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Best Video Conferencing Software in 2020 – App Sofa
Best Video Conferencing Software in 2020

Best Video Conferencing Software in 2020

According to Global Workplace Analytics, by the end of 2021, 25-30 percent of the workers will operate remotely, many days a week.

Although in-person meetings and stop-and-chats in the workplace are impossible to substitute, modern technologies helps us to hold remote meetings and operate independently from a single venue.

I ‘m talking about video conferencing apps, of course.

You can arrange face-to – face online gatherings, hold webinars with hundreds of attendees, and communicate and talk with colleagues in real-time with video conferencing software.

However, with infinite variations, there are a lot of choices to choose from. Dependent on the webcam, others have improved video link and consistency. Some provide more sophisticated tools and calendar integrations for email marketing. Others provide visitors with a great atmosphere in the waiting area.

There’s the devil in the details.

I ranked and analyzed the best video conferencing applications to try this year, to break this down for you (and save you time in your search). Such feedback are focused on accessibility, consistency of video and audio, integration, ease of usage, pricing, help, and more.

Let’s get to this page.

Disclosure: At no expense to you, I earn affiliate fees for some of the links below. However, while holding a video chat, these are the strongest methods I have used. In our Privacy Statement, you will read our full partner disclosure.

What is the Software for Best Video Conferencing?

GoToMeeting, RingCentral, Zoho Conference, Zoom, and Skype are the best video conferencing apps.

Here are my top choices for the best video conferencing apps to use for your online meetings after exploring these applications in organizational and personal environments.

1. GoToMeeting.

Best tools for video conferencing overall ($12 a month).

GoToMeeting-program for online meetings

GoToMeeting is an online meeting app that enables you to hold face-to – face video conferences and share your laptop screen in real-time with up to 3000 members. In comparison, for $49 only, it also lets you hold webinars.

Tools for team coordination give you a real-life conference experience. The turnkey room equipment, for example, turns a regular conference room into a communal workshop. This role allows you to accommodate the remote teams as well.

In advance, you can also book some meetings and launch the session directly from your mobile. During a conference, there is no need to take notes either, since cloud storage enables you to capture and archive both meetings. In addition, from your mobile, you can view these cloud meetings too.

Many of the most popular roles for video conferencing include:

  • Recording and transcription for meeting
  • In a moment, enter any meeting by asking Siri
  • Cellular conferencing
  • Screen Sharing Live
  • Adjustment of automatic bandwidth
  • Access centered on the Cloud
  • Both the facilities for Poly and Dolby Speech

Plus, video conferencing allowed by H.323 enables you and your team to attend every video conference by merely entering a number.

Due to security features like the SAML SSO login, you don’t have to think about your privacy and security either.

You will also link it with the Office 365 application straight from your calendar to plan, monitor, and engage in future online meetings.

Main Functionalities:

  • Plan, attend, and organize all your forthcoming meetings straight from your Google or Microsoft calendar with only a swipe. One-Click Meeting.
  • Mobile Application- You can attend or host meetings on the go with their software. They have a smartphone version on both Android and iOS devices.
  • Company networking, one-click workshops, and the opportunity to exchange automatic recordings of registered meetings are helpful for cooperation.
  • Cloud Recording-Record your cloud meeting and archive it.


  • Without any time limit, it offers a real-time screen-sharing option and unlimited meetings.
  • Cloud-recording Limitless.
  • The Drawing App allows you to sketch and display it with your workers right on the phone.
  • SSL-encryption for free.
  • Via internet, live chat, community chat, and mail, 24/7 customer service.
  • Integration of platforms from third parties, such as Slack, Office 365, SalesForce, etc.
  • Often, you will host webinars.
  • Free 14-day run.


Depending on the amount of members you choose to host, GoToMeeting offers three payment options.

  • Professional: $12 a month (150 attendees)
  • Company: $16 a month (250 participants)
  • Enterprise: Quote-based (up to 3000 people)

Both plans provide HD footage, screen sharing, conference line dial-in, unlimited conferences, etc.

Get underway with GoToMeeting’s 14-day free trial.

2. RingCentral.

Best for team-management ($14.99 / user / mo) and teamwork.

RingCentral: solution for cloud-based interactions

RingCentral is a cloud-based solution for correspondence that helps you to talk, have video sessions, and put phone calls in one put.

It allows you to hold HD video conferences at a time with up to 100 members around the globe. Plus, on mobile devices or laptop, you can hold meetings and connect the screen with peers with just a swipe. It also helps you to run audio conferencing for up to 1000 individuals worldwide, along with video conferencing.

The drag-and – drop feature of RingCentral often helps you to share your work with your friends, pin important papers, or share files directly from software like Google Drive.

The built-in team management software, on the other side, help you delegate assignments, inform partners, and step forward with the ventures.

Another beneficial function is comprehensive analytics. It tracks indicators such as service report efficiency, meeting dashboard, amount of calls skipped, number of calls rejected, average response time, etc.

Your meeting experience may be influenced by any of your wifi router settings. RingCentral is a method for testing your internet connectivity and configuring your QoS ( Quality of Service) settings for this.

In comparison, with hundreds of applications such as Google Drive, Package, and calendar applications such as GSuite and Office 365, RingCentral combines.

Main Functionalities:

  • Collaborating with Global Teams-RingCentral helps you to communicate globally with one-click meetings with a global team. A video meeting may also be initiated directly from a message line.
  • It also lets you host webinars and offers meeting add-ons such as broad meeting rooms, RingCentral Rooms, and RingCentral Room Adapter. Meeting add-ons.
  • Extensive possibilities for video sharing-Share files in local storage or via Dropbox and Google Drive directly.


  • It offers both Android and iOS smartphone applications.
  • Get unrestricted US and Canadian calls.
  • It transforms voicemail to text format automatically.
  • Diverse solutions for paper exchange and team communications.
  • Customer assistance 24/7 via video chat and more.
  • Call with only one click from either phone or their laptop app.
  • To get access to real-time analytics, you should.
  • RingCentral also lets you monitor your calls and meetings.


One free plan and two premium plans are provided by RingCentral:

  • Free of charge: $0 / user / mo
  • Basics: $14.99 / user / mo
  • Advanced: $19.99 / users / mo

For up to 100 people, all plans let you host unlimited 1:1 meetings. Desktop and application networking, whiteboarding, annotation, private and community in-meeting chat, and more are additional regular functions.

Get started with RingCentral. Try to get started with RingCentral

3. Zoho Meeting.

($10 / host / mo) Best for providing workshops and streaming webinars.

Meeting Zoho

Zoho Meeting is a web conferencing network that lets you hold real-time audio , video, remote control, and screen sharing multimedia conferences from anywhere.

In cloud storage, you can archive your meetings or even download them to your storage. Not just this, it helps you to spend the conference with all the workers that skipped the meeting.

Plus, it lets you share your computer with your friends with choices for remote control access. This role allows you to monitor the displays of other users, which may be helpful for troubleshooting technological problems.

You may also submit emails with all the details such as the meeting subject, time, agenda, joining connect, access code, etc. to invite your workers or colleagues.

Zoho Meeting also takes charge of all protection and privacy requirements that are agreed globally. To keep your data safe, they even encrypt audio, screen sharing, and video.

In addition, hold webinars with the aid of the Zoho Meeting on your website. To help your presentation, you can also share your computer, audio, and application window.

Main Functionalities:

  • Phone audio- In case you are experiencing weak internet access, attend meetings through your phone. In order to enter from every different nation, use 55 + toll-free numbers and use 100 + local numbers.
  • Private meetings-Lock private meetings such that only the people you choose are invited. When anyone tries to join your meeting, you also get updates.
  • In Session Talk: To send essential messages or connections, use the talk tab included in all meeting sessions.


  • With 24 active video streams viewed at a time, you will host up to 100 participants.
  • There’s no need to download something, you can directly launch and engage in meetings.
  • It offers an extension of Google Chrome, too.
  • Open applications for iOS and Android.
  • Scheduling via RSVP.
  • Chat assistance is also offered by them.
  • Zoho schedule incorporation, CRM, Tasks, etc.


They have two schedules for the sessions.

  • Free Edition: 0 dollars / mo
  • Edition of the Meeting: $10 / host / mo

The free edition enables you to host up to 5 feature-limited participants. The premium package helps you, on the other side, to host up to 100 guests and store ten videos.

Get underway with Zoho Meeting’s 14-day free trial.

4. Zoom.

Good for small enterprises searching for a standard-featured free tool (Freemium plan).

Featured Camera Zoom

Zoom is a video conferencing service that includes numerous solutions, such as meeting centers, video webinars, telephone networks, etc.

They allow you to host up to 1000 participants and view on the screen 49 images, one of the industry’s largest. You will hold webinars with up to 50000 participants as well.

You will use filters, reactions, polling, video sharing, etc, if you choose to involve the community when running the meeting. There is also an option, with searchable transcripts, to either archive the meetings in the cloud or locally.

Integration of any of the calendar applications, such as Outlook, Gmail, and iCal, enables you to synchronize the timetable and explicitly attend meetings.

For your video chat, you don’t really need a skilled rig now. Zoom flips on the simulated backdrop and uses the photos of your choosing. Cell phones (all iPhone 8 and above models) are also compliant with this functionality.

Additional functionality for videoconferencing include:

  • During a conference or a meeting, Zoom immediately takes notes.
  • Share some video or audio and play it without downloading it.
  • Pass the computer with you and co-annotate.
  • Link thus maintaining sensitive details protected for external users.

Additionally, via Zoom Chat, connect and exchange files with your colleagues. Not just this, but Zoom talk also lets you immediately launch a meeting or phone call.

Main Functionalities:

  • Language Translations- In your workshops , seminars, and webinars, this function helps you to appoint interpreters. In the language that they recognize, attendees will pick any audio source.
  • Streaming Social Media- Stream the conferences through their live convergence on Facebook Live and Youtube on social media sites.
  • Breakout Rooms-This function allows you to divide your meeting into 50 different meetings.


  • There are limitless one-on-one sessions you will hold.
  • For greater interaction, share the computer with other participants and co-annotate.
  • You will provide multiple participants with a remote keyboard and mouse control.
  • Community choice and private chat.
  • Cloud Computing Unrestricted.
  • Up to 720p video resolution may be chosen.
  • For up to 100 users, the Freemium package.


Four price plans are provided through Zoom:

  • Free: $0 / mo (100 attendees)
  • Pro: $149.90 / mo (100 Attendees)
  • Business: $199.90 / mo (300 Players)
  • Company: $199.90 / mo (1000 Participants)

Both plans come with features such as limitless 1-1 meetings, quality of 720p footage, choice of virtual backdrop, etc.

5. Skype.

(Free) Best for people and small companies.

Skype: telecommunication facility online

Skype is a Microsoft Corporation-owned online telecommunication service that helps you hold video conferences through computers, cell phones , tablets, Xbox, and even smartwatches.

The nice news is that Skype lets you build meetings with one touch. This implies that, without signing-up or installing Skype, your participants will access your conference using a connection. Calls from laptops, tablets , or smartphones may also be addressed, and text messages may be received directly from Skype.

Plus, Skype lets you organize conferences and meetings with HD video and audio content expertise with up to 50 users. You should add Powerpoint displays and video clips to the whole team at the meeting.

Other than this, you can easily drag-and-drop through your chat window to share videos , pictures, audio, etc. Up to 300 MB will be the files you submit.

To blur your background if you like, you can also turn on the background effect. Or with any picture of your choosing, you can totally alter the context.

In addition, in 26 countries and other territories worldwide, you get a local phone code.

Main Functionalities:

  • Offer real-time support for voice calls , video calls, and instant messages through Skype Support.
  • Live Subtitles-Get subtitles during video and audio calls in real-time.
  • Foreign Calls: Dial foreign numbers at low calls rates and hold conferences internationally.


  • With end-to – end encryption, keep your confidential data private.
  • Have a voicemail set up.
  • Translation of speech to language.
  • Support from Bots lets you simplify some of your assignments.
  • Tests spellings and automates the fixing of mistakes.
  • You may execute different commands and acts with hot keys or keyboard shortcuts.


If you would like to make calls to have a phone number, Skype is free to use.

6. Cisco Webex Meeting.

Best for extracting personal profiles of attendees ($13.50 per host per month).

Cisco Webex: program for online videoconferencing

Cisco Webex is an online video conferencing framework that helps you to hold web, laptop , tablet, or video conferencing meetings. This helps you to hold an HD-quality video conference of up to 1000 participants.

In addition , it gives you the versatility to link the audio via VoIP or dial-in number. However, because the app asks you to install the extension, you can encounter some trouble when communicating with a web browser.

You may also share a whiteboard to communicate and digitally interact, aside from displaying the computer. It provides encryption, TLS 1.2 support, meeting locking, and more, to ensure total data protection. Cisco Webex also lets you log your meetings and offers transcripts for each session that are automatically created.

Outlook, Office 365, and Google calendar incorporation also lets you host, attend, and arrange meetings appropriately. Microsoft Staff, Slack, Moodle, Apple CarPlay, Ford AppLink, etc., provide other third-party integrations.

Cisco Webex-Characteristics

Main Functionalities:

  • AI-based meeting assistant-During the briefing, the voice-activated automated assistant takes notes on all the highlights. In real-time, it often gathers all the information and provides post-meeting recap communications to keep work on track.
  • Different Backgrounds To ensure that the emphasis is still on you, keep blurred, simulated, or personalized backgrounds.
  • Media Templates – It offers personalized video templates to support you maximize the video conference computer.


  • From a mobile, desktop, computer or some other video system, host or attend a conference.
  • It provides cloud storage of up to 10 GB.
  • Build a personalized meeting URL of your own.
  • To fit with your branding desires, configure your meeting screen.
  • When taking part in the meeting, you will send emojis and GIFs in chat messages.


There are five pricing plans provided by Cisco Webex:

  • Free: $0 per server, per month (maximum of 1 server)
  • Starter: per server, $13.50 per month (1-9 hosts)
  • Plus: per server, $17.95 a month (1-50 hosts)
  • Company: $26.95 per server, monthly (5-10 hosts)
  • Business: Quote-based

Desktop and smartphone screen sharing, fullscreen video with four configuration choices, breakout sessions, and more are included in both plans.

7. Microsoft Teams.

Best for small companies ($5 a month) that are comfortable with Skype.

Cover image for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a proprietary network for corporate collaboration that enables you to manage up to 10,000 people for video conferences. They empower you to digitally document meetings and connect through a simple connection with your team members.

And when the conference is done, it still encourages you to speak with members. Plus, in order to make an effect on your customer, you can modify your context or upload your own customized context.

Digital whiteboarding, the power to silence, delete uninvited attendants, have participants wait in the simulated lobby, etc. are other features.

Another handy function is “show your fist”. It helps you to respectfully interrupt when in the middle of a discussion you need to say something. Microsoft Teams also enables you to download the list of members so that your coworkers may follow up.

Main Functionalities:

  • Together Mode: Have the team sit virtually in the same common context to make it seem like everybody is seated in the same place.
  • File-Sharing-It enables you to co-author files in real time with your coworkers. From any place, you can also access, upload, store and collaborate.
  • Integrate with third-party applications-Select from more than 600 applications for teams to remain linked, active, and committed when operating remotely, including standup, whiteboard, employee acknowledgement, and survey apps.


  • Available in 53 languages and internationally in 181 markets.
  • With multi-factor authentication, encryption, and system management, it offers advanced protection.
  • Connect and interact, like Excel , Word, and PowerPoint, through Office 365 applications.
  • Video conferencing host of up to 10,000 participants.
  • Receive or create calls by Roaming, Roaming Plan1, Phone Framework, or Direct Routing through Microsoft Teams.


There are four price options provided by Microsoft Teams:

  • (free) Microsoft Teams: $0 a month
  • Basic Business: $5 a month
  • Standard for Business: $12.50 a month
  • E3 Workplace 365: $20 a month

Both plans provide chat and collaboration solutions, such as team guest entry, chat file attachments, community file sharing, etc.


Best for fast ($10 per month) screen sharing. for video conferencing is a video conferencing app that facilitates interactive meetings for screen sharing and one-on-one. It allows you to create and share customized links for video conferencing according to the topic or your branding requirements.

You may also customize the context by personalized photographs or the emblem of the company. Simply click the “broadcast” button to start sharing the screen if you want to share your view.

Screen Sharing

With its iOS and Android apps, you can attend conferences or meetings on the go, too. Your iPhone and iPad virtual whiteboard also encourages you to communicate from wherever. also provides a scheduler of its own. However, to start, manage, and schedule meetings with a single click, you can also use Outlook or Google Calendar.

Main Functionalities:

  • Presenter Swap-You can perform tag-team presentations with this feature. You may hand over to another person present at the video conference the position of the presenter and the rights to share the screen.
  • Annotate-Allow the whole team to highlight, label and leverage laser pointers to highlight the meeting material.
  • Collaborate by natural painting, symbols, endless canvas, lines, curves, view modes, and more. Virtual Whiteboard


  • The iOS software provides a whiteboard for free.
  • It helps you to send your companies or consumers a toll-free number so that they can contact you for free.
  • Without downloading the app, begin your conference call.
  • Using the Admin Console to handle accounts for your team from a single location.
  • For data protection, it offers 256-bit TLS and leverages bank-grade encryption.
  • A free trial and tutorial are given by


With three pricing plans, comes with:

  • Lite: $10 monthly (5 attendees per meeting)
  • Pro: $20 monthly (250 attendees per meeting)
  • Business: $30 monthly (250 attendees per meeting)

9. BlueJeans.

Great for highlights and transcription for building meetings ($9.99 per host per month).

Cover illustration by BlueJeans

Video conferencing app from BlueJeans enables you to hold meetings from either computer, desktop, or conference place. With transcripts and excerpts for greater efficiency, they give real-time intelligence.

The experience dependent on the browser is often user-friendly. This ensures that to use BlueJeans, you don’t need to download any apps.

With analytics , predictive notifications, and live meeting commands, you can even optimize the management. In addition, they provide interoperability for various devices and often have one-touch access to meetings on every site and application.

Integration of different third-party applications and calendar tools such as Slack helps of improved coordination, exchange of information, whiteboarding, transcription of meetings, and documentation of calls.

In addition, with Dolby audio and HD video, they claim to deliver a rich multimedia experience. For encrypted video conferencing, the cloud-based application often comes with firewall / NAT traversal and encryption.

Main Functionalities:

  • Command Center-By network conditions, real-time observations, and user-focused ROI, keep track of your BlueJeans climate.
  • Content Sharing-Conduct virtual conferences while hosting or attending the meeting, by sharing some content or connection. To show the essential aspects of your presentation, you may also use annotations.
  • The BlueJeans dashboard offers visibility into meeting results, network constraints, and user-focused ROI for user analytics.


  • Virtual whiteboard for brainstorming and working together.
  • For effective control, in-depth case perspectives.
  • Assign actions and tag the meeting’s important moments.
  • In order to learn how much you saved, ROI review.
  • Share the data either in a CSV file or further evaluate it using APIs.
  • Stream to Live or Office Facebook
  • Other facilities, including Cisco, Poly, and Lifesize, are interoperable with BlueJeans Spaces.


Three payment options are offered by BlueJeans, including:

  • Standard for BlueJeans: $9.99 per host per month (up to 50 participants)
  • BlueJeans Pro: $13.99 a month per host (up to 75 respondents)
  • BlueJeans Enterprise: Quote-based (up to 150 respondents)

When you decide for an monthly membership, you will save up to 20 percent.

10. Google Meet.

Perfect for small to mid-sized enterprises ($6 a month a user).

Google Meet: service for video-communication

Google Meet (formerly Google Hangouts Meet) is a tool for video chat that is part of the G Suite of Google. You can hold protected conferences with encryption, built-in security, and a number of default-on anti-abuse steps.

Plus, it’s ideally designed for small companies and in a single meeting it supports a limit of just 250 people. You can join the Google Meet conference directly from your browser, however.

In addition, you can attend activities from a calendar session, an email invite, or from Gmail directly. By establishing and posting a special URL, telephone number and unique meeting pin, you may also invite people.

For users of G Suite, events, schedules, and other app details are synchronized in one location with Google Meet for entry.

Main Functionalities:

  • Google Meet requires every member to turn the real-time caption on for better visibility. Real-Time Captions
  • It provides different screen configurations, including spotlight, sidebar, and tiled. Multiple-Screen Interface. You can observe up to 16 participants simultaneously in its tiled layout.
  • Noise Cancelling- To create perfectly clear audio, it blocks out external noise or some other unwelcome signal.


  • It provides a free edition with options that are minimal.
  • For privacy purposes, you will share particular parts of your computer.
  • For improved protection, it offers enterprise-grade encryption.
  • 24/4 customer service is also supported by Google Meet in 14 languages.
  • With all its functionality, a 14-day free trial is open.


For three price plans, Google Meet comes for:

  • Basic: USD $6 / consumer / month
  • Company: $12 USD / customer / month
  • Enterprise: USD $25 / customer / month

Both of these plans involve other Google applications, such as email from Gmail Corporation, messages from the chat team, Google calendars, etc.

11. ClickMeeting.

Best to submit personalized invites ($25 annually billed every month).

ClickMeeting-applications for video conferencing and online conferencing

ClickMeeting is a program for video conferencing and web conferencing which allows you to communicate with up to 20,000 participants simultaneously. With your own unique branding, such as colours, logs, and other user-facing features, you will perform broad interactive activities.

To prevent some misunderstanding, you should also allow other users to log in to ClickMeeting with different credentials. It also helps you to create extremely personalized invites to give your clients or consumers a greater effect. And if the crowd enters the meeting early, they will sit in the waiting room and run over the meeting ‘s agenda.

Main Functionalities:

  • Social Networking Stream helps you to stream your feed and broaden your presence concurrently on Facebook and YouTube.
  • Presentation Tool- For further effect, combine the quality of the presentation with your speech.
  • Polls and Surveys: To make data-driven choices, gather thoughts, reviews, and perspectives from the public.


  • During the conference, you will also communicate with other presenters in private.
  • Drag and drop data into the cloud for backup. From your Dropbox account, you can also import and export data.
  • You will monitor questions and responses as well.
  • Translate real-time talk into 52 languages.
  • Whiteboard includes resources, forms, text boxes, erasers, and more for drawing.
  • In your conference videos, encourage your viewers to take action by inserting CTA buttons.
  • Free trial for 30-days.


There are three pricing plans offered by ClickMeeting:

  • Live: $25 annually billed every month
  • Automated: $40 annually billed every month
  • Enterprise: Schedule focused on quotes

All the plans allow you to hold an infinite number of video conferences and include functionality such as screen sharing, talk translation in real time, etc.

12. Lifesize.

Perfect for holding your cell phone meetings ($12.50 a month).

Videoconferencing apps from Lifesize

Lifesize offers various options for teamwork, including 4 K video conferencing, cloud conferencing, multimedia whiteboard, etc. It lets you hold conferences with 500 attendees on a wide scale and exchange 4 K resolution material across the cloud.

Besides, you will even share the activities at the same time for up to 10,000 people. In addition, you can use it as a solution for plug and play that deals for Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Cisco, Polycom, etc.

In addition to video conferencing, it also provides all visitors and customers with unrestricted voice calls in 60 nations.

Main Functionalities:

  • 4 K Video Sharing-In 4 K resolution, you will even share the video with all others.
  • Web-based Admin Console-Manage the account details through a streamlined and web-based dashboard, members, room systems, and meetings.
  • Encrypted by default, to ensure protected contact, all video conference calls and videos are encrypted by default.


  • An limitless number of guest invites may be submitted.
  • Mac, Windows, Linux, and iOS are accessible for the mobile app.
  • You may limit the recording or screen monitoring of real-time conferences.
  • Gain direct access by comprehensive reporting to accurate details.
  • For quick touch, it provides a click-to – call team directory.


Four plans are provided by Lifesize:

  • Free: $0 a month (for people)
  • Standard: $12.50 (for small teams) a month
  • Plus: $14.95 a month (for small and midsize companies)
  • Enterprise: Quote-based strategy (for big companies)

13. UberConference.

Good for small teams ($15 per organizer per month) who want to work effortlessly.

UberConference: Video conferencing tool focused on the cloud

UberConference is a cloud-based video conferencing platform that allows you to have interactive meetings with a remote team and view your computer. For every area code, it also provides nearby dial-in numbers for the USA and Canada.

In addition, UberConference simultaneously transcribes meetings and makes HD-quality images. It supports video quality, however, of up to 720p only.

With Salesforce embedded right inside the UberConference, you will obtain access to consumer feedback as well. For easy backup, it helps you to save video conferences as MP3 files with limited file sizes.

Main Functionalities:

  • Custom Music on Hold-You can upload or pick your own music to provide a personalized experience for video conferencing.
  • Analytics-This helps you to monitor information such as the amount of gatherings, screen shares, minutes of conferences, attendees, average length of conferences, etc.
  • Voice Intelligence-Dialpad Voice Intelligence increases over time when you continue to use it. It improves the quality of call transcripts over time and compiles a collection of things that you might want to review later on.


  • For clearer transcripts, this separates the voices of various people.
  • It will automatically contact you and other users at the scheduled time.
  • Using the Chrome plugin to use UberConference on the browser.
  • Manage several accounts with the entire team.
  • To immediately launch video conference calls, dial in.


UberConference offers two plans:

  • Free: $0 /organizer / mo (Up to 10 Participants)
  • Business: $15 /organizer / mo (Up to 100 Participants)

What is Video Conferencing Software?

The software for video conferencing enables video discussions and workshops with hosts with built-in functions such as screen sharing, live communication and video recording. The aim of video calling is to allow for foreign or long-distance meetings, increase the feasibility of cooperation, and decrease the need to travel for meetings.

In order to join or host interactive meetings with multiple stakeholders, including personnel, clients, investors, and more, you may utilize video conferencing services.

They remove the need for your physical appearance, making for a brief deadline for crucial meetings and fast sessions. They also ensure reliable, clear, and transparent contact through face-to – face meetings between various stakeholders.

Advanced video conferencing applications now often provide CRM and marketing automation integration to synchronize business-critical details with related meetings. It helps in maintaining streamlined notifications and follow-up correspondence for greater productivity.

In Video Conferencing Apps, what do you look for?

Various solutions for video conferencing come with their own collection of exclusive selling points (USPs). However, prior to making the final decision, there are a few basic features that you can search for.

A platform like Adobe Connect, for instance, has an advanced suite of tools, including a full solution for eLearning and online classes. Alternatively, a platform like Skype is better to use if you’re only trying to talk with family members. It only depends on what you like.

Find out some of the critical characteristics the instrument should have:

  • Screen Sharing- To promote virtual conferences and webinars, screen sharing is important. So, search for applications that helps you to share on the monitor the whole screen or a single program. It allows learners to seamlessly obey the lecture.
  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)-Users can conveniently link to the conference via telephone or talk via VoIP since it guarantees smooth video conferencing. By pressing a mouse, you can even turn seamlessly from voice to video calls or a community meeting. To add users or adjust networks, you do not have to create a new link or interrupt your video conference.
  • Chat Functionality- If you want to communicate with other people without interrupting the video or speaker, the chat function is helpful. To increase the productivity of your meetings, webinars, and conferences, you may use the chat function. Thus, select a tool that provides the freedom to communicate during a live session via text and emojis. Modern video conferencing software often help you exchange files and links via chat.
  • Unlimited Recording-Video recording of meetings is provided by most video conference apps. However, providing an unrestricted recording feature and cloud storage will be fantastic. In a safe environment, it can enable you store all your sessions. In addition , ensure that the app helps you to conveniently upload the recording.
  • HD Screen-HD video will boost your simulated meeting’s overall experience. A high-quality video would make it easier for viewers to easily see the speakers and experience a stronger bond. However, make sure that all consumers have high-speed internet for sufficient connectivity to ensure seamless virtual meetings with HD video quality.
  • Branding Features-It ‘s easier to go with a video conferencing platform that provides branding capability for webinars or eLearning purposes where you need to connect with your clients. Look for an app that helps you to introduce a branding, personalized font, and color theme to the user interface.
  • Dynamic Presentation Features enable you to access and distribute various types of files, such as PPTs, MP4 images, PDFs, etc. To attract further coverage, you may use this functionality to perform media-rich presentations. Also, search for features for notice sharing to give participants a particular section of the presentation in real-time.
  • Analytics-Detailed reviews can help you measure the success of the presentation in terms of audiences and attendance.

Why Do You Use Tools for Video Conferencing?

I’m explaining here how to use Microsoft Teams to help you grasp how a video conferencing solution ‘s simple features function.

Phase # 1 Building an account.

Go to Microsoft Teams’ official site and click on the profile icon found at the top right corner. You may also click on the “ Download Teams ”icon present at the top to download the application.

To sign up, click on the ‘build one’ option.

Video Conferencing Stage # 2.

Open the application for Microsoft Teams and press the Team / Channel in which you want to initiate a meeting. Under the text box, you can see a small camera button. To begin the video conference, click on it.

Tap on the “ Meet Now ” tab to add a topic line to your group.

Meet Today-Web Conferencing

Now, with a toolbar at the right, a video call screen may appear. You may switch the mic and monitor on / off or display the desktop screen using the toolbar.

Microsoft Meets-Screen talk

Through pressing the talk icon on the toolbar, you can also talk with users present at the meeting via instant messaging. The red telephone receiver icon is supposed to terminate the session at any point of time.

I hope this brief guide helps you grasp the simple features of utilizing video conferencing solutions.

Executive summary.

That’s it for this year to try my favorite picks for video conferencing software.

With enhanced accessibility, HD video, and great communication resources, these video conferencing systems enable you meet and function remotely.