , and YouTube pages.
  • To make new videos at a quicker speed, repurpose videos and models quickly.


There are three price options provided by PowToon:

  • Pro: $19 a month, a month
  • Pro Plus: 39 dollars a month
  • Agency: 99 bucks a month

The Pro plan requires you to export just 5 videos a month, although unrestricted premium exports are offered by the other paying plans.

What is the app for Whiteboard Animation?

The technique for painting an image on a whiteboard is whiteboard animation. In typical instances, black and white are just the colours. Viewers are able to see the drawing method in a whiteboard video to render things more interactive and stimulating. In order to illustrate the illustration phase, whiteboard videos typically provide musical narrative and background music.

Animators either use the form of motion that displays some form of hand that demonstrates the animation or a visual time-lapse. In comparison, whiteboard animation videos are more successful than simple texts for advertisement, instruction, or education purposes.

Whiteboard Animation App Features to Search For?

Until choosing a whiteboard animation program, here are a few items to consider:

  • Customization- Make sure that the app provides enough customization opportunities in addition to pre-designed video templates. For conveniently changing characters, colours , fonts, audio , video, transformations, and animations, modification is useful.
  • Ease-of-Use-Choose the video app that can quickly run and produce beautiful videos even for a novice.
  • Media Library-Make sure that a varied media repository with royalty-free recordings, audios, and photographs is included in the software. At no additional expense, it will help you make more entertaining images.
  • Voice Over Support- To accompany your images, most whiteboard animations come with voice-over support. Pick a tool that provides this functionality to eliminate any trouble if you intend to use a voice over for narration.

Executive summary.

That’s my compilation of the best apps to try this year for whiteboard animation. All these apps can quickly build and modify videos and come with several USPs.

But you have to pick a platform that fits your needs the best. Carefully analyze all of the resources to run over their main attributes, pros , and cons. The most fitting one for you should be whatever method suits the bill.

Both Vyond and Renderforest, for example, provide outstanding animation features and ease of use. However, you can go for Adobe Animate CC if you require sophisticated animation tools and unrestricted customization. Doodly is also a perfect alternative for users who choose to make videos from Doodle.